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Strike Fighters: Christmas in March

Posted by Home Fries , in Tall Tales 30 March 2012 · 1,214 views

SF2 Strike Fighters A-6 Flightsim Flight Simulation RAZBAM
There I was, finally having tweaked my A-6 Intruders for Strike Fighters 2 to my liking. I imported the RAZBAM cockpits for the A-6A, A-6B, and A-6E into each of the A-6 variants I have for Strike Fighters 2 (merged install), which includes the aforementioned models as well as the KA-6D, EA-6A, and EA-6B Prowler. After days of tweaking the avionics files, data files, and figuring out how to make MigBuster's CCIP mod work with the March 2012 patch, I finally gave all of my variants the proverbial check flight. When I got to the A-6E (TRAM), I noticed that somebody left a nuke in the ordinance shop unguarded.
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Well I was not about to let this go to waste. Not to mention if I didn't take it, some poor A-4 pilot would take it, get shot down with it, and create an incident straight out of Tom Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears." So I figured I would put it to good use! :nuke:

The target was Mezze Airbase, just outside of Damascus. Good...those mountains should keep the alpha and beta particles out of Israel.
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So fast forward to me sitting on the runway. The whole time, I'm thinking "I'm gonna get called back to return the special", but the call never came.

Finally, I get the call I've been waiting for: "Dodge 1-1, you're cleared for takeoff." :woohoo:
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I get airborne, contact departure, and am quickly handed off to Hawkeye. At this time, I check my systems, which is really an excuse to show you guys how cool this cockpit looks for the A-6E!
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After making sure my radar and TRAM pod check sat, I check my black-line navigation and see that I am on course.
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After a few minutes, I see the mountain range to my right. That, my friends, is Syria. I'm heading into Indian Country.
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No sooner do I cross into Syria than I get spiked by a Fan Song radar. Knowing that a SA-2 with my name on it is likely being primed for launch, I decide that this is a great time to do what the Intruder was designed for: low level penetration. So I turn the music on, activate the terrain avoidance radar, and dive for the deck.
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Finally, I get to where I can turn directly to my steerpoint. I stay as low as possible with music on, but at some point I'll have to climb in order to deliver the package.
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I pull out of the mountains, climb to Angels 10, and let loose one megaton of Hate and DiscontentTM!

Don't leave before the fireworks! :icon_rock: :icon_rock: :icon_rock:


For those of you who are curious, my SF2 configuration is Strike Fighters 2 merged (all versions and expansions), stock A-6E TRAM model from SF2 North Atlantic with Wrench's TRAM upgrade, RAZBAM A-6E cockpit for SF1, MigBuster's CCIP mod for the A-6, and Stary's High Resolution Israel terrain included in the SF2 Reloaded mod.

The virtual cockpit does look really nice. I'd have to upgrade my operating system to even consider SF2 as the requirements call for DX10. That was a nice mission too, but did you get a little roasted being so close to the target zone when the nuke went "ka-boooom"?
Not to worry, Stans. RAZBAM also makes the A-6 family for FS9/FSX. You can still get your intruder fix without upgrading to DX10.

As for the nuke, I'm not sure if the game's engine models parachute bombs (though it does model retarded fall), so right now there's no way to drop with CCIP and get to the MSD. However, I was able to get out of the blast radius (that is modeled, I've discovered to my delightful virtual demise), and all rads are virtual!
Really nice HF.

Sorry boys, I'm still around. Busy with Kids' dogs, cats, rabbits, etc, but will be back to TAW2.0 soon.
Ooooooh ............ 3months in Bali coming up in 5 weeks, so I will have to get my finger out.

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