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Launch the Intruder!

Posted by Home Fries , 29 April 2012 · 1,276 views

SF2 A-6 Mods
Launch the Intruder! I just released the A-6 Superpack 1.0 for Strike Fighters 2 on Combat Ace.

Here are some screenshots showing some of the features.

Two A-6E SWIP Intruders from VA-34. Lead aircraft is a CAG bird carrying the AGM-65F Maverick and AGM-84E SLAM.
Posted Image

The same CAG bird firing a SLAM
Posted Image

Two A-6E TRAM Intruders in low visibility markings flying low level over Southeast Asia
Posted Image

A-6A of VA-85 with improved tail logo
Posted Image

Two more A-6E SWIPs, this time from the VA-75 Sunday Punchers
Posted Image

And last, but not least, the A-6 models now have landing lights and ventral anti-collision lights!
Posted Image

These may be stock models, but they are not your stock intruders! See here for my A-6 Superpack.

Just so everybody knows, Version 1.1 has been updloaded to Combat Ace. The existing links work, but v1.1 adds quite a bit and is well worth the download.

I made a few more improvements to the skins across the board, including some of these details:
Posted Image
Note the cockpit detail, including the VDI along the BN's radar and TRAM display. The A-6A/B/E have another cockpit texture with a pilot-side radar and no TRAM display.

Posted Image
The new textures include detailed center panels and circuit breaker panels between the pilot and BN, as well as the cables and junction boxes behind the aircrew when the canopy is open..

Finally, a view from the new office:
Posted Image
Version 1.11 is released. With Combat Ace temporarily down, you can get the superpack from GameFront.
CA is back up, and the A-6 Superpack 1.11 is available there.

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