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Cinco de Mayo Status Update

Posted by Home Fries , in Upcoming Features 05 May 2011 · 454 views

I realize that it's been a while since I teased you all with the pics of the upcoming skins. Well, things since then have been busy and unexpected.

First, the good news: the patch is taking longer than I had originally envisioned because of some breakthroughs that should improve the skins and tail flashes of all F-22s. Second, we're looking to add some new missions to the selection that should provide both single player and multiplayer challenges. Finally, I have tweaked the launcher to better integrate with the external appliacions (e.g. GME, TAWBC) as well as TAW itself, and I am playing with an uninstaller routine that should prove to be more forgiving for people who uninstall TAW 2.0 without backing up pilots or TAWBC missions.

Next, the bad news: my efforts have been put on temporary hiatus due to some real life issues, not the least of which is a power supply that has decided not to play well with others. Once I get a replacement power supply, I should be able to resume work on the items detailed in the previous paragraph. Until then, enjoy 2.16a; it's quite stable and still gives you the same gameplay as the upcoming release.

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