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New Digital Camouflage Patterns for next TAW Release

Posted by Home Fries , in Upcoming Features 04 March 2011 · 682 views

It has been a while since any improvements have been made to TAW 2.16. This is partially because not much needed to be improved (i.e. no bugs stood out), and partially because real life was demanding adherence to its own schedule. Go figure that now that I am getting busy with real life again, I have actually found time for some updates.

First, for the mission builders out there, there is now a SMTP email client integrated into the TAW 2.0 Launcher. This allows you to send the missions you create to the online mission repository at Box.net, which replaced the now discontinued drop.io site. This feature is currently in beta testing. Note that for the first time in TAW 2008/2.0 history, a file is being placed in the system folder and registered. The file is a Visual Basic 6 library that is necessary for the email client, and will not overwrite any existing libraries or interfere with other operations. This just means that if you run TAW 2.0 from a thumbdrive, you may have issues when trying to upload something from the launcher, but nothing will affect the in-game experience.

Next, I was inspired by BLuDKLoT's digital skin for the Falcon 4.0 series, so I created some digital skins for the Raptor.

The left-most pattern is the Urban Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), based on the pattern adopted by the U.S. Army. I adjusted the colors to aircraft grey (i.e. urban) because the standard UCP colors are not available in the TAW 2.0 palettes.

The pattern in the center is the original digital camouflage pattern, the U.S. Marine Corps Pattern (MARPAT) for woodland environments. This is followed on the right by the MARPAT for the desert environment.

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Enjoy the pics!



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