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Battery Pants

Posted by Baltar , 04 February 2006 · 250 views

I just drove to the post office. The battery died when I tried to leave so I walked home. I have a spare battery at the house. After walking home, I turned around and carried the spare car battery back 4.25km in a backpack. I know that won't impress the Marines. It leaked all over and only spared me because it is an old ALICE pack with a frame. I finally got to the car with the sun setting. I thought to just try the car once before I swap the battery out, you know sometimes if you leave a battery for a while it regenerates a little. Sure enough it started. So I just carried a car battery for over an hour for no reason other than to keep me busy while the old battery restored itself some.

Here you see some dampness...that is the electrolyte from the battery!
IPB Image
Look what it did to my pants! I felt a draft and the acid ate through the back. I didn't realise I got it on me. My wallet even ripped through and was barely hanging by the time I noticed. Wierd. You can just pull it apart under its own weight where the cloth is discolored. Damn I liked those pants too, they aged like 20 years in an hour. Yes for my concerned friends the skin om my backside seems ok.

IPB Image

See Stans I am a wild man!

Ah I think I'm ok...it would burn first I think. I hope.

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