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Posted by geg , 09 February 2006 · 401 views

A few days ago I actually started on that racing game I was talking about. I'm using Blitzbasic as..well..I have no coding skills, and I'm getting help from my good friend Earok. A screenshot is below. It may not look much but considering it started from nothing and you can do basic car things I think it's pretty neat. Taking a break for a few days before I get stuck in again. Click the link because the image is big and kills the blog.


Very cool, Gegmeister.

I never even heard of Blitz Basic until your post about it. Check out the Blitz Basic website guys, it's pretty nifty xyxthumbs.gif

I just downloaded BlitzPlus, the original 2D programming engine, and is it ever SWEET!

Aside from some Python programming I did a couple years ago, I've never had any success with BASIC of any stripe, Microsoft's included.

This is a fun programming tool and the beginner's tutorial in BlitzPlus is written by a guy who can actually write interesting, informative, and amusing instructions.

This is a gem of a program.

Maybe I'll finally realize my as yet unrequited dream of actually being able to create a few basic Windows applications before I retire.

I tried some of the sample programs in the tutorial and they work like a charm. So very, very easy and fun xyxthumbs.gif

Are you using the 3D programming engine? Did you start with the 2D programming engine first, then move up? Or, did you just jump right into the 3D engine?


Sorry for filling your blog with comments, but I just took a look at the gallery of images from people's Blitz projects on the Official Blitz Website, and all I can say is...


People are creating visually STUNNING stuff with this programming engine. Shite! I wouldn't be surprised to learn that games like Pacific Fighters and, oh, say, something like Splinter Cell weren't programmed with it (which they weren't, but they could be).
WOW!!!! That is incredible! Nice car, Geg!!! I wish I knew how to write code and all, but my code writing skills are limited to one semester of Fortran 77 that I took to satisfy my BS degree requirements (yep, nothing like having a BS degree, see, many of you are rank amatuers at BS, I have a BS degree! :grin )and that was in 1984, so I've forgotten nearly all of it.
Paddles, I jumped straight into 3d with the help of my friend Erik. He's created a lot of games for Blitzbasic and can programme a lot of things (unfortunately he's not very good at the visual aspects so they don't look as good as they play)

I learnt how to do all that in a few hours. I'm going to restart on it and tackle things like torque, gears, physics, all that junk once I finish the last few assignments of my course I should've finished last year. sad.gif

Let me know if you want to collaborate on any of your programs. It'd be fun to see your code xyxthumbs.gif

Also, I figure I'll stick with BlitzPlus 2D for a bit just because I'd like to get the syntax and routines down. Not that it is necessary for the 3D stuff, but I wouldn't mind learning enough of it to make some basic Windows apps like a personal organizer and an e-book.

I was thinking of getting this book on BlitzPlus 2D at Amazon.com.
Doug, cool. I'd be happy to help out on some stuff smile.gif

My code is so hilariously basic, but thats the beauty of it. I'm more of an "artist" than a programmer, so it IS probably best if I do work on projects with other people.
I haven't even written any code yet, so you're ahead of me smile.gif

Say, have you tried "Blender" yet for 3D modelling? I just downloaded it. I cannot believe that a program as sweet as it is, IS FREE!

I found the link to it on the Blitz site. xyxthumbs.gif I'm doing the Wiki-based tutorial for it when I have some time. I really need to prioritize now: coding and graphics biggrin.gif
I'll have to check out Blender then! smile.gif Thanks Doug!

Check out this very cool, free app too: Cando Interactive

Works with Blender files xyxthumbs.gif

Have you checked out Trackmania yet? Totally free. Supposed to an amazing game.
Forget that link, it's too slow for the download.

Go to the [url=http://www.trackmanianations.com/indexUk.php]official site[/url.
Haven't seen Trackmania! Will check it out. Thanks Doug smile.gif

That CanDo thing is pretty awesome too!

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