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Delta Black: A Story in the Making

Posted by Gunny , 12 March 2011 · 378 views

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. "A story in the making"? Yall are probably all wondering what the hell the Gunny is going on about now. Well, our intrepid silver tongued editor has done it again. A little back story is in order before I go much further. First about our editor; the sorry little SOB has a way of motivating the Gunny like only his Senior Drill Instructor could back when the Gunny wasn't a Gunny. Let's see that was back in the year of our Lord.......nevermind, too long ago to talk about. Anyway, while gearing up last evening for a run in ArmA2, Doug hit me with "Hey Gunny, you know what your blog would be perfect for?" I knew where this was going so I kept my soup cooler shut with hopes he would start fiddling his gear and forget where he was going with it. Well, he didn't forget. "Your story would be perfect there." I told him I'd think about it, but he went on. The conversation is too much to long to recount here but needless to say, well, I got to thinking about and here a few mikes ago decided maybe he was right.

You see, I started this story a long time ago. We were running Operation Flashpoint at the time. It was written with some current and former forum denizens that ran OpFlash with us. The team Has shrunk a bit since then and depending on where I go from here any current stories would include current team members and exclude folks that aint been around in a while. This may also encourage me to finish this story so I could start a new one. Anyway, I give yall......Delta Black.

Camp Dye, Present day, Nogova Island

Delta Black. To the civilian world, the term would mean absolutely nothing. To the ordinary Marines, sailors, soldiers or airman, the term means a shadowy world that some Marines live, and might catch site of from time to time. Not that they would know what they were looking at even if they did see one of its members. To the Special Ops community, it meant another of the highly trained, highly motivated SpecOps teams that roamed the globe doing its nation's bidding.

Delta Black was a nine-man Marine Force Recon team. They operated anywhere their nation told them to. Most recently, they had been in the mountains of Afghanistan under the guise of training one of the local warlords in counter-insurgency operations. The real mission was several forays into Afghanistan's largest neighbor to see what the good folks there were up to. Getting caught meant death and an international incident. Delta Black was sent.

The team had escaped relatively unscathed. Their newest platoon leader had been their only casualty. A hard charging officer, he had not died in a blaze of glory like he and the members of Delta Black thought. Instead, he had slipped on some loose gravel on the side of cliff. The resulting fall broke the young captain's neck. It was a reminder to all that the enemy, whoever that might be, was not the only enemy they faced.

As with every Recon team, Delta Black was subject to six to ten month deployments. Unlike typical Recon teams, Delta Black was one of those teams that would rotate home for a few weeks, then deploy to some remote out of the way location for the rest of their "down-time". That time was usually spent honing already razor sharp skills, introducing new members to the rigors of life with Delta Black and learning new skills that would assist them in future assignments.

Everon Island was one of those remote locations. Subject to the land grab after the Second World War, Nogova had been occupied by the allies. There were three islands neighboring Nogova, those had been occupied by the Soviet Union. The strategic location of the islands meant that part of the Soviet Atlantic fleet could not leave the area without being observed. It served as a thorn in the side of the Soviets until the wall fell and the Cold War ended. Nogova and its sister islands fell back into obscurity and fell almost devoid of all military activity.

A minor skirmish in 1985 was the only event of significance when a rogue Soviet general decided to steal two nuclear missiles, seize Kolgujev, and make demands on the world. US, British and resistance fighters had eventually ended the conflict and things settled down to pretty much normal. The Allies still kept small contingents on Nogova, the Russians their small garrisons on the other islands.

Camp Dye was one of those contingents. It was year around home to a Force Recon team. Team Bravo Red had left three days after Delta Black's arrival. They were to deploy to one of the worlds hot-spots for the next six months to a year. They would return eventually.

At any given time, there were up to two recon teams at Camp Dye. A majority of the time, the "down" team was alone. This was the case now as Tango Green and Alpha White were in Iraq. Bravo Red was deploying on a routine Pac Cruise with 13th MUE. Alpha White would be stood down in six months and replaced by Delta Black, commitments not withstanding.

Camp Dye itself was situated on the bank of a lake and river that emptied to the sea. Tucked back in tall hills that rose from the lake, Camp Dye afforded the Marines an excellent training ground far away from prying eyes. Even the electronic ones from space no longer regarded the island as a threat and had been moved else where or allowed to decay to nothing. There were three small cities close, but they ignored the Marines training and welcomed their money. That cities local females were easy on the eyes helped the towns in relieving the Marines of some of the latter.

Gunny walked out of the small barracks. He took a deep breath of the cool air and looked up into the early morning sky. He enjoyed this time of the day the best. It was peaceful. The stars and moon provided silent allegiance to his profession. This was the time, when in the field, to hunt. He permitted himself a small smile then headed for the lakes edge. He regarded the LAV-C2 and the UH-1Y sitting on the base. Tools of war he and his team were intimately familiar with.

Gunny reached the water's edge and quickly stretched. He then removed his running shoes and t-shirt. Dressed in only khaki dive shorts he quickly entered the water up to his waste. Without giving the cold water time to take his breath, he dove under and began to kick strongly toward the middle of the lake.

Back at the barracks, Red watched as Gunny disappeared into the darkness. He shook his head and laughed once. He picked up his canteen cup of coffee and headed toward the LAV. It was his turn on watch in the team's comm center and Doug hated being relieved late. He claimed it gypped him out of precious sleep. Red grinned because he knew that Doug would need his rest. Gunny was out for his 0400 swim and would be warmed up and ready to run come 0600. Red was just glad that this morning at least, he was on duty and would be spared one of Gunny Thrift's death runs.

“Damn it is too cold to be out here in shorts and t-shirts.” Muttered Cowboy. He was the team’s newest member having checked in shortly before Delta Black had left the States for Nogova.

“Buck up lad,” called Whizkid as he trounced down the steps past the young Marine. “Gunny could have you out doing laps in the lake with him.”

“How in the hell does he manage that? Get’s up at God knows when….” Cowboy started.

“0400.” Doug supplied.

“0400, swims God knows how far…..” Cowboy continued.

“Three miles.” Stag added.

“Three miles, then gets out of the water and takes us on a five mile run.”

“Builds character Boot, get over it.” Baltar finished. It was a ritual that had played itself out for the week that Delta Black had been back at Camp Dye. Cowboy was about to launch into his “I’m not a boot” rant when Doug called them into formation to warm up for the expected run.

Gunny had just emerged from the lake and didn’t like to wait around long before starting the run. He dried himself off, pulled his t-shirt and shoes on and headed up the slight rise toward the formation of Marines. They were starting stretch to loosen up muscles and warm up. He was just passing the LAV when Red stuck his head out of the rear hatch.

“Gunny! I think you best get a listen at this.”

Gunny started to ask what was up but Red had already disappeared back into the comm vehicle. Gunny shook his head and trotted over to the LAV. He looked inside at Red. Red sat behind the massive communication array. He had one earphone covering an ear with the headset cocked to leave the other ear clear. “Get a listen to this.” He reached up and flicked a switch to put the sound on the speakers.

Gunny was instantly interested. Coming over the speaker was a panicked voice and gunfire in the background. The voice was Russian and the gunfire was a mixture of AK-74, AK-47, and a heavier sounding weapon Gunny didn’t immediately recognize. The voice grew more hysterical and a burst of gunfire ended the transmission.

“You got that recorded?”


Gunny hadn’t realized he had climbed up in the vehicle as he listened. He leaned out the rear hatch. “STAG! Hustle your ass!”

Stag sprinted down to the vehicle. He looked in and Gunny motioned him in. He climbed up into the cramped confines looking at Gunny with curiosity. Gunny motioned him into one of the seats. “Play it back Red.”

The transmission started over. It was nearly two minutes in length. Stag’s brow furrowed as he listened. “It’s Russian.” He stated as a matter of fact.

“No shit Stag. Tell me something I don’t already know.” Gunny shot back. “You know my Ruski is only good enough to get me slapped in one hundred percent of the bars in Eastern Europe. What the hell is he going on about?”

Stag shot Gunny a bemused look. “Well obviously, they are under attack. It’s the only garrison on Kolgujev. Unknown attackers swarmed in, killing everybody,” Stag was loosely translating what he was hearing. “Oh shit, they are coming this way, somebody help us. Please for the love of God somebody.” Gunshots ended the transmission.

Stag and Red looked at Gunny. “Well, I knew it didn’t sound good.” Red managed.

“OK, Red get on the horn with NorthCom, see if they got this. If not, burst them the transmission and ask them to inquire with NATO allies and the Russians to see if anybody got this. Stag, gear up, ASAP.”

Both Marines replied in the affirmative. Gunny and Stag exited the LAV and nearly plowed into the rest of the unit. They had gathered the vehicle to find out what was going on. Gunny looked at the group quickly. “Cowboy, Baltar. Gear up and get the helo ready to fly. We leave in five minutes.” Cowboy and Baltar joined Stag sprinting up to the barracks to get their gear.

Gunny headed toward the barracks as well. Doug pulled up along side. “What are you intending?”

“They asked for help, we’re closer than any other unit in the area, ours or theirs.”

“You really think that is a good idea?”

“No, that’s why you’re going to have the rest of the team ready. If we get on the ground and it’s too hot for them to get me and Stag out, they’ll come back for the rest of yall. You get to play the cavalry.”

“I don’t like this.” Doug commented as they reached the barracks steps.

“Neither do I. If Kolgujev wasn’t so close, I probably wouldn’t bother. But you know as well as I do that was a Spetznatz group over there and somebody just plowed them under like it was nobody’s business. If however these folks are bad enough to do that, then they would have no fear of us.”

Doug and Gunny both moved to either side of the stairs as Baltar and Cowboy came charging down the stairs and toward the helo. Neither had changed into flight gear. They had only grabbed their shoulder holsters with pistols, rifles and flight helmets. Stag appeared a few seconds later carrying his and Gunny’s gear. He dropped Gunny’s gear on the ground next to him. Gunny pulled on his grenade vest with extra M-203 rounds, H-harness and pulled on his utility cover. He took his M-4/203 from Stag and they both headed for the UH-1Y. The turbine was just beginning to whine.

Gunny turned toward Doug and gave him a half smile. “Get’em ready Doug!” He shouted before he turned to run toward the helo. He climbed aboard just as Cowboy pulled collective and lifted the bird into the air. The helo lifted fifteen or so feet in the air, half turned right, nosed over and speed out across the lake.

Ooooooooooooooh Rah!

So glad you've posted this on your blog, Gunny. :thumbsup:

Great story, and it very much needed to see the light of day rather than rotting in the squadron forum.

Can't wait for the next installment. :)
Yep it is good to see it, Hopefully we get more.
:popcornsmilie: :popcornsmilie:
So does this mean an ending mabey..........just asking
Hey, I like it! And Gunny even mentioned me, instead of yelling at me! I bet I get to hold the Fort while they go running around saving the world for Democracy. Well, somebody's got to have the tea ready for when they come back! :popcornsmilie:

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