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A four letter word...

Posted by Fork , 18 April 2006 · 151 views

It's the final week of my MBA session #1. Struggle, vs excitement of the pressure, vs the hard 2 years that lay ahead for me.

The ever constant threat of failure hangs overhead. This is a pressure filled MBA program. Lots of work, papers, assignments, deadlines, quizes. The fear of failure looms overhead. Fear of letting people down. Fear of working hard because I personally think I'm lazy. What am I doing this for...

All I have to do, is look at a picture I have. It's of a small 4 month old boy being held by a happy mom. He's looking right into the camara. Through his eyes, I see something. I have no idea what it is, but there is something about his look, his stare. He has a half-smile inside his cute cubby face. But those eyes... I feel it looking into me, grabbing at the very essense of my being. And it's a strong grip, because even though he's a 1000 miles away, I can still feel his touch.

You see, that boy is my son. And his look is of hope. Hope that his dad can do this. That his dad can get his education finished. Hope for his dad to advance his career to give him a better life, a better chance at getting ahead, into better schools. To get a start at life without the ever constant worry of financial strain.

Hope has more strengh than any skyscraper, any bridge, any obstacle that stands in my way.

Hope IS an amazing four letter word.

Hope will let me finish this 2 year hell. For him, and his picutre, I owe everything.
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Jimmie Stewart in a Frank Capra movie couldn't have said it better smile.gif


Hang in there, guy. Treat the program as a hobby. Mind you, some of your other hobbies may have to go on the shelf for awhile. smile.gif

It took me about six years to complete my MS in Finance. I wasn't in a big hurry. I finished in 1999 at age 52. It's never too late.

Sigh. Between that degree and the BS I earned back in 1990, my fishing declined to zero. Never have gotten back to it.

Good luck!
What the Elders said, Fork. And nicely put xyxthumbs.gif

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