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  2. And I expect that the only wet work Fink could ever accomplish is wetting his panties.
  3. Everyone at CSim, for starters. I'm sure there is a long list of others whom I do not yet know who would love to take turns beating your worthless a$$.
  4. For students of history, the lessons never stop, Hair Prik.
  5. hanging out in the bessie bastards forum and running with the guys on Friday nights...
  6. Now it can be told! Files sealed since the end of WW2 have been opened and made available to this journalist. Fick the Pimp The entrance to Friedrich's Gasse, Fick's favorite dive, was located in a blind alley of the same name. Seedy boarding houses, pawn shops, and drinking places dominated the area. Cops trod the cobbled streets in pairs, when they bothered to show up at all. By day that part of Kiel was generally quiet. At night it was a different story. Sailors off merchant ships and naval vessels crowded the streets and bars, along with airmen and soldiers from nearby military bases. Drunken voices were often raised in ire or song, one changing to the other without warning. A hard hand gripped Fick's shoulder. “About time for a refill, ja?” He knew that grip and that voice. Frau Kestrel, the foul woman who, along with her so-called husband, Brander, managed the bar. Whoever Friedrich was or had been, he no longer had anything to do with the place. Fick grimaced with pain. The woman had claws for hands. “Indeed, Frau Kestrel. I have been daydreaming. Another beer, please.” The claws left his shoulder. “Eva,” grated the woman. “Bring Herr Fick a beer.” She leered at Fick. “He has been dreaming of your tits.” Men within earshot roared with laughter. Fick sat slumped, crimson faced. He had indeed been thinking about Eva's boobs and how nice it would be to . . . The waitress plunked down a fresh beer. She leaned close, presenting an ample display of feminine pulchritude. “Not for you, Fick. A night with me --” she cupped the delightful orbs “-- costs money.” More laughter. Fick groped for his last few marks. Fumbling, he paid for the beer. Eva sniffed at the tiny tip and flounced away. He cursed inwardly and tried to vanish into the dark corner behind his table. Damn those women! He hadn't seen Freda or Kette for two days. The two whores were supposed to report each evening with his share of their take for the previous night. Fick had been convinced that being a pimp was exactly the right career for him. Kiel was crowded with sailors, soldiers, and ardent Nazis, all panting for women. Well, some of the Nazis preferred young boys, but he wasn't supplying any of that commodity – yet. Still, his women seemed to think he should be out on the street. Marketing their wares. Providing protection. They also thought he ought to knock them around a little. He had no such intentions. Protecting the two from a few rough episodes with muscular sailors was not his idea of how a pimp should operate. As for knocking them around, no way. Both were bigger and stronger than him. Not to mention the knife Kette had in her purse. Or the sap Freda used to put drunken sailors to sleep before looting their wallets. No. Strong arm stuff was not for Fick. A new shape loomed up beside Fick's table. He glanced up, still partly stunned by his close encounter with Eva's boobs. It took a moment for recognition to dawn. His heart stopped. Gorb. Yes. Gorb, the Slavic beast who worked for der Wiesel, a local pimp. Some would say THE local pimp, but Fick had always dismissed the lurid tales of der Wiesel's operations. Now, a tiny bit of caution raised a trembling hand. “Gorb,” stammered Fick. “Guten . . .” A hairy fist grasped his shirt. “Come,” rumbled Grob. “Der Wiesel.” “But – my beer. My girls will be along any moment. I can't . . .” He was lifted clear of the table. Grob took up the beer and drained it. “Beer gone. Girls work for der Wiesel. Come.” Without further conversation, he sauntered down the hall past a pair of reeking toilets. Herr Brand held the back door open. Grob murmured his thanks and dragged Fick out into the night. The wooden deck at the back of Friedrich's Gasse was once intended to be a place for customers to enjoy warm days while imbibing vast quantities of booze. Sadly, the deck overlooked a narrow canal that functioned mostly as a sewer leading into the main harbor. The stench was off-putting, though Fick scarcely noticed. “Ah, Herr Fick.” The speaker was a short, skinny man in a carefully tailored suit and broad brimmed hat. He held a slender cigar. The smell did not seem to bother him. A tall, rangy character stood a few feet away. His black hat and long black leather coat presented an image ill-suited to his pasty face and prominent nose. This, Fick knew, was Horst, another of der Wiesel's thugs. Various tales of murder and mayhem rose unbidden in his horror filled mind. Maybe he should have paid more attention . . . “You can't run whores in my territory,” said der Wiesel. He seemed genuinely perplexed. “I would have given you permission – even helped you set up. For a cut of the action, you know. That's how things are done.” Grob released Fick. “Ach, Herr Wiesel, I had no idea. No intention . . .” Fick's voice descended to a whine. He collapsed into a pitiful heap. “Please don't kill me.” “Oh, we usually don't have to resort to that.” Fick got to his knees. Hope flared in his chest. “Anything, Herr Wiesel. I'll do anything to make things right.” Horst turned away in disgust. “Let me kill him, boss. We haven't made an example of anyone for a couple months.” Der Wiesel regarded the trembling Fick for a long, long minute. “No. A man with a broken leg can be a visible example.” He nodded to Grob. “Break his leg.” “Ach, Gott,” pleaded Fick. “Break his arm, too,” said der Wiesel. “Then knock him out, but not before you've done the leg and the arm.” Grob hefted the limp Fick. “Too late, boss. He passed out.” He stepped back, holding the limp ex-pimp at arm's length. “He pissed his pants. Got some on my new shoes.” Der Wiesel shrugged. “Break his other leg for that. Then give him a concussion.” Thus ends the true tale of Fick's career as a pimp. Stay tuned for the REAL story of his years doing "wet work" for the Bulgarian Secret Police. Same bat-time, same bat-channel. Sorry. Couldn't resist. OG
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  8. Ja, ja, ja und it vas zhe plane zhat von zhe var. Ve know ve know. Now vou kan kvuit vizh zhe hiztory lezzons ja?
  9. JA? Vou und vhat army?
  10. Morning y'all, coldest morning of this winter so far. Partly cloudy and 24F at 07:30, but it is now up to 29F. Expecting a partly cloudy day and a high of 55F.
  11. The North American A-36. Some American pilots did call it "Invader", a name which would later be officially applied to the Douglas A-26, which is not to be confused with the earlier Martin B-26 Marauder, which was quickly retired after WW II, then the newly formed USAF changed the A-26 designation to B-26, at least until the Vietnam War when the B-26 Invader was deployed to Thailand and the USAF redesignated it as the A-26 for political reasons. Anyhow, the A-36 was originally designed for the RAF, to supplement their fleet of P-40 Warhawks. The British named the A-36 "Mustang I" and were impressed with its capabilities, even though the Allison V-1710 engine lacked high altitude performance. The success of the Mustang I caught the attention of the USAAF when it was looking for a new fighter. The USAAF lacked funding for a new fighter, but did have funds designated for ground attack aircraft. The design of the Mustang I was altered, with the wing being reinforced, under wing bomb racks and dive brakes added. This redesign was designated as the A-36 was officially named "Apache" by the USAAF. The British enjoyed success with their Mustang I and the USAAF found the A-36 to be quite capable, but when the British removed the Allison V-1710 engine and grafted on a Rolls Royce Merlin from a Spitfire, the quintessential P-51 Mustang was born.
  12. Thanks, Doug, it was a great time at Casa de Stans. Guests had such a good time that they were late for their evening plans.
  13. Morning all. 40F under clear skies. A southwesterly wind at roughly 15 to 25 mph will do us a big favor for Black Friday. Get ready for potential record breaking high temperatures. Expect highs reaching in the low 60s.
  14. Lockheed Ad - November 1942 1939: Germany warns all neutral shipping to stay clear of British and French coasts, or risk being sunk. This had already happened to a number of neutral ships, particularly at night when it was difficult to identify them. U-boat skippers were now given the go ahead to sink any ship not showing lights at night. 1939: In Czechoslovakia, the Gestapo execute 120 students who are accused of anti-Nazi plotting. *Sylva Koscina 1940: The Luftwaffe bomb Bristol. 1940: The first trainees from the Empire Air Training Scheme arrive in the UK. Sylva Koscina 1940: Treasury cancels Boxing Day Bank Holiday. 1940: Slovakian Prime Minister joins Tripartite Pact in Berlin. Sylva Koscina 1941: Two Luftwaffe officers, make the war's most audacious attempt to escape from a British POW camp. Lt. Heinz Schnabel and Oblt. Harry Wappler were prisoners in Camp No.15 near Penrith, Northumbria. Forging papers that identified them as Dutch officers serving in the RAF, they made their way to the RAF airfield at Kingstown near Carlisle and started the engine of a Miles Magister. Taking off, they soon realized they did not have the fuel to make it to Nazi-occupied Holland reluctantly they turned back, landing in a field about five miles north of Great Yarmouth. Recaptured, they were sent back to Camp No.15 again and sentenced to 28 days solitary confinement. 1941: The United States, while remaining neutral, expands the Lend-Lease program to include Charles de Gaulle's Free French troops. North American Aviation Ad - November 1943 1941: Theresienstadt Ghetto is established near Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Nazis will use it as a model ghetto for propaganda purposes. 1941: Rommel gives orders for his tanks to cut off the British supply routes by thrusting towards the Egyptian frontier, or as it became known, the 'dash for the wire'. By the end of the day Rommel's tanks had reached the frontier and caused complete confusion in the rear of the Eighth Army. 1941: US Army commanders across the Pacific are warned of the possible imminence of war. Sylva Koscina 1942: Laval sets up Phalange Africaine, to fight allies in Africa. 1943: Berlin reported as a 'sea of flames' this morning with casualty estimates put at between 8-10,000 killed. Sylva Koscina 1944: The allies cross the Saar near the Franco-German border. Troops of the French First Army capture Mühlhausen in Alsace, while the French 2nd Armored Division takes Strasbourg. 1944: USAAF B29s from Saipan Island in Pacific, bomb Tokyo for first time, but to little effect. Sylva Koscina *Yugoslavian beauty Sylva Koscina was born in Zagreb on August 22, 1933. World War II proved to be catastrophic in her home country, first with the invasion by Germany and later with the Russian invasion, culminating in about a million deaths. Koscina and her family fled to Italy following the end of the war. After winning some beauty contests as a teenager, she attended the University of Naples and worked as a fashion model before becoming an actress. Her first film was the Italian comedy "Are We Men or Corporals?" (1955; with Toto). Koscina had acted in a string of comedies when she was cast in the peplum adventure "Hercules" (1958; with Steve Reeves). With the international success of "Hercules", Koscina became a star. After returning for the sequel "Hercules Unchained" (1959; with Steve Reeves), she acted in such films as "Jessica" (1962; with Angie Dickinson and Maurice Chevalier), "Hot Enough for June" (1964; with Dirk Bogarde), "Three Bites of the Apple" (1967; with David McCallum and Tammy Grimes), and "Hornets' Nest" (1970; with Rock Hudson). Often appearing unclad in her later films, Koscina appeared nude in "He and She" (1969; with Laurence Harvey)and "The House of Exorcism" (1973; with Telly Savalas and Elke Sommer), among others. Sylva Koscina's film career slowed in the mid 1970s, and thereafter she appeared in films only on a sporadic basis. Koscina posed nude for Italian Playboy in 1975 at the age of 42, but the pictorial did not help her flagging film career. Her last film role came in the 1994 release "Kim Novak Is on the Phone". Koscina passed away in Rome on December 26, 1994, from heart problems (some sources cite breast cancer as the cause of death) at the age of 61. TRIVIA: Measurements: 39-25-37 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine) Height: 5' 10 1/2" (1.79 m) Spouse: Raimondo Castelli (1967 - 1971) (divorced) Goodyear Aircraft Ad - November 1944
  15. Gettin' in under the wire here to wish all my 'Murican cousins a very happy gravy, gravy, and yes please, more gravy ... day Hope y'all enjoyed the food, football, family and (what's a word for booze that starts with "f"?) ... aw heck, beer!
  16. Last week
  17. Happy Turkey Day to all!!!!!!!! I ate too much......need a nap.
  18. Called to Trump's aid in an emergency, eh? Guess there must be a clogged toilet for you to clear.
  19. Fink, if it ever gets to the point that you and I meet and there is an electric cattle prod, it will be me shoving it into whichever one of your orifices is closest, then I will hold the button until you glow in the dark.
  20. Herr Boner Lick will be out shopping to replace his Justin Bieber blow up doll again. He keeps wearing them out so bad that there is no place left on it's hind end to apply another rubber tire patch.
  21. Vhat ist zhat zuppozedt to mean Herr Stainz?
  22. Eben iffen Ich vas invitedt und Ich am zure zhat Ich vas Ich kannicht attendt dein zelebazion. Zhe Amerikafuhrer haz kalledt me to kommen to zhe Zud Vhitehouze in Fvlorida fvor zome zort of emerdjenzy. Tvry to hav gut time vizhout me. Oh und Herr Stainz doez nicht hav ein Lear to fvuel but perhapz vhat he meant to zay vas he haz fvueledt hiz vrear. Pozzibly mit petrolateum djelly ja? He vill maken ein nize zubztitute vife fvor Herr Dumzter ja?
  23. Bekauze unlike vou Ich am nicht ein faigala. Ich pozt und vrezpondt vhen Ich hav time fvor zutch zhings. Vorking fvor zhe Amerikafuhrer konzumes mozt of mein time. Perhapz vou schould get ein tjob ja? Kontinue vizh zhe inzults iffen vou muzt but vremember zhat vone day Ich may be zone holdink zhe elektric kattle pvrod on vou.
  24. Zhe Amerkafuhrer und Ich vish all Amerikanerz ein gut Zhanksgivfink Day! Konzume zhe fvood zhen vrest und tomorrow vou go to zhe mallz und schtorez und purtchaze mutch to giv on Kriztmaz ja?
  25. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to our former North American colonists! As we're a few thousand miles away, we see no mention of it around here, but every frickin' retail outlet has had 'Black Friday Sale' posters up since the Halloween stuff was out of the way.
  26. Good and happy Thanksgiving day to all who celebrate such! For the rest of you, good Thursday morning. Partly cloudy and 27F to start the day, expected a partly cloudy and chilly day with the mercury topping out at 50F. Mmmm... Thanksgiving day with the babes in the Babe Bunker. They can roast my turkey any time.
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