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    I tell you what. NASCAR is nothing like it used to be, what I enjoyed. Lottie and I went out to eat at our favorite sports bar, and was watching the race. Watched some guy win the second stage of the race. Stage? So I find out that there is a Stage 1, Stage 2 and the final stage... After constant overhauls with the rules in recent years, NASCAR isn’t the same NASCAR as it was a few seasons ago. If you want to tune into the Daytona 500 on Sunday and start following the rest of the 2018 season, you may need a refresher course first. Welcome to class. This year, there are fewer changes than in years past. We’ll get to those later. But we all kind of need the break to get used to how different the sport is now, so fewer changes are a good thing. How Modern NASCAR Works After a few years of trial and error, NASCAR seems to have finally decided how to run races: with stages, playoff points, a knockout championship format and overtime. Here’s what you should know. How Individual Races Are Now Run Each race across NASCAR’s top three series, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series, is now divided up into segments, or stages, as NASCAR likes to call them. NASCAR introduced them last season, along with a complicated new points system. There are three stages in most races, with each of the first two being about a quarter of its length and the last stage being the last half. NASCAR changed that on the fly for its longest race last year, breaking it into four quarters. That broke up a typically dull 600 miles at Charlotte Motor Speedway, one of NASCAR’s cookie-cutter tracks. The only events that don’t have stage lengths set yet are the Cup Series and Xfinity Series races at Charlotte this fall, since they’ll be run on its road course. Those race lengths haven’t been announced. The end of each stage is basically a pre-planned caution, which brings the field back together for the next stage. Laps count during the caution, which can make a person feel robbed of racing since nothing happened to bring the yellow out. But stage breaks aren’t just for bogus cautions. They’re for points. Click here for more info on how fucked up NASCAR has become IMHO. Sorry, but this isn't auto racing. This is a fucking board game. Well they can have it.
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    No snow here in central VA, thank goodness! Stay warm, stay safe, Jim. I'm sitting back and watching the Daytona TV Commercial 500, but they keep interrupting the commercials with a little coverage of a bunch of race cars going around a huge, oval track. Now tell me, who wants to see their tv commercials interrupted by a gaggle of cars going nearly 200 mph?
  5. Sunday

    Blizzard conditions here in NW Montana. Temp around 11degF. Wind 20-30 mph. I have drifts blocking the front door and driveway. Won't be able to play with, I mean WORK with my snow blower until tomorrow. Jim
  6. I got a little lucky and found a tqs/F22 combo with the swf22 chips so I now haven a working set! That stick was broken (metal inside gymbal is busted/snapped but I might be able to fix) and the tqs is missing the t2-3-4-5 knob which I'm going to try and track down. My goal now is to have two working sticks. One will be usb like yours but using an atmega28 and the other will be serial using the swf22. On a side note, i did look at the swf chips in a pic reader, they DO have the copy protection bit enabled so it looks like short of Bob coming out of retirement to release his source code, the remaing chips in circulation are all that will ever be. The pic is a microchip pic16c65a if anyone has any insight.
  7. Sunday

    Wintry morning y'all. An hour ago it was 32F and there was a thin glaze of ice and frost on roofs, cars, trees, shrubs, and grass. We have mostly cloudy skies and the temperature is up to 36F. Expecting a partly cloudy day and a high of 55F. Looks like we might be in for a nice run of spring-like weather for the next 10 days.
  8. Sunday

    Morning all. 15F under overcast skies and dense fog. Received two inches of snow yesterday afternoon. But it won't last as temps will warm up to 50F and it will be windy with gusts out of the South at 30 MPH.
  9. Goodyear Ad - February 1944 1941: Parts of the Australian 8th Division arrive in Singapore. 1943: Nazis arrest White Rose resistance leaders in Munich. *Joan Vohs 1943: In the wake of the Stalingrad disaster, Dr. Goebbels, speaking before an enthusiastic audience of soldiers and civilians in Berlin, announces the implementation of "total war" which, for the first time, mandates the employment of German women in the war effort. 1943: German General Erwin Rommel takes three towns in Tunisia, North Africa. Joan Vohs 1944: Mosquitoes, escorted by Typhoon fighter-bombers, launch a daylight low-level attack on the prison at Amiens, France, in order release French patriots; 258 prisoners escaped (including many criminals), but 102 inmates were killed. 1944: The Germans conduct their heaviest night raid on London since 1941 as the Luftwaffe intensifies the 'Little Blitz'. Walter Kidde & Company Ad - February 1944 1944: Renewed allied attacks at Cassino are broken off. The Germans make further gains at Anzio but are repulsed by allied artillery and warships. 1944: The Cruiser Penelope is sunk by U-410 off Naples and earns the distinction of being the last British cruiser to be lost in the war. 1944: The Red Army recaptures Staraya Russa, as Army Group North falls back to the line Narva-Pleskau-Oposhka. Joan Vohs 1945: British Empire casualties to November 1944 are announced as 282,162 killed, 80,580 missing, 386,374 wounded and 294,438 captured. 1945: The Red Army encircles Graudenz on the Vistula. Troops of the 11th SS Army are brought to a stand still by stiffening Soviet resistance to 'Operation Sonnenwende'. 1945: A Russian torpedo hits the ex-'Strength through Joy' Nazi cruise liner leaving Danzig for Denmark with 5,000 refugees and 3,800 U-boat personnel on board. Only 1,000 are reported as saved. Joan Vohs *Typecast often as a dumb blond, Joan Vohs struggled her entire career to break out of that mold. She did manage partial success, but ultimately dropped out of acting altogether in order to become a full-time mom. She was born Elinor Joan Vohs on the 30th of July 1927 in Queens, New York, was a Rockette at age 16 and a Connover model before any acting for movies or television. Her first several roles were as models, usually of the "dumb blond" ilk. In 1952, she married a businessman, John Stephens, with whom she had two children, William and Laurie. During the mid-1950s Vohs signed a contract with Paramount Studios, where her career fared much better. She was cast as the suspected French spy Fortune Mallory in the western "Fort Ti" (1953) starring George Montgomery, and played Ruth, the wife of the real-life football star Elroy Hirsch, in "Crazylegs" (also 1953). The following year she had a starring role in Billy Wilder's "Sabrina" (1954), playing Gretchen Van Horn opposite Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn. Joan Vohs In 1955, she rejected an offer from the producer Hal B. Wallis to play Sonia opposite the top box- office duo Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the comedy "Artists and Models", a role that finally fell to Eva Gabor. "The studio saw me as being difficult, I saw it as common sense," Vohs remembered: "I had had enough of playing fluffy women and wanted something with grit. Unfortunately the studio mogul Adolph Zukor saw things differently and after a fight over better roles I was released from contract." Undaunted, she moved into television, where she found a wider variety of roles, appearing in "Frontier", "Maverick", "Perry Mason" and "Hawaiian Eye", as well as traveling to Europe, where she starred in a series of dramatized Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. Away from a studio, she also began to freelance, playing the lead, Susan Lang, opposite Scott Brady in "Terror at Midnight" (1956), and again in the cult "B" picture "Lure of the Swamp" (1957). These were to be her final two films. After a successful run of guest appearances on the T.V. sitcom "Family Affair," Vohs retired from acting and devoted herself to raising her own family. Joan died on the 4th of June 2001, in Tarzana, California of heart failure. Ray-O-Vac Battery Ad - February 1945
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  11. TFXplorer

    Thanks! I did go back to my files and found your TFX 1 unknown SPRs. That is helpful, thanks.
  12. TFXplorer

    gamespr is the first .tm that I could identify, but there are 10 others of exactly the normal tm size. Some of them are obvious textures, and I've combined these with the TAW 10am palette to produce bmp files. Since gamespr is in the spr directory, I assume any others would be as well.
  13. TFXplorer

    I have been following these threads and, as always, they prompt my curiosity about a number of things. First let me say thanks to Krycztij for the updates. I have been doing some work on the terrain recently and was curious about Mikes statement regarding GAMESPR, I would assume that to be a sprite, does the tfx1contain .tm textures in the spr directory?
  14. TFXplorer

    That works. Thank you! Don't worry about the stars problem. Running the TFX1 data in TFX3 mode is fun in that I can fly around in the F22, but there are multiple other issues. I'll look at it again when we have an API.
  15. DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar and Warthog with MFDs

    Awesome work, Home Fries! Haven‘t tried it yet , does your latest version work with DCS World 2.5 Beta? thx desmo
  16. EF2000 Reloaded

    Good to hear!
  17. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

  18. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Strange. I just tried it again to make sure I could use either SHIFT key. I also tried changing the time between the ESCs to a few seconds. It worked every time. Are you running in a VM or have some layer between TAW and the keyboard driver?
  19. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

  20. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I noticed, if you hit enemy planes during taxi without destroying them, they will taxi straight on. That’s funny on Barim Island, because the damaged enemies will eventually roll over the ocean.
  21. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Interesting, in no mission in the first scenario I could succeed to eject. Two times dead because the key combination did not work. I think it may be scenario failure, let me try in teh training flight as well. Thank you mikew.
  22. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I just tried it, and it works fine for me. For a quick test, I ejected from the spawn point of the Take-Off training mission. What's quite amusing is that a few seconds after ejection, the engines start up on their own and the plane taxis away as I'm watching it from underneath the parachute.
  23. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I have a question to whom it may concern, I cannot eject in TAW 2.3. I checked for SHIFT+ESC+ESC but it did not work. Is it changed? I checked keys list in the help but Windows 10 does not support the help file in my computer...Can someone help me? Thank you in advance...
  24. Saturday

    Morning y'all, mostly clear skies and 34F. Clouds will increase this morning as the temperature reaches a high of 41F. Falling temperatures and rain this afternoon. Temperatures should bottom out around 35F. Warmer tomorrow and really warm next week.
  25. Our Schnauzer, Tehya

    Nope, no EAW and that was a truly awesome combat flight sim. All we have is each other.
  26. TFXplorer

    Please try this one: https://app.box.com/s/f01wzmko8q6lymp18ecshpcd1avhunrz Don’t be confused that the plane explodes. It normally spawns the KC-135, and the engine still needs to figure out that the F-22 wheels are shorter, so it spawns too high above the ground.
  27. TFXplorer

    You’re right … some changes worked in the 64-bit version, but screwed up the 64-bit version and I didn’t test that … sorry! Working on a fix …
  28. TFXplorer

    I get 'bad plug-in' errors after running in a new folder (so it shouldn't be confused by existing files) This is on a win7 64 bit machine.
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