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  2. Happy Memorial Day! (I guess that's the right thing to say, right?" Well, it appears that 95%of my neighbors don't want to bother with the chore of flying the Stars and Stripes any more, so it's only me and two others that feel it important to show our gratitude to those who have gone before. But then, most of my neighbors are from Eastern Europe so I guess it doesn't mean much to them. And so the Country slides inexorably downhill, as Hal Lindsay was saying on his Friday nite program. Bye, bye, America, we'll miss you!
  3. And there's my answer. Looks like the temperature portion of the digital sensor/transmitter is borked. I placed a portable thermometer/humidity unit outside and it is reporting humidity within 1% of the failing unit, but the temperature is now 71F, the other unit is stuck at 76F. Oh, well, that sensor has been in service for a few years, guess it was time for it to fail.
  4. Morning y'all, cloudy, damp, and 76F... hmmmm... digital temperature readout has been at 76F since last evening... the nearest Weather Channel reporting station is just a few miles away and it is reporting 66F, Petersburg airport is reporting 69F.. Local tv stations are reporting 68 to 69F, Hmmmmm... Anyway, forecast calls for a partly cloudy day and a high of 86F. I'll have to monitor my digital thermometer, it might be on the fritz. Today is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. More importantly, it is the day we honor those who serve and those who have served in the military for this great nation. My flag is displayed at half-mast this morning to honor those who died in service. At noon I shall raise the flag to full mast in honor of those who are still living. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day and please remember those who made this day possible.
  5. Morning all. 52F under partly cloudy skies. Mostly sunny. Breezy. Isolated afternoon showers possible, mainly north. Winds out of the West at 15-25 MPH. Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day. Never forget those that fought and died for our freedoms. They are all the true heroes. Bless each and every one of them.
  6. Studebaker Ad - May 1944 1940: The British destroyer HMS Wakeful is hit and sunk by a torpedo from the German E-boat S30. HMS Grafton which was nearby try's to rescue the sailors from HMS Wakeful, but is itself hit by another torpedo from the same German E-boat and begins to sink. Another British destroyer, HMS Comfort moves up to help, but HMS Grafton fires on her in the mistaken belief that she is a German ship, sinking HMS Comfort. 15 other vessels are also sunk by Luftwaffe Stuka attacks near Dunkirk on this day. 1940: German 6th Army takes Lille, Ostend and Ypres in western Flander's. Luftwaffe activity increases as orders the Panzers to be switched south ready for main battle of France. 47,300 British and French troops are evacuated from Dunkirk today. *Grace McDonald - YANK Pinup Girl - July 9, 1943 1941: During the evacuation of British troops from Crete, a Luftwaffe attack on the cruiser Orion inflicts 200 casualties and sinks British destroyers Imperial and Hereward. 1942: 'Fridericus I' is completed as the Russian pocket to the Southeast of Kharkov is finally wiped out and 214,000 Russians captured, along with 1,200 tanks and 2,000 guns destroyed. German casualties in the fighting around Kharkov amount to some 20,000. Grace McDonald 1942: Rommel is only 25 miles from Tobruk as a massive tank battle rages in the 'Cauldron'. 1942: The Chinese are defeated by Japanese forces at Kinhwa in Chekiang province south of Shanghai. Higgins Industries Ad - May 1944 1943: The RAF launches a major raid (719 bombers) against Wuppertal, dropping 1,900 tons of bombs and killing 2,450 civilians and claim that half of Wuppertal has been 'wiped off the map'. 1944: The U.S. escort carrier Block Island is sunk by U-549 off the Canary Islands. (MORE INFO) Grace McDonald 1944: Using its maximum range, the US 8th Air Force attacks aircraft production plants at Marienburg and Posen in eastern Germany. 1944: The British reach 'the factory', 10 miles North of Anzio. Grace McDonald 1944: The first U.S. armored battle of the pacific war occurs on Biak, with six tanks being involved. The Japanese manage to force the partial re-embarkation of U.S. forces. 1945: SHAEF in Paris says that there are an estimated 4.25 million displaced persons in the Anglo-American zone, of which only 1.39 million have so far been repatriated, most of these to Western Europe. Grace McDonald *Between 1942 and 1945 there was a pert, sweet-faced "B"-level cutie who knew how to swing with the best of them at Universal. The beautiful dancer/singer might have gone on to better things but ended her career abruptly for marriage and never looked back. Grace McDonald, who was born in New York City on June 15, 1918, struck out into the local vaudeville scene at a young age with her equally talented brother, Ray McDonald. As a brother-sister dance team similar to the Astaires, their specialty proved to be tap. The twosome made it to Broadway with the hit musical "Babes in Arms" and stole part of the show with their version of "I Wish I Were in Love Again." This gave them a one-way ticket to Hollywood, where Ray got picked up by MGM and Grace by Paramount. Her first film, "Dancing on a Dime" (1940), stumbled a bit and she didn't make another film for two years when Universal decided to sign her up. Grace McDonald Though her musicals were obviously hep and had lots of pep, they were pretty much assembly-line productions intended to boost the morale of a war-weary nation. The titles certainly said it all -- "Give Out, Sisters" (1942), "Behind the Eight Ball" (1942), "How's About It" (1943) and "Hat Check Honey" (1944). She also appeared frequently in vehicles designed for The Andrews Sisters. Grace was game for straight acting parts as well, playing opposite Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in the comedy "It Ain't Hay" (1943), and also appearing in the dramas "Murder in the Blue Room" (1944) and "Destiny" (1944). After making "Honeymoon Ahead" (1945), Grace fell in love with Ralph Green, a WWII Marine, and retired to be his wife. They moved to Minneapolis, which is where he was from, and had three sons. Not much was heard of her until her death of double pneumonia on October 30, 1999. Although just a sliver of a memory in the Hollywood annals, Grace was a game trooper and added a little kick to life when it was certainly needed. Studebaker Ad - May 1945
  7. Some pics of the new deluxe party pad in Belfalas: Heading up the pathway to the two front yards on either side. Rohirrim banners adorn the way character is Rohirrim. You can also see the stairs heading up to the backyard (to the right of the Lorien statue). A closer view of the backyard, with the Eorl replica and the Pellenor memorial pyre (great at night). A view from the top of the steps toward the Bay of Belfalas A look at the inside. This is the second story, with an identical room on the other side of the stairs and a symmetrical layout below (with one exception) And the exception to symmetry: the back door opens up to an enclosed courtyard with two rooms on either side. This is perfect for the party! The Moria keg is here, just out of the frame. Also note the pup, Faroth. You can pick him up as a companion in the Wastes. Let's get the band back together and throw a party!
  8. Watched the Indianapolis 500 this afternoon, great race, quite enjoyable even though I do not follow open wheel racing. Now I'm watching the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600. NASCAR stopped the race due to severe lightning near the track, moved the fans out of the stands. Now it is pouring rain like it has never rained before. Looks to be about a 2 hour delay in what is already NASCAR's longest race of the season. Let's see, it's 2000 hrs, say they go back to racing around 2200, I'll be asleep by... yep, once again I'll read the results of the race tomorrow.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Ich zhink zhe bozh of vou are eizher scharink ein paddedt vroom in zhe mental vard or livink on Fantazy Island! Vou are bozh verruckt!
  11. I hate when that happens.
  12. I've tried EF2000 Reloaded and other variations with DosBox, and although it runs kind of fine I could tell it was not at 60FPS, perhaps even under 30FPS. With this method I got it to run silky smooth, and I measured the time with stop watch getting 1 minute of game time precisely coincide with 1 minute of real time. I'm running Windows XP, but hopefully it should work for other, more recent versions of Windows too... don't see why wouldn't it. 1. My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager: disable your current video driver, restart 2. Upon restart Windows should now automatically use "Standard VGA Driver", like it does when booting in Safe Mode 3. Run EF2000 in full screen, in window it still runs too fast That's it. To revert back your normal video driver simply go to Device Manager again and enable it. No need to restart this time, but I needed to change resolution to "shake" it a bit so it actually gets activated. Now, this may be a coincidence that my computer without accelerated video driver just happens to match the proper speed expected from the game, but it seems to me it would be too much of a chance and thus I am almost certain this will work for most, if not everyone. Let me know!
  13. My darned Learjet is down for maintenance again. Maybe I should sell it and buy a Gulfstream.
  14. Fresh grilled Iowa raised pork chops and Iowa raised beef steaks too. Oh and Boston and Blue Oyster Cult dropped by for a three hour jam session last night. Where were you guys?
  15. RIP to Zbigniew and Gregg.
  16. Morning all. 55F under clear skies. A few showers early, otherwise turning partly cloudy. High of 75F. Got another inch of rain yesterday afternoon. Yard is like walking on a sponge.
  17. Morning y'all, last night's storms brought parts of the area damaging winds, damaging hail, and fires started by lightning. Don't see any damage here other than my wife's newly planted wildflower bed. Looks like has suffered from soil erosion. Guess I'll soon have more wildflowers (weeds) in the lawn. 63F and moderate fog greet the new day. Expecting the fog to give way to cloudy skies, scattered thunderstorms this morning, storms will become more widespread during the afternoon. Today's high is expected to be 77F. Glad I grilled the steaks (tenderloin) yesterday. Oh, and they were medium rare, tender, juicy, and tasted great.
  18. Texaco Ad - May 1944 1940: French mountain troops capture the port of Narvik, forcing the German defenders (Gebirgsjäger units and crews of sunk destroyers) into the surrounding hills and towards the safety of the Swedish border and internment. 1940: Belgium formally surrenders to the Germans. 1940: The British and French reject capitulation and continue the evacuation and rearguard actions at Dunkirk. Lynn Bari 1941: Roosevelt says Neutrality Act to be repealed. 1941: Lord Woolton announces experimental egg rationing, further restrictions on fish and milk; successful prosecutions under Food Control Orders during war now total 17,319. 1941: British and Commonwealth forces begin evacuating Crete through the port of Sphakia on the southern coast of Crete. The withdrawal is to be covered by two recently landed Commando Battalions. However the garrisons at Retimo and Heraklion will be evacuated separately. Lynn Bari 1942: The Russian pocket Southeast of Kharkov continues to be broken in. 200 Poles are taken from Warsaw to the village of Magdalenka and shot. Among them are three women brought on stretchers from Pawiak prison hospital. 1942: Heavy fighting continues at the southern end of the Gazala line, although by now Rommel's forces are beginning to run out of fuel and his tanks are becoming scattered. In order to shorten his supply lines he decides to punch a hole through the Gazala line. Pullman Ad - May 1944 1943: The U.S. 15th Air Force attacks Italian oil refineries at Livorno. 1944: The US 8th Air Force attacks synthetic fuel-producing plants at Leuna-Meseburg. 1945: The British Twelfth Army HQ is set up in Rangoon. Lynn Bari *A curvaceous, dark-haired WWII pin-up beauty (aka "The Woo Woo Girl" and "The Girl with the Million Dollar Figure"), "B" film star Lynn Bari had the requisite looks and talent but little of the lucky breaks to permeate the "A" rankings during her extensive Hollywood career. Nevertheless, some worthy performances continue to stand out for her in late-night viewings. She was second only to Betty Grable in WWII pin-up popularity according to a GI's poll taken at the time. She was born with the elite-sounding name of Margaret Schuyler Fisher on December 18, 1913 (various sources also list 1915, 1917 and 1919!) in Roanoke, Virginia. She and her younger brother John moved with their mother to Boston following the death of their father in 1926. Her mother remarried, this time to a minister, and the family relocated once again when her stepfather was assigned a ministry in California (Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles). Lynn Bari Paying her dues for years as a snappy bit-part chorine, secretary, party girl and/or glorified extra while being groomed as a starlet under contract to MGM and Fox respectively), her first released film was the MGM comedy "Meet the Baron" (1933) providing typical window dressing as a collegiate. For the next few years there was little growth at either studio, usually standing amidst others in crowd scenes and looking excited. Finally in "Lancer Spy" (1937), she received her first billing on screen in a minor part as "Miss Fenwick". Though more bit parts were to dribble in, the year 1938 proved to be her break through year. She finally gained some ground into playing the "other woman" role in glossy soaps and musicals, first giving Barbara Stanwyck some trouble in "Always Goodbye" (1938). She enjoyed the attention she received playing disparaging society ladies, divas, villainesses and even a strong-willed prairie flowers in such films as "Pier 13" (1940), "Earthbound" (1940), "Kit Carson" (1940) and "Sun Valley Serenade" (1941), but they did little to advance her in the ranks. The very best role of her frisky career came with the grade "A" comedy "The Magnificent Dope" (1942) sharing top billing with Henry Fonda and Don Ameche. But good roles were hard to find in Lynn's case and she good-naturedly took whatever was given her. Other ripe, above-average movies (she appeared in well over 150) of this period came with "China Girl" (1942), "Hello Frisco, Hello" (1943), "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" (1944) and "Nocturne" (1946). Lynn Bari With diminishing offers for film parts by the 1950s, she starting leaning heavily towards stage and TV work. She continued her career until the late 60s and then retired. Her last work included the film "The Young Runaways" (1968) and TV episodes of "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." and "The F.B.I." Divorced three times in all, husband #2 was volatile manager/producer Sidney Luft, better known as Judy Garland ex-hubby years later and the father of her only child. Her third husband was a doctor/psychiatrist and she worked as his nurse for quite some time. They divorced in 1972. Plagued by arthritis in later years, Lynn passed away from an apparent heart attack on November 20, 1989 in Santa Monica, California at the age of 76. Although she may have been labeled a "B" leading lady, she definitely was in the "A" ranks when it came to class and beauty. TRIVIA: Height 5' 7" (1.70 m) While on the set of "Shock" (1946) one day, she was talking with co-star Anabel Shaw and mentioned that she was a direct descendant, on her mother's side, of Revolutionary War hero Alexander Hamilton. Shaw revealed that she was a direct descendant of Aaron Burr--the man who killed Hamilton in the famous duel. United States Rubber Company Ad - May 1945
  19. After a lot of months of hard work in design, develop and test, we have launched a new videogame for the wargamer public. All the effort, the substantial investment of time and money, the long hours to think in the design to make a real solitary wargame, This was all worthwhile, The game is here. We are happy to present you the game:WWII Tactics Card Game. This game has been developed by Nerlaska Studio, Dracoideas S.L and Alberto Llano. This game is the second product of the line called War Series. The game is compatible with any Android phone (Version 2.3.3 or higher) and IOS and it´s free. There are an english and a spanish version. Android download link: IOS download link: WWII Tactics is a wargame played with cards and based on the Second World War where the players battle until victory on one of the two sides. World War battle. The game transmits with intensity various real encounters and battles of WWII, your decisions will be fundamental as to whether these missions are successful or failures, glory or death. In the game, we will act as the commanders of our troops in the course of a Second In the game, we will act as the commanders of our troops in the course of a Second The main objective of the game, in the form of pitch battle, is to annihilate the enemy´s general staff and in the other scenes to accomplish the missions you have been entrusted with. To this end you will have a great diversity of ground and airborne troops which you should lead with skill and bravery to be able to reach your objectives as ordered by your high ranking officers. The troops will be represented in the field of battle by cards that will constitute an army for each one of the players. We will have at our disposition a wide range of infantry troops, artillery, armoured cars, transport vehicles, generals and assistance cards that will increase the combat effectiveness of our troops and /or lessen the effectiveness of the enemy´s forces. Each player will be able to create their own deck of cards according to the objectives of the scene being played and the strategy that you wish to apply during the game. The game starts with a large collection of cards to play with, but in your hand you have to complete your army by adding to it from the store of powerful cards that adapt most to your method of play and which permits you to win in each one of your encounters. As you continue to win games you will reach a higher rank within your army and eventually become the highest ranking commander of WWII. The game also has an IA that allows you to enjoy this passionate game alone. It has three levels of difficulty to test ingenuity. A summary of the functions of the game, enables you to: You can choose to be a commander of the Wehrmacht or of the US Army. 40 different units to choose from among diverse types of infantry, groups of command, armoured vehicles, artillery, anti-aircraft, anti-tank, transport vehicles, fighters, fighter-bombers and light and heavy bombers. Provide your units with additional armament to increase their effectiveness, with machine guns, mortars, hand grenades, snipers, flamethrowers, bazookas, rocket-launchers and smoke dischargers are part of your arsenal. Use them wisely. 22 support cards that include landmines, anti-tank mines, reinforcements, extra munition, spying, blitzkrieg, entrenchments, use of air transportation and a lot more. You can also add specialists to your teams that have had specific training in order to give a better performance, so you can assign sanitary units, mechanics, sappers etc. 8 cards from famous generals each one of which has a different, indispensable characteristic to improve the capabilities of our units, from Erwin Rommel to George Patton, and also Bradley and Model. A prepared scene to accomplish and destroy a heavily defended enemy objective. The development of several scenes based on actual battles and campaigns of WWII. 10 different types of artificial terrain which enable you to construct your own made-to-measure defences and you can count on the possibility of having bunkers, buildings, barbed-wire, trenches, etc. The deployment of units is done on a map using 48 squares with different types of terrain which include: woods, hedges, lakes, rivers, mountains and open plains. You should know how to make best use of your abilities on the type of terrain you favour. Go and get them commanders and show no mercy! If you like the game, score our apk in Play Google or Apple Store. It helps us to improve!!! Regards
  20. Last week
  21. Zbigniew Brzezinski, dead at age 89. Gregg Allman, dead at age 69.
  22. 100 gallons of Maker's Mark?!!!!!!! Fire up the Learjet! I'm on my way!
  23. Who said the keg had beer in it? It's filled with Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Handmade Whisky. Special order. I had it shipped up from the distillery at Loretto, Kentucky.
  24. Ein vone hundvredt gallon keg vor zhe tvo of vou und vou zhink zhat ist ein schtart ja? Ich doubt zhat eizher vone of vou kould make it zhrough vone stein of ein doppelbock mutch lezz ein keg of zhat vellow wasser vou kall bier.
  25. Yes. But it is the 100 gallon size. It's a start.
  26. Keg? Just one?
  27. As soon as the keg and ice gets here!
  28. To qoute those famous words by Bugs Bunny..."What a Maroon." You don't need to us what we already know Harry Palms.
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