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    Been here for four years and still can't "like" anything Should we tell the admin(s)?
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    Ladies and Gents, the next big thing his here!* The Community Universal Patch (CUP) for IL-2 1946 is available, all-encompassing, and amazing! CUP integrates the Dark Blue World and Compressed Full Monty mods as well as makes many of the other popular mods compatible with each other and IL-2 4.12.2. Additionally, CUP itself comprises three eras (separately downloadable and easily selectable): Dawn of Flight (WWI), World at War (WWII), and The Jet Age (Post WWII - Present). It also includes a boatload of new maps (many of which incorporate shaders and lighting of the new graphics engine) and a Quick Mission Builder that takes advantage of them and is compatible with era swapping. Finally, one of the swappable options is the "stock" 4.12.2 install, so there is no need to create a separate install for stock compatibility. Additionally, no existing campaign files or datafiles (beyond binaries) are changed when swapping eras, so any JSGME compatible mods or existing stock campaigns should be compatible. Here are the instructions for download and installation. And a video while you wait for 30Gb of goodness to pass through the interwebs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0BWNSX_Bh8 *Disclaimer: I've just been brought onto the SAS mod team, so I might be a bit biased.
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    He looks just like you Jay!
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    No need to accept Windows 8/10/whatever; I’m developing on Windows 7 and I won’t upgrade in the foreseeable future. (… and TFXplorer still supports Windows XP, doesn’t it? )
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    Yep. Was called the "Obama Administration".
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    Thanks, Whizzer! I, for one, will be honouring (note the Canadian spelling) this day by donning my favourite toque, saddling up my horse, and hunting the elusive, and yet savage, big horn beavers. Then, I will smuggle some whisky across the border to all my Loyalist American friends, who, sadly, are prohibited from enjoying such basic comforts due to the pervading Puritanical correctness down there. Then, on to Washington to burn down the White House. Finally, I will end this day with a bracing swim across the St. Lawrence river back to my homeland where I will satiate my manly Canadian appetite with a Rocky Mountain-sized pile of poutine slathered in gravy, all while getting a lap dance from a French Canadian stripper.
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    I guess it has been over a decade since I met up with you at Oshkosh Oggie. The boys were just boys then. How fast the years pass by.
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    Hey, Oggie! Good to see you're still kicking. Yes, stop by the nut house... errrrr... the forum more often.
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    U.S. Defense Bonds Poster April 1-21, 1951: Operations RUGGED and DAUNTLESS take Eighth Army line slightly north of the 38th parallel, where it prepares to defend against the expected enemy offensive. April 1-21, 1951: The 1st Marine Division advances north to the Hwachon Reservoir. On the following day, Chinese Communist Forces launch an all-out "Spring Offensive." The Marines halt the Chinese breakthrough of IX Corps, and by 27 April, the situation is stabilized. Mamie Van Doren April 11, 1951: President Truman relieves General MacArthur for insubordination and replaces him with General Ridgway. LTG James A. Van Fleet, the Commanding General of Second Army, is assigned as the new commander of Eighth Army. April 12, 1951: War's first major aerial duel. More than 40 MiG-15s attack a B-29 formation, shooting down two bombers. Eleven of the MiGs are destroyed, seven by B-29 gunners. Mamie Van Doren April 22-29, 1951: Chinese Communist Forces first spring offensive. Largest single battle of the Korean War. CCF launch their Spring Offensive with 250,000 men in 27 divisions. Five U.S. Army divisions (2nd, 3rd, 7th, 24th and 25th) and the 1st Marine Division participate. April 22-25, 1951: Battle of Imjin River (Gloster Hill). The 29th Infantry Brigade (UK) slows Chinese advances until further U.N. forces are able to blunt the Chinese offensive. A particularly notable stand is made by the 1st Battalion of the Glouscestershire Regiment on Hill 235 which becomes known as "Gloster Hill." The actions serve to protect the U.N. and prevent a Chinese advance on Seoul. Mamie Van Doren April 22-25, 1951: Battle of Kapyong. The 27th British Commonwealth Brigade composed largely of Australian and Canadian forces slows Chinese advances until further U.N. forces can successfully blunt the Chinese offensive. The actions serves to protect the U.N. and prevents a Chinese advance on Seoul. April 30, 1951: CCF offensive is stopped north of Seoul. Mamie Van Doren April 12, 1953: The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW) flies the first night close air support missions using intersecting searchlight beams to mark enemy targets. The results of this "searchlight-night fighter" team on ground targets are described as "excellent" by ground and air observers. April 16-18, 1953: Battle of Pork Chop Hill. The 17th and 31st Infantry Regiments (7th Infantry Division) hit hard and suffer heavy casualties. April 20-26, 1953: Operation Little Switch exchanges sick and wounded POWs, including 149 Americans.
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    U.S Navy Recruitment Poster-1960's April 1, 1965 - At the White House, President Johnson authorizes sending two more Marine battalions and up to 20,000 logistical personnel to Vietnam. The President also authorizes American combat troops to conduct patrols to root out Viet Cong in the countryside. His decision to allow offensive operations is kept secret from the American press and public for two months. April 7, 1965 - President Johnson delivers his "Peace Without Conquest" Speech at Johns Hopkins University offering Hanoi "unconditional discussions" to stop the war in return for massive economic assistance in modernizing Vietnam. "Old Ho can't turn that down," Johnson privately tells his aides. But Johnson's peace overture is quickly rejected. April 15, 1965 - A thousand tons of bombs are dropped on Viet Cong positions by U.S. and South Vietnamese fighter-bombers. April 17, 1965 - In Washington, 15,000 students gather to protest the U.S. bombing campaign. Student demonstrators will often refer to President Johnson, his advisers, the Pentagon, Washington bureaucrats, and weapons manufacturers, simply as "the Establishment." April 20, 1965 - In Honolulu, Johnson's top aides, including McNamara, Gen. Westmoreland, Gen. Wheeler, William Bundy, and Ambassador Taylor, meet and agree to recommend to the President sending another 40,000 combat soldiers to Vietnam. April 24, 1965 - President Johnson announces Americans in Vietnam are eligible for combat pay. Chris Noel April 12, 1966 - B-52 bombers are used for the first time against North Vietnam. Each B-52 carries up to 100 bombs, dropped from an altitude of about six miles. Target selections are closely supervised by the White House. There are six main target categories; power facilities, war support facilities, transportation lines, military complexes, fuel storage, and air defense installations. April 13, 1966 - Viet Cong attack Tan Son Nhut airport in Saigon causing 140 casualties while destroying 12 U.S. helicopters and nine aircraft. April 6, 1967 - Quang Tri City is attacked by 2500 Viet Cong and NVA. April 14, 1967 - Richard M. Nixon visits Saigon and states that anti-war protests back in the U.S. are "prolonging the war." April 15, 1967 - Anti-war demonstrations occur in New York and San Francisco involving nearly 200,000. Rev. Martin Luther King declares that the war is undermining President Johnson's Great Society social reform programs, "...the pursuit of this widened war has narrowed the promised dimensions of the domestic welfare programs, making the poor white and Negro bear the heaviest burdens both at the front and at home." April 20, 1967 - U.S. bombers target Haiphong harbor in North Vietnam for the first time. April 24-May 11, 1967 - Hill fights rage at Khe Sanh between U.S. 3rd Marines and the North Vietnamese Army resulting in 940 NVA killed. American losses are 155 killed and 425 wounded. The isolated air base is located in mountainous terrain less than 10 miles from North Vietnam near the border of Laos. April 24, 1967 - General Westmoreland condemns anti-war demonstrators saying they give the North Vietnamese soldier "hope that he can win politically that which he cannot accomplish militarily." Privately, he has already warned President Johnson "the war could go on indefinitely." April 30-May 3, 1967 - The Battle of Dai Do occurs along the Demilitarized Zone as NVA troops seek to open an invasion corridor into South Vietnam. They are halted by a battalion of U.S. Marines nicknamed "the Magnificent Bastards" under the command of Lt. Col. William Weise. Aided by heavy artillery and air strikes, NVA suffer 1568 killed. 81 Marines are killed and 297 wounded. 29 U.S. Army are killed supporting the Marines and 130 wounded. For the time being, this defeat ends North Vietnam's hope of successfully invading the South. They will wait four years, until 1972, before trying again, after most of the Americans have gone. It will actually take seven years, until 1975, for them to succeed. Chris Noel - Long Binh, Vietnam -1968 April 9, 1969 - 300 anti-war students at Harvard University seize the administration building, throw out eight deans, then lock themselves in. They are later forcibly ejected. April 30, 1969 - U.S. troop levels peak at 543,400. There have been 33,641 Americans killed by now, a total greater than the Korean War. April 20, 1970 - President Nixon announces the withdrawal of another 150,000 Americans from Vietnam within a year. April 30, 1970 - President Nixon stuns Americans by announcing U.S. and South Vietnamese incursion into Cambodia "...not for the purpose of expanding the war into Cambodia but for the purpose of ending the war in Vietnam and winning the just peace we desire." The announcement generates a tidal wave of protest by politicians, the press, students, professors, clergy members, business leaders, and many average Americans against Nixon and the Vietnam War. The incursion is in response to continuing Communist gains against Lon Nol's forces and is also intended to weaken overall NVA military strength as a prelude to U.S. departure from Vietnam. Chris Noel April 1, 1971 - President Nixon orders Calley released pending his appeal. April 19, 1971 - 'Vietnam Veterans Against the War' begin a week of nationwide protests. April 24, 1971 - Another mass demonstration is held in Washington attracting nearly 200,000. April 29, 1971 - Total American deaths in Vietnam surpass 45,000. April 30, 1971 - The last U.S. Marine combat units depart Vietnam. April 2, 1972 - In response to the Eastertide Offensive, President Nixon authorizes the U.S. 7th Fleet to target NVA troops massed around the Demilitarized Zone with air strikes and naval gunfire. April 4, 1972 - In a further response to Eastertide, President Nixon authorizes a massive bombing campaign targeting all NVA troops invading South Vietnam along with B-52 air strikes against North Vietnam. "The bastards have never been bombed like they're going to bombed this time," Nixon privately declares. April 10, 1972 - Heavy B-52 bombardments ranging 145 miles into North Vietnam begin. April 12, 1972 - NVA Eastertide attack on Kontum begins in central South Vietnam. If the attack succeeds, South Vietnam will effectively be cut in two. April 15, 1972 - Hanoi and Haiphong harbor are bombed by the U.S. April 15-20, 1972 - Protests against the bombings erupt in America. April 19, 1972 - NVA Eastertide attack on An Loc begins. April 27, 1972 - Paris peace talks resume. April 30, 1972 - U.S. troop levels drop to 69,000. Chris Noel April 1973 - President Nixon and President Thieu meet at San Clemente, California. Nixon renews his earlier secret pledge to respond militarily if North Vietnam violates the peace agreement. April 1, 1973 - Captain Robert White, the last known American POW is released. April 30, 1973 - The Watergate scandal results in the resignation of top Nixon aides H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman. Chris Noel April 9, 1975 - NVA close in on Xuan Loc, 38 miles from Saigon. 40,000 NVA attack the city and for the first time encounter stiff resistance from South Vietnamese troops. April 20, 1975 - U.S. Ambassador Graham Martin meets with President Thieu and pressures him to resign given the gravity of the situation and the unlikelihood that Thieu could ever negotiate with the Communists. April 21, 1975 - A bitter, tearful President Thieu resigns during a 90 minute rambling TV speech to the people of South Vietnam. Thieu reads from the letter sent by Nixon in 1972 pledging "severe retaliatory action" if South Vietnam was threatened. Thieu condemns the Paris Peace Accords, Henry Kissinger and the U.S. "The United States has not respected its promises. It is inhumane. It is untrustworthy. It is irresponsible." He is then ushered into exile in Taiwan, aided by the CIA. April 22, 1975 - Xuan Loc falls to the NVA after a two week battle with South Vietnam's 18th Army Division which inflicted over 5000 NVA casualties and delayed the 'Ho Chi Minh Campaign' for two weeks. April 23, 1975 - 100,000 NVA soldiers advance on Saigon which is now overflowing with refugees. On this same day, President Ford gives aspeech at Tulane University stating the conflict in Vietnam is "a war that is finished as far as America is concerned." Chris Noel
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    Although I never had one of these, I did have one of these. I even found some videos of this toy working. Rather simple, but for a kid surrounded by western style cap pistols, this thing was the battle stopper.
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    So which was the nice on tap?
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    I have 8 acres in Maine and a single wide trailer, anytime you want to come back to the states..
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    A red light flashed on Donnie's sonar console. He didn't seem to notice, mesmerized by the porn video he had playing on the sonar screen. After several minutes the red light flashed again. This time, certain synapses in what remained of his brain came unglued and transmitted a warning. "Um . . ." He jerked upright, eyes slowly focusing on the light panel. Fumbling, he killed the video and brought up the normal sonar display. After a moment, he began his automatic recovery sequence. Slowly he wiped the drool off his chin and dabbed at the damp spot on his regulation CSim Navy t-shirt (the one with the leering monkey on the front and a large CSim logo on the back). Clean-up complete, he keyed the intercom. "Bridge, sonar. Objects in the water. Might be sonobouys." Exec Stans had the conn. He dozed in a chair behind the diving control positions. "Huh? What?" It took a moment to shake off the lingering effects of the dream, nay, the nightmare he'd been immersed in when the call came in. A tall woman in black leather was about to apply a whip to his bare back. He had a vague recollection of handcuffs and chains. "Damn!" he mumbled. "Just when things were getting good . . ." "Bridge, sonar. Is anybody there?" Stans fumbled with the handset. "Hello? I mean . . . this is the bridge. Who's calling?" "Sonar. We got aircraft noises and objects in the water. Might be sonobouys." The fog began to clear. "Might be sonobouys? What's the matter, Donnie. Porn flicks interfering with the sonar again?" "No. It's not that. The system detected eight objects hitting the water. Well, ten or eleven really, but some of them were camel poop. You know, we've recorded a good many of those." "Right." Stans glanced at the Chief and rolled his eyes. "Forget the camel poop. What about the other things?" "Well, the computer says they're old Soviet sonobouys. But they ain't working." "Not working, eh?" Stans relaxed. "Well, then, don't worry about them." "Ah. Okay. Just figured you ought to know. I'll keep listening, okay?" "You do that, Donnie. I think that's what the sonarman is supposed to do anyway." "Well. Sure. Sonar, out." Stans hung up the handset. "He's out all right." The Chief laughed, but his expression was serious. "The sonobouys might be worthless, sir, but someone obviously knows we're here." "Yeah." Stans struggled to figure out what the Chief was going on about. The woman in black leather beckoned from the depths of his depraved mind. "What about it?" "We're supposed to be kind of invisible. Stealthy, you know. That's why we drive around in this cramped, smelly old tub. Underwater." "Uh. Yeah. Okay. Well, dive down a ways and make some random turns or something. Jeez. Do I have to tell you every little thing?" Without further comment the Chief began issuing orders to the helmsman and dive plane operators. Stans soon lost track of what was going on. He slumped in his chair and tried to recapture the magic of his nightmare. OG
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    Sprayed my lawn weeds with Weed-b-Gone and the borders with Round Up, then with the garden hose and copious amounts of water, I washed my deck and deck furniture. Lots and lots of water. Now I'm watching the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol, TN. 40 cars racing 160 miles and getting only 5-6 miles per gallon fuel economy! Mmmmm, I can almost smell the exhaust.
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    TCat! How the hell are you, man? You've been quiet too long. Bring us up to date on your dazzling life down there! Waddya mean you don't like snow? It's just fluffy white stuff that God gives to Yankees to irritate them, so what's not to like?
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    Meanwhile, here in Kelseyville it's bloody cold! About 58F with a wind chill factor putting it at 45F! Damn, don't know if I can stand this! Have to get some long pants on. Winter's hell!
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    And the same for you!
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    Word to terrorists: Be careful of old farts, especially those with military experience. Most especially those who served in the Marines. These guys have kids and grandkids. They worked hard to give them a better world and what do they find? Scumbags who want to kill those kids and grandkids. That pisses them off. They lost good friends in the fight against evil. Now their culture is threatened by religious nuts embracing evil. That pisses them off. At their age sex is just a three letter word. That really pisses them off. So watch out for the old bastards. They don't have a hell of a lot of time left and they'll gladly spend it running a sword up your ass. S! Major Sinke OG
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    Joker, A very touching tribute to your father, my friend. Your father symbolizes the courage and integrity of the Greatest Generation. My condolences to you and your family. RIP, Captain Sullivan
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    No, Joker, you're not naive to believe in the US of A! I do, too, but I'm not so sure of its Politicians and some of the inhabitants! Perhaps sheer common sense will win the day, but we may have to eat a lot of humble pie first.
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    Happy Resurrection Day, y'all!
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    Downloaded IL-2 1946 today. Took me some time to get it working right. Had to switch the video to DirectX. Right now I'm running 1600x900 32 bit and the game looks and operates very well. Still have to work on some stick settings. Also, I've got to learn a whole bunch of commands, from the looks of it. OG
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    I'll be replacing the site with something much better later on. I have to brush up on my HTML and learn a bit more CSS before I go too far. Never too old to learn stuff, I guess. OG
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    I think I'll be Japanese for a while. At least I can fly better junk. OG
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    Review it. I'll publish it
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    ha ha! my disks are all piled somewhere or wife has tossed them out.. probably end up repurchasing on from amazon used if they got it!
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    I sniped you after you killed the Jap...not before... I'm sorry, will get you before next time
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    We'll keep ol' 86 fueled up and on the flight line for ya
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    I signed up yesterday. Downloaded the game stuff. That took some time. Today I set up my joystick and fiddled around with some other settings. Flew one P-26 mission. Found out my stick settings aren't right. My fault, not the game, as far as I can tell. Gonna go back in after a bit and try to fix the settings and explore a little more. I'm not sure I like the weird mix of aircraft types in the Battle arena. I guess we'll see. OG
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    Kind of like my ex-wives. Of course they insulted me. I'm to nice a guy to insult a woman. Even when she is a bitch. Well, maybe not.
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    Star Citizen also has a 124-Bessie's Bastards mix ready to go... Look for Bessie's Space Bastards on RSI's Star Citizen site
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    Joker, I never flew World of Warplanes, but I did fly that new War Thunder MMO. That game, well, sucked. Beautiful graphics, and very sophisticated plane settings, but the thing was really designed to be a console shooter. Joystick control of the planes was horrible. Couldn't draw a bead and hold it steady fer love nur money. Apparently the developers encouraged players with joysticks to use their mouse for better control. Ha!
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    I'm probably the only one left on this board, next to Gunny, who gets this.
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    It was all about the numbers Joker, they had 'em, we didn't.
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    I don't think there were any Allied aircraft that could out turn the A6M, at least up through the A6M5. Beyond the A6M5, the Zeke got heavier as weapons and armor were added, but engine technology and fuel quality did not compensate for the added weight. Older U.S. aircraft such as the P-39, P-40, and F4F could not out climb nor climb with the early A6M's, but the P-38, P-51, F6F, and F4U could climb with or out climb the A6M. I used this climbing ability to my advantage numerous times in IL-2 Sturmovik : Pacific Fighters and again in 1946. I would just put my F4U into a climbing turn, preferably to starboard, and watch the pretty tracers arcing well below my crate. That either gave enough time for one of my squad mates to find me and dispatch the Zeke or the bandit would be lured into higher altitudes where I had the advantage. That was one thing that the IL2 series got right.
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    The P-400 had a 20mm cannon instead of the 37mm in the P-39. The Soviets loved the 37mm gun. It apparently was the perfect weapon to attack vehicles with, including Panzer through at least the Mk IV. Soviet pilots loved American planes for lots of reasons, but I've seen one mentioned several times. Heaters. Not only did the US planes have heaters -- they worked. OG
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    I heard we exported the P-39 to Soviet Russia with Vodka bottle holders in the cockpit as standard equipment. You'd have to be drunk on your ass to fly an Airacobra into combat against German AA. Oh and sheepskin seat covers to keep Ivan's ass warm during the winter months. Dyed dark brown. Wouldn't want Comrade Corporal Ground Crew Assistant thinking Comrade Officer Pilot came back from mission with crap in his flight suit. Lowers morale for the boys on the ground. Comrade Corporal Ground Crew Assistant cannot smell aroma of shit since all Russian Military food smells and tastes like shit. Especially Lend Lease food from Britain.
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    The P-39 did well in the Pacific against ground targets. Via Wikipedia... Though outclassed by Japanese fighter aircraft, it performed well in strafing and bombing runs, often proving deadly in ground attacks on Japanese forces trying to retake Henderson Field. Guns salvaged from P-39s were sometimes fitted to Navy PT boats to increase firepower. Pacific pilots often complained about problems of performance and unreliable armament, but by the end of 1942, the P-39 units of the Fifth Air Force had claimed about 80 Japanese aircraft, with a similar number of P-39s lost. By any standard the Airacobra and its pilots held their ground against the Japanese. Fifth and Thirteenth Air Force P-39s did not score more aerial victories in the Solomons due to the aircraft's limited range and poor high altitude performance. Airacobras first fought Japanese Zeros on 30 April 1942 in a low level action near Lae, New Guinea. From May to August 1942 combat between Airacobras and Zeros took place on a regular basis over New Guinea. Compilation of combat reports indicates the Zero was either equal to or close to the P-39 in speed at the altitudes of the various low level encounters.
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    Mostly sunny all day here and the temperature topped out at 72F.
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    The day before election day. I hope all the early voting reduces the long lines at the poles tomorrow. Currently 35F, expecting partly cloudy conditions to persist and a high in the mid-50's today. Y'all have a great day.
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    Congrats, sailor! Seeing that pic of their Graduation took me back a couple of years to my own Passing Out Parade in the RAF, back in 19**. Same looking hangar, same eager fresh faces all looking to make their mark! Young 'uns, don't ya' love 'em?
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    Nice! Congrats to the new swabbie. P.S. Liked the "matriarchal guided missles" line
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    You get the shiny end!
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    Please, Rota-whatever, take your self-righteous, kookie, juvenile, statements to some other site that appreciates them, will you? If you haven't noticed, this is called "COMBAT-Sim" which means we enjoy banging heads and kicking the butts of those that offend us, or our country, and don't really get too excited about whiny statements about the environment, etc, etc. Go away and save a snail darter, or something, OK?