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  1. It appears that I have caused some unnecessary worry in the Ready Room, with rumors of both my wifes demise and my own succumbing to Altzheimers Disease. Although it is most gratifying to know that there are several members of the Squadron who expressed their concern that these occurrences may be true, I'm here to most emphatically deny the truth of these very personal and heartfelt problems! In other words, I'M STILL BLOODY WELL HANGING AROUND, AND MY DEAR WIFE OF 54YRS IS MOST DEFINITELY ALIVE, AS OF 1600HRS TODAY! SO THERE! AND, NO, I DON'T HAVE ALTZHEIMERS AS FAR AS I KNOW, ALTHOUGH SHE MAY HAVE HER OWN SAY ON THAT. Thank you for asking.
  2. Thanks, guy, and the same from her, even more heartfelt!!
  3. Didn't like his voice and antics much, but his Charity work, beyond great! RIP, Mr Lewis, keep those angels in stitches!
  4. No, Donnie, oh Lord no! And I don't have Altzheimers either, I'm delighted to say! No, this was just to give more reality to the story, which sprang from who-knows-where after reading Old Guys excellent tale. I always enjoy his stuff, and like to try and emulate him where possible. Oh, and I'm only 86 in November, not pushing 90 by the way! Appreciate your concern for my welfare, ol' bean!
  5. "Who the hell....................? Whizkid shakes off the dust from his worn old Mk II Flight Coveralls and sits up , dislodging a rats-nest of torn MRE wrappers and empty Schlitz bottles, wheezing a couple of seldom used imprecations, as his rheumy old eyes tried to see through the fog of the dust he'd disturbed with his movement. " Damn, was that someone from the old bunch talking, or was I dreaming of the old days in my nap?" "Be just like those idiots to get together and not include me" "What the hell, just because I'm pushing ninety doesn't mean I can't show those kids a few tricks they haven't even thought of, right?" Mumbling more choice words, Whizzer tries to push the handle down on the recliner he's slouched in, but not succeeding, as the upper- body strength he used to have has flown away some time ago, leaving him a shadow of his former Mr. Universe body, a fact that he vehemently denied to anyone that was curious enough to ask. "Shit!" he barked, "Someone come and give me a hand, will ya?" Total silence greeted his shout, except for a couple of rats that scurried away to a corner of the Ready Room, red eyes glittering in the lite from a Propane Lantern that was his only source of illumination these days, having been excluded from the local Power Grid for bouncing checks over the last three months. "Damn, this old age is really the shits, ya know? The young-uns don't want to know you any more, and your buddies all head for the hills if you try and include yourself in their activities or ask for their help. Ha, just wait till they get there, then see who finishes up laughing!" Whizzer tries one more time to push down the handle, but only succeeds in pushing himself lower in the chair. "Ah, damn, I'll just wait 'till the old lady comes back with the beer, then she can give me a hand" Sadly, Whizzer had forgotten another fact of life. His wife of 50yrs had passed away four months ago, but as Altzheimers progressed this fact was forgotten, along with so much more.
  6. Many Happy Returns to Us! Thank God we got rid of those pesky Brits...........now we can ruin the country at our own pace! Seriously, have a great 4th, guys and gals, down one for me, eh?
  7. What is it about Canada and Canucks that brings y'all out of the woodwork? I spent seven years in Ontario and loved Mosport, Ice Skating, Molsons, and many other Canadian-type things that I can't remember! Pity it finishes 50 miles North of Toronto, though. Mind you, that was in 1963, so like the US it has probably deteriorated considerably since then. GO, CANADA!
  8. Damn, now that's scary!
  9. EH?
  10. No, no, Herr Fick, you just go right ahead, OK?
  11. I appreciate your support for my views, Herr F**k...............now please go away.
  12. Beautiful restoration! Very interesting to read all the comments about it in the "Comments" section after you left click the picture to enlarge. Most are about the correctness of even restoring the plane!
  13. Just to set the record straight with all you California wannabees in the other parts of this poor, confused country, I HATE drugs and drug users, and, if given the chance, would incarcerate without parole every damned dealer the Cops and DEA found, with no possibility of parole. Mexican Mafia members would be executed without trial or excuses until this horrible, Satanic, drain on the young people ceases to exist. One of my daughters and her husband were drawn into the web and became dealers of meth, until they saw the dangers and managed to move away from the area. I still won't speak to them unless absolutely necessary as the husbands conversation is so screwed up and foul that I can't stand it. Yes, I REALLY hate drugs and drug users!
  14. Perfect summer weather today!