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  1. Hey, Rutabaga, if China is so wonderful, how come they pollute more than any other country, and you have to wear a mask outdoors in Shanghai just to breathe? They are the most ignorant people on earth in regards to pollution. You want to make a difference, move there and start spewing all your Liberal crap to them and see how fast your butt goes to jail, then try to recruit a few like-minded souls and see how long you'll last before they ship you back here. Do you realize how good this country is to you? How many people have died trying to ensure your freedom of speech so you can spew this garbage that we keep seeing? Go join a "Black Lives Matter" March and hopefully you'll get a whiff of Tear Gas to make you re-consider your infantile attitude.
  2. That's good to hear, about Lottie. Yeah, she'd better get back to work before you go bankrupt!
  3. Get rid of that bloody Pony Express, then! Hows the missus doing, Donnie?
  4. MY GRANDSON JUST JOINED THE USMC IN SAN DIEGO! And I'm one very proud Grandpa! We'll see what he says after the one month Boot Camp at Camp Pendleton, poor bugger! At least we'll see him at Christmas for 10 days, hopefully.
  5. What the hell is WOOFSTOCK? Never heard of it. Sure you don't live in California, CJ?
  6. I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!
  7. Good for her! Don't let her do any gardening though! You'll know she's getting better when she insists on going to the Mall!
  8. Good thing it wasn't you, Donnie. You wouldn't have heard a peep! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, OK?
  9. So what was it, Donnie? Hip or knee? Or both? Or neither? Inquiring minds need to know!
  10. Oh, that's great, Donnie! Remind her that you still expect dinner to be on time as she's obviously a fast healer! Then DUCK!!!!!
  11. Long overdue!
  12. Our love and prayers for Lottie, and her hip replacement! I had my right hip replaced about twenty years ago, and never regretted it. I'm sure they've improved the procedure way beyond what I had. Best advice I can give..........DO THOSE EXCERCISES AFTERWARDS!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, aren't you the lucky one, then! That's almost identical to our forecast for today and tomorrow. See, you're living the California Dream without all the hassle and expense of living here! Enjoy your LD my friend.
  14. What's all this about work? Isn't the Holiday about women giving birth? Son-of-a-gun, no wonder my wife gives me strange looks when I congratulate her for her efforts to bring two girls into the world 50 yrs ago! And she's never refused the gift I buy her every Labor Day for just that event! Damn, but women are sneaky!
  15. There's a Holiday? That's the problem with being retired. Every day is like every other, so when everyone else gets excited about a three-day weekend, all we do is yawn. It's a bitch! However, enjoy and stay safe as our esteemed leader says!