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  1. I sure like "Sherry Britton" better than "Edith Zack!" Actually, either one is OK by me! Is Donnie still OK after seeing those pics?
  2. And "Begorrah!" to you all on this St Patricks day! He was, of course, an Englishman, I'm glad to say, but we lent him to the Irish Bogtrotters to make 'em feel better about themselves! Slainte!
  3. Yup, I would say Rhett is due a BIG "Attaboy!" from all of us at CSim! Sad to say, but for some of us this website is what keeps us ticking along day to day.
  4. With the previous work done, I'd say there are no ifs or ands about it! Tell Lottie she'll have me on her case if she refuses, and she won't want that, ask my missus!
  5. Sorry about Lottie, Donnie. Lisa,my wife, did a similar thing in January. She tripped on the curb going into a store, did a face plant which caused a split upper gum,needing stitches, a minor concussion from the forehead strike, and a fractured right patella. She's 80 so it's a long recovery. We see the Ortho Doc today to see if the bone is knitting, and if not, possible wire reconstruction is being called for, so its TV Dinners for the near future! Prayers are definitely in order!
  6. Fabulous pics, RB! I've been looking at the Facebook videos of The Battle of the Somme with overlays by another guy, and they give you a really creepy feeling when you see men marching and dying in the exact same locations, but 100yrs ago! There's even one of the Mine exploding with sound and everything, that is really scary! Here's the URL of it.
  7. LOL!!!
  8. Yep, the toilets on the second and third floors also need your help, Herr Feck, (Fick?, Fuck?, Fock? Who knows!)
  9. Dream on, Doctor! But can you imagine the pain and anguish of the face re-construction over two years? A very brave lady.
  10. R.I.P., Mary. Ya' know, the older I get the more my thoughts of yesteryear become shattered. Mary Tyler Moore always seemed to be that gal next door with the cute smile and winsome ways. Now we find out that she was an alcoholic and did drugs. Show biz can sure screw with your life.
  11. I just took a look at the website, www.change.org for laughs. I now wish that I hadn't. What a bunch of vile characters there are on it, and how revealing that many of them carry Middle Eastern names. Am I paranoid, or is there a movement in the U.S. that caters to Arabs and their hate for the U.S? If some of these weirdos ever get to be heard then its bye-bye for the good ol' USA!
  12. Just trying to read them gives me a bloody headache! Waste of good space, if you ask me.
  13. Happy New Year to all you old buggers, and you young ones, too! Let's just pray that 2017 is a far better year than 2016, eh? But don't hold your breath!
  14. I really don't know why I waste my time replying to Rotatiga, when I know he's just a product of the American Socialist School System, but it just galls me to read his twaddle and not say anything in reply. Firstly, RT, ALL lives matter, not just Black Lives, so why don't you take a step back from the brainwashing that George Soros et al is dumping on you and think for yourself for once? Secondly, these same Communistic Rantings are only doing one thing, and that is, dividing this country into people of hate and anger, which is precisely what they want, so with your childish statements you're only feeding these morons, and show that for all your supposed education you feed from the same trough as all the other Communist/Socialist lackeys of that ilk. Again, sit down and think seriously about these statements you make, and ask yourself if you're just parroting the Party Line or are you convinced of your stand? Be serious, you know Obama is not the Countrys greatest President. Again, look seriously at his record, and ask yourself if that is your own analysis or that of CNN or PBS. Can you really say that Obama beats out Washington or Bush Senior? Lastly, if there is no reply to any of this post, then I know I'm talking to a serious closed mind and won't waste my time in future. Right?
  15. And a Hero he was.............RIP John Glenn. Now we don't even bother to read or watch stories about Space Flight, and the mighty men and women that travel there, it's become so commonplace. But without men like John Glenn to lead the way where would we be? God bless you, Commander Glenn.