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  1. This Day in WWII 11 April 1940 - 1945

    Come on, Stans, get with the Program! I think it's a great idea. Make sure you wear a dark-colored Trench Coat when you do it, too! And a dark Fedora. And while you're at it, sunglasses, too, even if it's a dull day. Can't be too careful, you know! (This all fits right in, because I'm halfway through my latest Library book by Vince Flynn, one of my favorite authors.)
  2. Vietnam tech manual

    What a/c is that, OG?
  3. Vietnam tech manual

    I betcha that tech manual was hiding some secret stuff! Am I right? Pretty sneaky, OG!
  4. CSim hasn't changed much in ten years, eh?

    Take a few minutes to read the posts on that date. I don't even know if some of those people are still around. Ah, those were the days! Seems to me that as the games have become far more realistic that many of the previous attendees have wandered off into other pursuits. Natural, I guess.
  5. Just thought y'all might like to see how we've improved over the last decade.............NOT! http://community.combatsim.com/topic/8276-paddles-asked-about-the-viagra-sponsored-car-in-nascar/
  6. Christmas Day 2015

    How many years has it been? Seems just like yesterday that I was saying "Merry Christmas!" to all of you, and here we are looking hardly a day older! So OK, I lie a little, but once again here's wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, as much as can be expected under our present Socialist President and his bunch of cronies in Washington! God, almost another year before we can try and get rid of him............................AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!
  7. Thursday

    Nah, he won't do that, Donnie, because he has become so used to the personal freedoms that the Constitution affords all of us, that he would die of a heart attack at the very thought of someone saying that he couldn't spout his socialist crap wherever and whenever he likes! The frustrating thing about global warming is, to me, anyway, the fact that nobody is around to verify or deny previous major shifts in the climate over the centuries. There may be historical records available that would show that the same shifts have occurred in the past, but if there are someone is keeping them very quiet.
  8. IL-2 CoD

    Hey, OG, did you get this sorted out? You actually never see a CUP Shortcut because you have to use the IL-2 Selector to start the game of choice, e.g DOF, WAW, etc. So, make a shortcut to IL-2 Selector and you'll be OK.
  9. Friday - 9-11

    Amen to that! And now our bleeding-heart Liberals are letting in a large number of Syrian refugees as a humanitarian gesture, which sounds great if our HSA checks each and every one of them for any Terrorist affiliation, or is that a no-no in this day and age? I think the good ol' USA is going to have to smarten up one day and realize that this is not the 1930s when America was the hope of the World.
  10. What a great video! I love to see these a/c reconstructions take place. But what a hell of a responsibility for Stew Dawson!
  11. Monday

    Yeah, CJ, enough with the slacking! Back to work in the Salt Mine, ya' bum!
  12. Sunday

    I don't think so............at my age it could be misconstrued!
  13. P-38 pilot reunited with his aircraft

    Can't D/L the link........It starts then just goes to an empty screen. Could someone e-mail it to me, please?
  14. Sunday

    Meanwhile, (Wait for it, Wait for it!) in beau..................etc, etc, it's 100F with very low humidity, and heavy overcast from the fires, which, thank God, are being contained, with improving conditions early next week. I can't wait! And the real fire season hasn't started, yet!
  15. New Style Restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    From what little I know of the drug industry, I'd rather have a pot farm in the area than a meth lab! Not only can cooking meth cause serious explosions because of all the butane used, but the use of meth is a brain-burner far worse than the use of pot, which can help the pain in certain illnesses. I HATE ALL DRUG USE, AFTER SEEING WHAT IT DID TO RELATIVES AND FRIENDS! NO PUNISHMENT IS BAD ENOUGH FOR DRUG DEALERS IN MY ESTIMATION!