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  1. Now that's what a real airplane looks like! And what a hell of a wingspan!
  2. Meanwhile, here in Sacramento, Ca. we are enjoying a balmy 108F, complete with glasses of iced tea or beer, and with the sincere hope that by Wednesday it will BLOODY WELL GO DOWN TO 80 OR 90F! Mind you, it's a DRY heat!
  3. WH-a-a-a-a-a-T? It's raining. It can't do that, it's June. Must be global warming. Yeah, right.
  4. Happy Memorial Day! (I guess that's the right thing to say, right?" Well, it appears that 95%of my neighbors don't want to bother with the chore of flying the Stars and Stripes any more, so it's only me and two others that feel it important to show our gratitude to those who have gone before. But then, most of my neighbors are from Eastern Europe so I guess it doesn't mean much to them. And so the Country slides inexorably downhill, as Hal Lindsay was saying on his Friday nite program. Bye, bye, America, we'll miss you!
  5. Wow, I didn't know he was that old. I always preferred Sean Connery, but Moore was a pretty good actor, too. Yep, another one gone. RIP, Mr. Moore.
  6. You're kidding! I thought once you get to 75yrs old Birthdays are a no-no! Oh, well, Many Happy Returns, Donnie. Does Lottie know about this?
  7. What a terrible way to die for Linda Darnell! So talented and beautiful, yet such a short life. RIP, Linda.
  8. Harumph! Just to put everything in perspective, I have to inform all you kids that my wife and I just celebrated 54yrs of mainly wedded bliss, and can only wish Donnie and Lottie as much happiness as we've had. Without a firm foundation together in belief in the Lord and His blessings, I think in this age we wouldn't have been blessed to last that long together! Congrats, Donnie and Lottie, may God continue to bless you both.
  9. It's 9.30am and it's 80F already! Going to be a hot one today............................................................Sorry!
  10. Great to see you here Whiz

    1. Whizkid


      Thanks, CB.

      Still checking in to the Forum but haven't much to contribute these days, as most of my interests consist of discussions of the latest ailments, as is the way with the Ancients in our midst.

      I really detest being old, having enjoyed much activity and interests in the years gone by, but, as they say, the alternative is much worse!

      Hope all is well for you and yours, and hope to see you on the Forum later.

    2. Cowboy1


      I have returned Whiz from a long stint away, It seems I still have my sniper skills and I fly daily to get those skills back.

      Right now I am between gigs.

      Again nice to see you here

  11. Just amazing, the obvious signs of envy and jealousy shown by the peasants who live in those "Lesser States" of the Union!
  12. Forced on me by encroaching old age which prevents me from eluding the hordes of demanding women as was my fate for many years in my youth! It was either that or succumb to a fate worse than death!
  13. Just clean living and a righteous mind, Herr Flick. Try it sometime.
  14. Going up to bloody 90F today! Only 70% Humidity, though. Clear skies, gentle breeze. Eat your hearts out!