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  1. Howdy!

    Who are the Astros? Just kidding, Joker! Football team from somewhere, eh? Good to hear from you.
  2. Chasing up the no-shows.

    Anybody know where Deacon has disappeared to? Long time since he's been around.
  3. The sergeant yelled, “Private Jones, I didn’t see you at camouflage training this morning!” Jones replied, “Thank you, sir.” (Well, I thought it was funny...........!)
  4. Charles Manson is dead

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Can you believe he was still getting about 35 letters a day from people?
  5. Happy Veterans Day!

    God bless all U.S. and British Service Vets, wherever and whoever they may be! My Stars and Stripes is flying high, but I see very few in this area, as we seem to have a preponderance of ex-Russians and Ukrainians living here! The checkers at the local Walmart hardly speak English, and God forbid you should ask a question!
  6. Thanks, Stans. He elected to be trained as an Ordnance Specialist, (they load bombs, etc, on the Carrier a/c), so what does the Corps do, they send him to San Diego peeling spuds on board a half-sized Carrier! He's mad as hell, but I think that's just a step to his real job, so I told him to suck it up and look for better things to come. 19yr olds! Sheesh! Second that re. Gunny sticking around. Who else can we cower under?
  7. Gunny still celebrates Birthdays? I didn't know he could count that high!! All kidding aside, Gunny, have a superb Birthday and may there be many more to come. SEMPER FI, Marine! ( My grandson is now a full-fledged Marine, and I couldn't be more proud!!!)
  8. BTW: COMBATSIM.COM is 10 Years Old

    I just turned 86 last week, so whatever reaction times I ever had are sadly depleted now, but I fondly remember the Multiplayer evenings with Donnie, Stans, Gunny, Dude, et al, in our Corsairs doing bomb runs on Jap airfields! Now I just piddle around flying Hurricanes in CoD by myself and trying to rekindle the great feeling of being part of the group! So, many thanks, Dude and Dudess, for those great times and camaraderie, I'm so proud to have been a part of it all. God bless you both.
  9. Saturday

    Oh, Gawd, KITTENS!!! But if you want to lighten your day,
  10. Time to tune in, turn on, and drop out...

    Linda R, one of my favorites. So sad that Parkinsons stole her voice............God bless her.
  11. Sunday

    This is Missy, my highly aggressive and totally alert Malti-Poo (Maltese-Poodle). As you can see, she is presently taking a breather from her usual very alert posture. It is very tiring to be tasked with protecting the family, so she tries to rest whenever possible! We walk every morning about 7 - 7.30 for about 4 blocks, and then return home for a well-deserved rest. Life is good!
  12. Friday

    No worries...............just waiting for the next Earthquake!
  13. Sunday

    Oh, God, why am I not surprised that Rotater showed up? He is the most depressing, narrow-minded, useless piece of s****t that I've ever had the misfortune to read on this Forum! Doesn't matter whether it's a Hurricane, or a Snowstorm, or a Rainstorm, or a shift in the Earths Rotation, or ANYTHING, lets be sure to blame the President and the Republicans, while praising the screwed up policies of Obumma and the self-serving Democrats! ROTATIGA, THESE WEATHER ANOMALIES HAVE BEEN OCCURING SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL, AND TO BLAME EVERYTHING ON GLOBAL WARMING IS SIMPLY A KNEE-JERK REACTION BROUGHT ABOUT BY BEING A TOOL OF THE LEFT WING IDIOTS YOU SUPPORT! For once, just try thinking for yourself, you cretin! Have a nice day.
  14. A Dark and Stormy Night . . .

    Love the Statler Bros!
  15. Monday

    Oh, Gawd, not Boris!