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  1. Doug pays you? Hell, he's been telling me all these years that the money I send him every month was for "Girls who had fallen into disrepute and were socially unfit!" Time he and I had a little chat, I think.
  2. Looks like Binkys has a hell of a good Store Design team! Great graphics and choice of fonts, eh? So, when are we planning on meeting up for coffee and whatever?
  3. Definitely prayers for TCat. He needs all the help he can get. And I'm complaining about the 103 deg temp here today! Sheesh!
  4. Ficks reply says it all! Nobody protests more than the guilty!
  5. Y'all knew I couldn't stay quiet, right? The advantage of old age is that you have a yardstick to measure many things by, one of which is comparisons of decency, manners, public attitudes, etc, etc. Speaking for myself, of course, I look back to 1967 when I arrived in the US, and run a video in my mind of all the changes I've experienced, with JFKs assassination being a milestone, and the Vietnam War standing out as the first of many mistakes by many forthcoming Politicians up to the present. I really believe that the years between 1945 and 1963 were the most tranquil and quiet in this country, with the Bay of Pigs an exception, and up till then a modicum of civility and good feeling was being experienced by much of the Public. Generally, a feeling of "The good ol' USA can do no wrong!" prevailed. It seemed to be generally accepted that we were the good guys, and our system was the best in the World. Then came Tricky Dicky, Elvis, and Joe McCarthy, and the USA started to change. I don't mean this as a History Lesson, just as personal feelings of the changes I've seen. Sure, there were many wrong things going on then, but generally I think Americans felt happier, more secure, and content with their leaders compared to now. Watching some (not all, my stomach won't take it!) of the Republican and Democrat Conventions, I can't believe the vitriol and viciousness of the speakers on both sides. This wasn't what I came from England to enjoy, even though my Mother Country has had its share of unhappiness in various ways. To wrap up, perhaps Democracies can only last approximately 300yrs before imploding, just like the Roman Empire, and we are fated to start all over again!
  6. Oh, S***T, you had to mention Rotatiga, didn't you! (Please, RT, we really DO believe in Global Warming and all the rest of that c*******p! We do, we do!)
  7. That's funny, he doesn't look as black as his White House photos!
  8. Don't hold your breath! It's true! The dead do arise! Welcome back RB, long time since we heard from you.
  9. Hi, there, Doug!

    Just a heads-up to give my new phone number and address for the record.

    4500 Tippwood Way......Sacramento.....California.......95842



  10. Reading this WW2 post makes me very sad to think how far the U.S. has descended from its beliefs about God, the American way of life, its fellow citizens, etc. You get the idea. We seem to have become so caught up in our chase for the Dollar and self-aggrandizement that everything those guys fought for, (Oh, I know the ads are just that, to promote business) has been pushed to the background, and the USA will never be the same again after this Election. I'm 85 yrs old this November, and foresee a terrible future for this country if the Socialist Agenda is followed, or even if the Republicans get the WH, because we are so caught up in ourselves that nothing else matters. I guess the 200yrs of existence of this "Brave Experiment" of Democracy that the Founders gave us is finally running its course. Glad I won't be around to see its demise!
  11. And I'm certainly not telling!
  12. Absolutely not! Sheep are far more understanding!
  13. Come on, Stans, get with the Program! I think it's a great idea. Make sure you wear a dark-colored Trench Coat when you do it, too! And a dark Fedora. And while you're at it, sunglasses, too, even if it's a dull day. Can't be too careful, you know! (This all fits right in, because I'm halfway through my latest Library book by Vince Flynn, one of my favorite authors.)
  14. What a/c is that, OG?
  15. I betcha that tech manual was hiding some secret stuff! Am I right? Pretty sneaky, OG!