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  1. Are you sure? After all, it is CNN that's reporting it, so.............................................!
  2. Whizkid


    And they thought that me doing Disco was weird!
  3. Whizkid

    Holy disco era resurrection!

    Now, where the hell did you find my old photo? That was taken when I was much younger at the "Alhambra Theatre" Friday nite Disco Special in San Francisco around 1963! Well, I'll be damned! The girl behind me finished up being my wife. Eat your hearts out, guys!
  4. Whizkid

    Holy disco era resurrection!

    Think I should break out my bell-bottoms and satin shirt? MMMMMMMMM! "Stayin'alive, stayin' alive!"
  5. Hmmmmm. Does China and the US of A come to mind?
  6. Whizkid

    Easter Sunday

    Happy Resurrection Day, y'all! HE is risen!!!
  7. Why couldn't my History classes have been like this? Hell of a lot more fun! Thanks, Mikew.
  8. Whizkid


    Bloody Hell, it's raining! Now what do I do?
  9. Whizkid


    Everything gets harder as you get older! Well, almost everything!
  10. Whizkid

    Saturday (St. Patrick's Day)

    Loved the Irish music, but they could have smiled more! Erin go Brach!
  11. Whizkid


    I see Stephen Hawking just died at 76. I'm sure he'll receive a heros welcome where he's going, and can throw away that wheelchair! RIP, Mr Hawking!
  12. Whizkid


    Way to go, Lottie!
  13. Whizkid


    Hey, we're following Lotties advancement like she was our own daughter! Who knows, maybe a female VP is not beyond her reach!
  14. Whizkid


    How come my innocuous little post got so bloody complicated? Comes from hanging around with all you Intellectuals, I guess! Hey, just started playing "Medieval2-Total War" which I picked up for $7.99. Made in 2003, I think, but amazing graphics. The battle scenes are something else for the time it was made. Check out some YouTube videos and also another one called "Kingdom Come" which is quite recent. Don't know if I can handle all the development of the Faction stuff with the buying and selling and Political intrigues, but we'll see.
  15. Whizkid


    Yup! the Chives and Thyme are just fine, thanks. The Parsley is looking a bit bedraggled, but it'll pick up when the rain quits.