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  1. Friday

    60F here right now. I'm pretty sure that we set records for low and high temps in less than a week.
  2. Monday - Happy New Year!

    Must be having a heatwave here....11F right now. Happy Frickin' New Year!
  3. Sunday

    Happy Birthday Lottie!!!!! Donster, I hope you heal quickly.
  4. Wednesday

  5. Tuesday

  6. Tuesday

    I found a picture of The Dude in his usual December attire....
  7. Howdy!

    Hey Joker, long time no see.
  8. Pearl Harbor Day

  9. Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving Yanks!

    Happy Turkey Day to all!!!!!!!! I ate too much......need a nap.
  10. Newcomer

  11. Hello

  12. Loved him in "Soap"! That's sad.....RIP.