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  1. morning all, brisk sunny morning. have a great day
  2. snow squall coming through, wiith a brisk chill. Have a great hump day all!
  3. Morning all, cloudy one, but a work day so that's ok. of course the weekend will be crappy! Bummer start to spring
  4. Nice day for spring, but it aint over yet.. Cold and sleet/snow by end of week..
  5. Morning all, last day of winter and gloomy. warming up a bit hopefully to melt this snow!
  6. TGIF, Stay safe everyone and have a Guiness for me!
  7. snow, 70 mph winds, no school or work, munchies, milk, bread, Netflix.. Perfect NewEngland day!
  8. Morning All, calm before the the Nor' easter.. well bright side is I dont have to worry about the gas I still had in the snow blower
  9. Morning all, calm before the Storm. Winter is coming...
  10. Snow today in the colonies, off to work!
  11. morning all, windy sunny day here.. Snow tomorrow! March in like a lion!
  12. Binky I have been doing the same thing, reading lots of WW1 books. reading "with the help of a few marines" the battle of Chateau Thierry and Billeau wood now
  13. that would be a bucket list trip. I would love to do that!
  14. Nicer one here today, half way through the week! have a good on all!
  15. My Dad never made it over.. Truman dropped the bomb and the rest is History! He was one happy aircorp crewman!