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  1. Nice day today, but day going to slow for my liking.. hopefully people will go away early!
  2. Short week on tap.. but short weeks seem the longest!
  3. how much money to keep that worthless pos in prison..
  4. Good god how long I've been hanging with you gits!
  5. broke down and put the heat on.. for testing purposes. getting mighty brisk coming up I am sure it will be on again soon!
  6. Afternoon all. My daughters in Maine still without power for a week because of storm. Help on the way from Nelson Power all the way from Cedar Rapids Iowa! Saw a huge convoy heading north. Have a great weekend all!
  7. she was so hot! afternoon all. have a great safe halloween
  8. whew 30's not ready for that.. too spoiled with the warm weather!
  9. Rip.. true legend
  10. He was hilarious in soap.. great talent
  11. Rainy as all get out here, but looking better tomorrow and Saturday. Have a good one all
  12. welcome, stop by anytime
  13. Cavu skies here, enjoying this stretch of weather for sure
  14. morning all, long string of perfect days on tap. have a great day all
  15. evening all, chilly but better weather on the way!