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  1. morning all, today is my Friday. off till next Tuesday!
  2. enjoyed his movies as a kid. it was good family entertainment, unlike 007 now, little darker
  3. Morning all, a little sun today. rain on the way. hoping for a dry day Sunday. My son in-law racing in the Coastal 200 wiscasett speedway on Sunday!
  4. Morning all, A cooler 83 degrees today! Have a great weekend
  5. Hot Hot Hot today.. no complaints though!
  6. 80's today, hotter tomorrow, but I will not complain. It is finally feeling like the weather we had in February!
  7. Morning all.. some New Englanders got snow on Mother's day, 50's yesterday 70's today, 80's weds and 90's on Thursday! like they say if you don't like the weather just wait!
  8. Said hello to Mom in heaven. seeing my grandson smile yesterday let me know she was ok.
  9. Morning all, Blah Monday again. looking good mid week though!
  10. TGIF, off to the house in Maine. 35 lap race in wiscasett for my son in law and Mothers's day to round it off! busy weekend!
  11. just been blessed with our first grandchild. Nothing better!
  12. Congrats Donnie! working on my 34th this year. Broke down and put the heat in this morning. just need to take the edge of off and thaw out my nose! I hate this jet stream pattern we are stuck in. high 50's low 40's at night for days and days!
  13. 50's here.. man between the rain and the cold! I need a warmer climate!
  14. Morning, muggy and blah today. 40th High school reunion tonight. Going to past re-unions I found the Jocks are still jocks, the jerks are still jerks, and the guy who sold weed out of his bedroom of his mom's house is still selling weed out his bedroom window of his mom's house!
  15. Wicked rain stawhm! ( in my best Boston accent) rain is beginning to get old. I need to get some sunny days in a row, to dry out!