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  1. "Babes 101" - The ATM

  2. Monday

    afternoon all, rainy blah day on tap. have a good one
  3. Saturday

    evening all, car shopping with daughter.. what a headache!
  4. Friday

    morning all, bit chilly but ready for a 50 degree day tomorrow!
  5. Thursday

    Morning all, Sunny one today and due for a warm up on the weekend. anything to melt the snow!
  6. Wednesday

    another bit of snow about 7 inches carry on that is all..
  7. Dolores O'Riordan died suddenly

    yeah saw that..so sad
  8. Tuesday

    evening all..Whew bout done with a major project at work been going off and on since last Friday.. that's about 88 hours of my life I won''t get back. Getting too old for this!
  9. Thursday

    that's our Saturday Weather you are talking about! sun and clouds today warming up though!
  10. Wednesday

    lol Dude! sunny day again on tap..hoping to melt the snow!
  11. Tuesday

    getting upwards to a balmy 36 degrees today.. where's my beach chair!
  12. Monday

    Monday.. Blah
  13. Friday

    dug out of the NewEngland Snow Bomb.. now another few days of ball numbing cold!
  14. Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    love anything WW1 so welcome aboard