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  1. morning all, one more day closer to a long weekend pre-closing the camp. Winter is coming..
  2. afternoon all, rare lunch break.. perfect weather, hope it holds out through weekend!
  3. sunny nice one today. Have a great day
  4. S!
  5. what a mess things are going to be.. Glad in New England we have bad storms but nothing like these hurricanes! Hurricanes here call for food and drink and watching the storm from your front porch!
  6. afternoon all, major rain today, have a good one all
  7. late afternoon all, beautiful day here in the colonies getting ready for fall
  8. morning all, time to send Dennis Rodman back in and get him to chill!
  9. perfect day except for work! have a good one all
  10. morning Gents.. my summer officially in the books, now on to fall !
  11. Morning all, trying to plod through the day to make my way up North for one final gasp of summer!
  12. evening all, getting hot again!
  13. 54 years Whiz! God bless you mate...I 'm on 34 years last week!
  14. QUIET! I'M TALKING TO MY FRIENDS!! Cobraj yells up to his wife as he taps away on the keyboard. i NEED TO KNOW THE WEATHER IN iOWA SO i KNOW WHAT MY WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE LIKE HERE IN THE EAST!!! frustrated Cobraj types what he did "upta camp" last week. Someday he thinks.. we can have a re-union at my place.. only 3and1/2 hours from Boston instread of 6 hours!
  15. afternoon all, eclipse was a yawn fest here in the Northeast. Got dusky like a bad thunderstorm and then it was over. bck from the camp and a god awful work week last week. few more days in a long weekend and put summer 2017 in the books!