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  1. Morning All, spending a few days "upta camp'' have a good one all
  2. work week done, have a great week end all!
  3. morning all, big time rain here.. making my yard even more like the amazon!
  4. Hump day humid day! stay cool all!
  5. afternoon all, another un productive day, getting to be the norm. problems with parts and customers messing up my days!
  6. Have to watch the show.. on the fence still. they had an expert look at photos and compare his hair line and profile and the shoulders of Amelia with other photos. He said it looked very promising just short of saying that was indeed them.
  7. Morning Gents.. was back to work for a few and back to the camp for weekend. have a good one all.
  8. Happy belated birthday Canada!
  9. Beautiful day in the North woods today. Have a great Day!
  10. Morning all .Middle of a needed Vacation! picking up daughter and grandson to to go get according to Yankee magazine the best lobster roll in Maine! have a good one all!
  11. morning all, beautiful day on tap.. off to work!
  12. hump day afternoon.. another nice one!
  13. morning all, cooler nice day today.heading North tomorrow work on the lawn at the camp between the rain showers!
  14. Hump day, cooler by 20 degrees today. Have a great one all
  15. Suns out today! finally.. tough week so far, rain did not help the mood! have a rain forest growing in my back yard. lots of work to do this weekend!