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  1. Thursday

    afternoon all, cloudy today perfect day for work
  2. Our Schnauzer, Tehya

    sorry to hear Jim, they do leave a hole in your heart when they go.
  3. yep.. he is my grandson..

    donuts... moobs.. https://www.facebook.com/BriarwoodAriannaJohnson/photos/a.556154044738910.1073741836.551189021902079/570204170000564/?type=3 playing around with inserting pictures hope link works!
  4. test

    donuts.. moobs.. he is my grandson https://www.facebook.com/BriarwoodAriannaJohnson/photos/a.556154044738910.1073741836.551189021902079/570204170000564/?type=3
  5. Monday

    Monday... cloudy.. thinking one more day closer to spring!
  6. Friday

    afternoon all, TGIF! have a great weekend be safe!
  7. Used to hang around here

    grey hair too, But no problems..no problems at all! have a great day!
  8. Thursday

    afternoon all, sunny day after all the ice and snow.. another day closer to spring!
  9. Wednesday

    afternoon all, snow on tap today..
  10. Tuesday

    calm before the storm tomorrow.. more snow and rain on the way..
  11. Monday

    morning all, dismal day here in the colonies.. Hat's off to the eagles they played their hearts out, took incredible chances and are worthy of that win!
  12. Sunday

    Morning all on this Super Sunday!
  13. Friday

    ice coating everything this morning, friggin groundhog six more weeks of winter. At least it's Friday!
  14. Thursday

    morning all, dusting of snow.. have a great day all
  15. Wednesday

    clear skies here as well as we close out January.. Counting the days to open the ole single wide in Maine!
  16. Tuesday

    light snow on tap this morning. another day closer to spring!
  17. Mort Walker has died

    loved that comic growing up.. RIP
  18. Monday

    morning all, cloudy sky it's Monday...
  19. Friday

    Morning all, another cold sunny day but no snow!
  20. Wednesday

    sunny 40's I'll take it!
  21. Tuesday

    afternoon all, rainy icy, not a great day to be out!
  22. "Babes 101" - The ATM

  23. Monday

    afternoon all, rainy blah day on tap. have a good one
  24. Saturday

    evening all, car shopping with daughter.. what a headache!
  25. Friday

    morning all, bit chilly but ready for a 50 degree day tomorrow!