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  1. While I enjoyed following your links to see what the game is about, I don't have the time or interest to invest in something like that. ...and if I did, I'd want to be Hitler.
  2. Great post! I've never beaten Highland, so will be be having a Staropramen in your honour. In TAW, the weapons of choice tend to be Always AIM-120 for AA and AGM-65G for AG...
  3. Strange. No doubt traumatised by British TV's children's shows in his youth...
  4. Not really, but my guess is the .sss file acted as a sort of metafile whose contents got compiled to the binary .ssd as part of the build process. This seems to have been common to TFX1,2 &3. I can't recall seeing an example of this mythical type of file in any of the extracted sets though. I need to organize my files which are getting a bit out of hand, and the plan is to arrange them in a similar way to the paths we see in the .asc files and redsea.opt. This may even provide some insight why they did it that way.
  5. I am doing absolutely nothing besides a bit of thought experimentation and web surfing in the name of research, although I have got the 'Hello World' example working. The basic premise though, is being able to generate the env file(s) from a bitmap given that the palette, asc and dat files are constant for a particular world. This operation requires parsing the bitmap to work out the transitions, and ensuring that there is an appropriate terrain shape available. Maybe a python script based on the C 'blur' example here might help as working out the transitions also requires inspection of the surrounding pixels. https://developer.gimp.org/writing-a-plug-in/2/index.html I'm not volunteering to do this anytime soon though...
  6. How is it going with the World Editor? I downloaded and set up GIMP to handle Python scripts, and that does seem a promising approach. It would take a fair bit of effort to come up with anything useful though. I also looked into modifying the open source mtPaint, as all we need is a fairly simple bitmap editor as a base. It only needed a couple of dependencies to build, but one of them was GTK. GTK itself requires a whole heap of other stuff, so that idea was quickly shelved. So, nothing worthwhile achieved in the short time that I could spare this weekend. In the EF2000 extracted files, there are some 200x200 worlds that seem reasonably complete, particularly Angola, Korea, Iceland and Faeroes amongst other clearly experimental worlds. These four worlds have 'missing' tiles when viewed in TFXplorer, but the missing tiles mostly seem to be from TFX, so can probably be taken from that fileset if we can be bothered.
  7. Country isn't much better though!
  8. Glad to hear it. The last time I ran a campaign it was with dgVoodoo on Win 7 and I don't remember a single crash. The performance with Win10 seems to vary somewhat. In my case, it seems to run OK, although with black bars down the side instead of filling out the 1920x1080 display.
  9. ..and by 1980 it was thankfully over..
  10. No time to participate in 2017 so far, but that randomization process is far more random than I was expecting.
  11. Not enough info. Was it 1 degree or 113 degrees on Monday?
  12. That's what I don't understand. Is that some test mode where you get a bird's eye view of a chunk of terrain? What does each colour signify? For TFX2, just over 400 of the 502 positions in the dat file are 'used' by the .4ev/ev2 files.
  13. ...but you are right, there are indeed 7 CM0_G ssd files in the list:
  14. For TFX1 and TFX2, the .dat file has two bytes for rotation, then two bytes for the number of files in the randomization list. EDIT: This site's formatting software has probably porked the following Python code, but hopefully you get the idea...
  15. I have to admit that I'm not sure what that picture is displaying.