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  1. No time to participate in 2017 so far, but that randomization process is far more random than I was expecting.
  2. Not enough info. Was it 1 degree or 113 degrees on Monday?
  3. That's what I don't understand. Is that some test mode where you get a bird's eye view of a chunk of terrain? What does each colour signify? For TFX2, just over 400 of the 502 positions in the dat file are 'used' by the .4ev/ev2 files.
  4. ...but you are right, there are indeed 7 CM0_G ssd files in the list:
  5. For TFX1 and TFX2, the .dat file has two bytes for rotation, then two bytes for the number of files in the randomization list. EDIT: This site's formatting software has probably porked the following Python code, but hopefully you get the idea...
  6. I have to admit that I'm not sure what that picture is displaying.
  7. The problem is getting something out of the game to match it up with. It's not straightforward, and maybe not worth the effort...but our world editing capability is improving, so we may be able to do it some day.
  8. Not that I know of, and in game we don't get to see many tiles a the same time, so maybe the only way to see a pattern is to modify all the textures to put big numbers on them, then fly in straight lines from a known tile. That's a lot of hassle, so even looking in IDA is an alternative....although looking at this, maybe not...
  9. We probably shouldn't be using the word 'randomization' for the randomization process. For a particular map, the same ssd should be chosen for a particular tile every time, and I'd expect the calculation to be simple. Something like: rand_index=(y*400+x)%rand_number ..might work, but in TAW, the most often used rand_number is 4. This would cause the terrain to look like stripes with that formula, so it probably isn't that simple.
  10. That 'empty Block6' problem seems to be widespread, with at least 'fact.ssd' displaying the same behaviour. I need to analyze what's happening, but I'm running out of TFX time. EDIT: Totally my fault. I need to make some new SSDs. Also, the airbase on Malta looks different to that Youtube clip I linked to earlier. It seems that the game uses '36_rway2.ssd' in that position instead of '36_rway1.ssd'. This implies that randomization is used even for complex tiles in TFX1. Obviously, it can't be a completely random system, so we need to work out the rules. One way to do this would be to use custom textures in TAW2.0, where I think we have 5 different sea ssd tiles and see how they are arranged in game. Is DrKevDog still with us? This is his area of expertise.
  11. Didn't a US sub 'sink' a Japanese train towards the end of WWII?
  12. Another problem. In docks_1.ssd, Block6 isn't where I expect it, so it appears empty in my parser, and I used the same logic to recompile the shape list. In game, the effect is a plethora of TFX3 shapes, as can be seen around tile 121,182. I'm not sure what to spend time on. One of the reasons for choosing the Libya map to experiment with, was to investigate the possibility of replacing the terrain with that from TFX3. TFX1 terrain has its own charm though, so it may be worth 'perfecting' that instead.
  13. Wonderful! An empty SSD Block5 might be a way of identifying a TFX1 tile if such a test is needed. That second picture would be even more awesome with some tile randomization. How hard would it be to implement something?
  14. Ha! That's where they went.. The whole thing is a proof of concept. You may notice bits of TFX3 terrain in the Libya map due to a naming clash which I couldn't be bothered to sort out. It shows the versatility of TFXplorer to render the different TFX generations at the same time though. Now to make those edits....
  15. Weird. The bulk of the file indicates 4 LODs (or different models ending with FFFF) but the header seems to think we have 6.