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  1. I think 83,87 and A3 are only associated with F22ADF and TAW. The interesting thing is that some characteristics of the later .3 files can be seen in EPIC. It's a pity I don't understand JR compression so that we could look for your missing opcodes. It looks like the TAW code still looks for both JR and RA so if I cut out some of the .3 files from Epic.dat and transplanted them into TAW's did.dat, there's a fair chance that TAW would try and render them. I don't really have time for that though.
  2. Inspired by your selfless dedication, I've taken another look at EPIC.dat. While the files may be RLE compressed, I don't see a simple pattern. EPIC.dat contains 230 separate JR files, but the middle two thirds or so of the file looks to be filler...but of course it may an important part of the compression process that I'm not seeing. After the JR, a '0200' and 4 bytes which look like the length of the uncompressed file, we have two mysterious bytes which are linked in some way to the payload. Here are some examples of those two bytes together with the following 48 bytes. These seem to be .3 files with up to at least the 7fff untouched. All these files with the same leading two bytes have the 7fff in the same position. 7c5c fb500fa01b581e141e781edc1f407fff000200028039000301000e1ff023b2250e104c25c801006300642161130764ff 7c5c fb500fa01b581e141e781edc1f407fff000200028039000301000e2e4a320c330e10a6342201007a0064213113c805ff 0f17 f510119423282ee032c836b07fff0002400e0002000301000e213804e2351c35fe010d4c3100fda801f4fb50025803e8 0f17 f51011941b582ee032c836b07fff0002400e0002000301000e123804d21fb02092010d2e3100fda801f4fb50025803e8 3c5c fd1211942134222e23287fff000200022039000301000e128a402113ce010d6801900121182cfdb20500aafd440571a0 3c5c ffd8012c01f4025802bc7fff000200022039000301000e00420129005a010004fffe26c705282105dcd04111052f6882 1e00 f5101b58bc00a5557fff000200b01c02000301000e336042fa010da0fda8018801f4fb50025803e83bfc181b6c050d11 1e00 ff5109c42bc03a557fff000200b01c02000301000e0560423a010d5000afff941bf40019050305c121ffe711055dffdb All .lbm files have 63b8 at the start. The first 30 or so bytes are mostly uncompressed and we can see the 320x200 (0x140,0xc8) 63b8 464f524d0000d172494c424d014844c0010b0014014000c8070008000101c2041005060f434d415000900c0316cfefff 63b8 464f524d0000d042494c424d014844c0010b0014014000c8070008000100e10505060f434d41500fc80b0316d300a313 63b8 464f524d0000d03a494c424d014844c0010b0014014000c8070008000101c204fd05060f434d41505c900c0316cf0073 63b8 464f524d0000ba0a494c424d014844c0010b0014014000c8070008000100e10505060f434d415033c80b0316ff02fba2 63b8 464f524d00008b80494c424d014844c0010b0014014000c8070008000100e10505060f434d415033c80b0316ff02f733 These look fine in Notepad, but the 'clever' forum SW screws up the format as usual... Anyway, I'm seeing a similar .3 header format to the following games, with a negative 16-bit number, followed by mostly rational LOD distances, then the 7fff.
  3. From Fox2's picture, it looks like it does...which is the strange thing here. Thanks for picking apart that code!
  4. Oh, it seems that the values 'GetSystemMetrics' returns can be affected by the magnification setting for Windows objects. So it might be worth checking that this is set to 100%.
  5. That might help. As far as I can see, the game checks the resolution by using the Windows 'GetSystemMetrics' function with parameters 0 and 1. This (according to Microsoft documentation) should return the width and height 'of the screen of the primary display monitor, in pixels'. If these aren't 800 and 600, that error ensues. EDIT: On second thoughts, there may be something else going on inside Windows that can cause the subroutine to fail: while ( !sub_4EA7E4(800, 600) ) sub_4EA3FC( "This program requires an 800x600 display resolution but was unable to obtain it.\nPlease use the display settings control panel to make 800x600 available.\n", v1); bool __usercall sub_4EA7E4<eax>(int a1<eax>, int a2<edx>) { int v2; // eax@1 int v3; // edi@1 int v4; // esi@1 int v5; // eax@3 int v7; // ST20_4@1 int v8; // ST20_4@3 v3 = a1; v4 = a2; v7 = GetSystemMetrics(0); v2 = GetSystemMetrics(1); return v3 == v7 && v2 == v4 || (sub_4EA8F0(), Sleep(0x1F4u), v8 = GetSystemMetrics(0), v5 = GetSystemMetrics(1), v3 == v8) && v5 == v4; } I'm not sure what that OR is going to achieve...
  6. "...a single Tiger tank from the 12th SS Panzer Division (Michael Wittmann's) destroys 25 tanks..." Really?
  7. Not sure what to suggest now... Maybe try starting the game by double clicking on the file _f22.exe instead of going through the Launcher. It runs OK in Win 10 for me, although I get black bands down the sides on the 2D screens when viewed on a 1920x1080 monitor.
  8. Good questions. Only a couple of answers for now. 4. Yes, the amount of AWACS are limited to 4 or 5. Taking them all out will cause a lot of C4 damage as well as cut down the enemy flights. 6. Yes. I'm not sure if the destruction of the windsock is as important as TAW lore seems to suggest.
  9. Goes without saying that there needs to be plenty of volleyball (and singing) to fill out the two and a half hours. Unfortunately, Hollywood Scriptwriter Union rules put an upper limit of 5 minutes that can be spent on a single movie (Luckily, nobody has noticed that the output from Hollywood lacks depth). But I have a few seconds spare, so lets have the USN Volleyball ship (pictured above) in the Persian Gulf, bringing peace to the Middle East by getting all factions to solve their differences with a volleyball competition.
  10. OK, we're stuck with Tom Cruise then. Luckily, the story almost writes itself: Act 1: Maverick (now top instructor at Top Gun) shows some young hotshots how it's done in awesome aerial sequences. Later, gets on motorbike to visit wife's grave (Kelly McGillis inexplicably unavailable for the sequel) Act 2: Doris, a brilliant pilot and daughter of the president of Freedomistan visits Top Gun in some exchange program. Mav and Doris fall in love despite all the odds. News comes through that evil Iran has invaded neighbouring Freedomistan. Act 3: While the US cannot officially support Freedomistan for some reason, the CIA allows Mav the use of a C-17 to try to evacuate Doris's family. Peter (Goose's son, that Mav has adopted since Goose's widow was killed in freak auto accident and now happens to be an excellent aircraft mechanic) insists on coming along. They get hit by an Iranian SAM, and Mav brilliantly manages to crash land although all are rendered unconscious. Act 4: They wake up in a Zoroastrian monastary in the Iranian mountains. Suddenly, Mav hears 'You!'. It's Iceman who's become a monk (TODO: Fill in some backstory here) Mav, Doris, Iceman and Peter leave for the border but get captured and taken to an Iranian airbase. Act 5: After some brutal interrogation, Mav escapes, frees the others and steals some guns, but they get cornered in a hanger. Under some tarps, they find a bunch of F-14s delivered in the 1970s that the Iranians have allowed to fall into disrepair. Peter gets to work, and manages to get two of them servicable while the others keep the Iranians at bay with special Hollywood unlimited ammunition. Act 6: With 'Danger Zone' playing in the background, the hanger doors open and Mav and Iceman (Note for props dept: We may need a bigger cockpit for Val Kilmer this time) head for the runway. Doris and Peter in the RIO seats. They come under intense machine-gun fire, but luckily are not hit. With their AIM-54 missiles and cannon fire, they manage to shoot down the entire Iranian airforce who appear to be equipped with planes that look a bit like F-5s. The Iranians 'bug out' from Freedomistan. The End.
  11. The F-14 is/was an awesome piece of machinery. I see that there's a sequel to 'Top Gun' in the works: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1745960/?ref_=nv_sr_1 The first movie seems to have a profound effect on USN procurement though. Apart from the F-14 flying sequences, the movie is mostly remembered for the volleyball scene...and it seems a floating volleyball court won against the F-14.
  12. In Windows, do you have the option to set the screen resolution to 800x600? I guess not, which is why the game is complaining. The only time I've come across this was with an Intel GPU. A driver update was needed to support the lower resolution. I wouldn't expect you'd need to do that with Nvidia though...
  13. Thanks! The 02 00 is part of the header and F2 BA probably the size of the uncompressed file like in RA. It looks like the first 12 bytes FORM... aren't compressed at all. I didn't show enough of the RAd LBM file above. If we look a bit further, we see the FORM etc. I was hoping that RA and JR might be basically the same thing, but with a different magic number like the name hash routine, but unfortunately not.
  14. Well, I have a bit of time on my hands this week, but unfortunately can only do basic datafile analysis on the machine I have available. If I can understand the JR compression format, it will be possible to get at EPIC's 3 files. There is some hope as the scheme doesn't seem to pack the file as tightly as RA. The following picture shows a RA compressed .LBM, together with its corresponding decompressed file. The third is (presumably) a JRd .LBM file from EPIC.
  15. Amazing! I've come to a bit of a dead-end with F29-Retaliator. I can't see any pattern in the data files at all.