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  1. This Day in WWII 15 November 1939 - 1943

    Yep, the aircraft that won the war....and the best looking.
  2. Forum upgrade

    Hmmn... Anyway, let's try SHIFT+ENTER... Bah, missed! Try again... It works! Hooray  for 'The Dude'! My Life is complete.
  3. Forum upgrade

    I just want a new line, not a new a paragraph. If I want a new paragraph, then I'll press 'Enter' twice. Oh, the humanity.....
  4. Forum upgrade

    I'm about to press the 'Enter' key.....here we go... ....I only pressed it once, but now there is an empty line between the first line and this one. Why, oh why is this happening? It's making life a total misery.
  5. Home Fries Keeping Station

    Nice!...but now 'Ride of the Valkyries' is playing inside my head. :)
  6. The All Hallows' Eve Music Thread 2015

    That last one was far too subtle for this forum. This is what they want!
  7. The All Hallows' Eve Music Thread 2015

    Hmmn, I'm a bit busy today.....but here's one with 'hell' in the title
  8. 007F-Canopy

    Thanks for the updated list. The focus this time is more on the structure of the .3 files, but hopefully some new insights will emerge.
  9. 007F-Canopy

    Well, the flame can be extinguished just as easily if not enough progress gets made. As Krycztij points out, a systematic approach needs to be taken. I have some code from 2010 which breaks down the simpler files, which I'll start with. Then the goal was rendering, but now 3View handles that. From the excellent 3View code comments, we now know what are jumps,branches and subroutines..
  10. 007F-Canopy

    Thanks. Replacing WINDOWS with _WIN32 makes it work fine. The header is dated 2007, so maybe the rules have changed since then. I'm not sure yet what to do with this, but the first task will be to re-examine .3 file theory. Do we know enough to break the file into chunks which can be manipulated separately, then reassembled? DKD, sorry for the thread hijack, but your cockpit problem (and the donkey.3 request) have re-ignited my interest in this area.
  11. 007F-Canopy

    Thank you! That part was being bypassed since this line from the SDK header was returning false: #ifdef WINDOWS Now, I'm am running Windows but VS doesn't seem to think so in this case. I probably should have started with something other than 'empty project'...
  12. 007F-Canopy

    I haven't looked at .3 opcodes in any detail since 2011, but I'll try and catch up. I'm looking at the possibility of using a AC3D plugin to help with this stuff, but have fallen at the first hurdle. If anyone out there knows anything about Visual Studio, maybe they could tell me why my example plugin (basically a dll) functions are not visible by AC3D (or Dependency Walker). The compilation/linking process seems to go OK, but I'm obviously missing some setting.  
  13. Sunday

    So the Grand Prix in Austin is likely to go ahead then? It was a bit wet yesterday...
  14. 007F-Canopy

    Are you sure that TAW uses surface normals? My impression is that gouroud shading is used on 'curved' surfaces to get a nice lighting effect.