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  1. Super Bowl Sunday

    I didn't realize that the Superbowl was still being held. How did it survive the horrific and traumatic events in 2004? http://www.theonion.com/article/us-children-still-traumatized-one-year-after-seein-1285
  2. Sunday

    Are you sure? According to my thermometer it's 5F
  3. Alan Rickman has died

    By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged! Great actor, an asset to any movie. Even made the Costner Robin Hood movie worth watching. RIP
  4. F35 - Jetfighter V homeland Defender

    The Jetfighter V manual is here: http://replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.6830
  5. Christmas Day 2015

    Yes, Merry Christmas to all. Thanks to Al Gore, the temperature here the same as it was on June 25th. Awesome!
  6. Some Rock and Roll Christmas Music

    Sorry! I'll try again with some older Christmas songs, first from 1912 then one from 1910. That should hit the spot!
  7. Some Rock and Roll Christmas Music

    No, they don't make songs like the olden days any more....  
  8. Some Rock and Roll Christmas Music

    Good idea! This one builds up nicely...  
  9. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thanks for taking the trouble to release 2.30, Home Fries. All I needed to do was change a couple of dgvoodoo settings, and I was good to go. In fact, I'm having a blast flying my first campaign for ages. It's only 'Urgent Shield', but I kind of like the easy campaigns. Rather than attack items on the target list myself, I'd rather take out the C4 installations and A-50s in stealth raids to make life easier for my AI colleagues. Maybe not how the game was intended to be played, but the beauty of TAW is that it can be played however you want.
  10. Hmnn, For a flight sim I'd be inclined to ditch the tracking and use TrackIR for an existing sim which already has support for it. The hard part is going to be creating a stereoscopic image compatible with the glasses....
  11. Apparently not. The laptop has an i5 with Intel HD graphics, although I'm not sure what series. A pity, since I was hoping to use a Gen 1 Surface Pro (with similar specs) for my experiments. So far, I've only run the demos and haven't yet looked at the low level SDK. This thing has potential though.
  12. ....well, nine or so months later and they've finally turned up. I've only tried the demos so far, but the visuals are impressive. It doesn't seem to respond to head movements very well   ,I've only installed it on a laptop though.  
  13. I wanted to see if I could do it...

    Great! 2.0 is out then? That'll make everybody happy. ..and what happens if you take out the dam? I dare say the dam breaking effects have moved on considerably since TAW...
  14. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day USA)

    Is that because you'll be queuing outside Walmart in order to fight over a $9.99 TV?
  15. This Day in WWII 15 November 1939 - 1943

    Yep, the aircraft that won the war....and the best looking.