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  1. Sunday

    Like this? https://www.theonion.com/nascar-unveils-new-car-of-yesterday-1819569023 I couldn't be bothered watching the third half yesterday, and turned off just after the crash that Danica caused.
  2. Sunday

    Glad I wasn't the only one confused.
  3. TFXplorer

    gamespr is the first .tm that I could identify, but there are 10 others of exactly the normal tm size. Some of them are obvious textures, and I've combined these with the TAW 10am palette to produce bmp files. Since gamespr is in the spr directory, I assume any others would be as well.
  4. TFXplorer

    That works. Thank you! Don't worry about the stars problem. Running the TFX1 data in TFX3 mode is fun in that I can fly around in the F22, but there are multiple other issues. I'll look at it again when we have an API.
  5. EF2000 Reloaded

    Good to hear!
  6. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Strange. I just tried it again to make sure I could use either SHIFT key. I also tried changing the time between the ESCs to a few seconds. It worked every time. Are you running in a VM or have some layer between TAW and the keyboard driver?
  7. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I just tried it, and it works fine for me. For a quick test, I ejected from the spawn point of the Take-Off training mission. What's quite amusing is that a few seconds after ejection, the engines start up on their own and the plane taxis away as I'm watching it from underneath the parachute.
  8. TFXplorer

    I get 'bad plug-in' errors after running in a new folder (so it shouldn't be confused by existing files) This is on a win7 64 bit machine.
  9. TFXplorer

    What menu?
  10. TFXplorer

    There was a really good document from one of the MSFS developers, which unfortunately I can't find now. Anyway, they basically reset the origin every now and then. Both FSX and X-Plane are essentially single player games with some multiplayer components which don't involve paths of bullets. They don't have to keep track of the damage state of their theatre either. I was considering that we just have one TAW sized theatre at a time with a local datum at the centre of the 'cookie cutter' which could include a pole, although that would make it harder to get WGS84 coordinates for each tile. There's probably not a great amount of real world sat that's relevant in those regions though This would only be used to create the 2D map and a dataset that starts with a TAW level of sparseness. What about Snart View or AWACS mode? Hopping around between different units in the theatre is one of the joys of TAW.
  11. TFXplorer

    I'd far rather work with flat tiles, but it would be good if that flat world was a defined projection from the real world. The mathematics defeats me though. Imagine a square 'cookie cutter' with sides 1200 miles long cutting into the Earth's crust, then hammer flat the resulting piece. You'd end up with a square-ish shape that you could turn into a perfect square with a bit of mathematical distortion. This is the 2D world with distances at the centre slightly (I assume you wouldn't notice) stretched and slightly compressed at the edges. We could then treat each tile as we do now, but since it should be possible to calculate the WGS84 coordinates of each tile, it would allow the use of some real world information and the whole thing could be converted back onto a round earth later. As usual, I'm probably over-simplifying things.
  12. TFXplorer

    Well, VRML is only a more convenient way to package the types of information already stored in ssd/3. Much more important to get the overall structure of where you want to go defined in some way.
  13. TFXplorer

    I was scanning through the few hundred .3 shapes used for TFX1 terrain, and exactly 2 of them have a texture name in the header: GAMESPR. Since I didn't have this file extracted, with a bit of trial and error I could find it as spr/gamespr.tm and matched it to an unknown file. I then repacked the combined did.dat with this new file, and was ready to be dazzled by the textured shape. Anyway, it turns out that terrain textures are only used for damage, as far as I can see. There are some other textures referenced by index by other shapes, so it's harder to find the exact texture as I don't have a list...so I probably won't try to find them. Anyway, enjoy!
  14. Our Schnauzer, Tehya

    A tough time. I feel for you.
  15. TFXplorer

    Please do not be distracted from that. Yes, I'm missing those untidy bits of terrain with fact.ssd, but I'm not referencing the sun as far as I can tell. If you notice, my 3view is going into 'Total Air War' mode. If I run it where my extracted TFX1 files are, it's in EF2000 mode and I see the same as you.