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  1. I'm trying to compile an open source Glide wrapper using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, but I seem to be lacking the library d3dx9.h. Since TFXplorer also uses DX9, I assumed that the the SDK is now included since that builds OK...but the code doesn't look for that library as far as I can see. So, the best case scenario is that all the DX9 functions are still there, but the include file is named differently. I don't want to install the old SDK (from 2010) on this PC for various reasons, but I suspect a legacy DX9 project would needs a complete rewrite to use the default VS2015 install. Anybody here have knowledge of such things?
  2. Hmmn, seems to be a complete absence of Stans and Donster suffering in some weird sci-fi scenario in this thread...
  3. Wonderful! I thought initially that Holstein makes a poor beef cow, but i've since found out that Holstein bullls aren't very productive when it comes to milk, hence their use for veal. Combatsim rocks as an educational tool!
  4. Cool...but the boards of Boeing and all the airlines who bought it should have been forced to sit in coach for that 18 hour flight. It should be renamed the MBAliner, as the main design requirement seems to have been to create the smallest tube to cram 300 people in.
  5. Probably this: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40817293
  6. Hopefuly, it's the camera angle or Photoshop giving the impression that they are flying really close togrther. A mid-air collision between these two would be tragic on multiple levels... Great pic though!
  7. A great actor playing a great pilot in a great movie. RIP
  8. Now I'm not sure if EF2000 used the streroscopic abilities of the VFX1. Since the VFX1 used the VESA Feature Connector, which only has RGB and synch information, it is likely that a game would need to send the left and right images on alternate frames...and I would have thought that would mess up the normal VGA output. Maybe the author of this review can clear it up for us: http://www.combatsim.com/archive/htm/htm_arc4/vfx1.htm
  9. That's a great video! Whether stereoscopic effects were used depended on the game. EF2000 apparently used it, but not Flight Unlimited or Terra Nova. At 10:05 they seem to show the VFX1 used simultaneously with a normal video feed. That explains nicely why EF2000 Reloaded works, where we pretend the VFX1 is present so that we can use the VFX1 tracking functions with TrackIR but the video is not affected.
  10. Hmnn, it's been a while since I ran that program, and now it seems its installer doesn't work with 64-bit Windows. I need to look into that...
  11. It doesn't take much effort to use the psVoodoo glide wrapper to do some experiments although I need to find a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses. TAW wasn't designed for 3D though, as the Union Reality headset was only used for tracking. EF2000 did support the VFX1 VR headset during the last period that VR was a thing. I have no idea how good that was...
  12. lipy, I would like to see this as well. While I don't think it's particularly feasible, it may be possible for a skilled programmer to do something along these lines: 1. Intercept video frames using a modified Glide wrapper 2. Use depth information from the 3dfx calls to produce Left and Right stereoscopic image 3. Convert to something the VR headset expects 4. Send to the headset using OpenVR I reckon that would look amazing, although there's the minor detail of getting all that to work at 90fps. Also, parts of the scene may look like cardboard cutouts if there isn't enough depth information...and probably other issues as well. It's not going to happen anytime soon, but an interesting thought experiment nonetheless.
  13. ACMDogfight1997, It's possible, but not that straightforward. You would need to modify the .tm texture files that the game uses. Some information here: http://taw.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Graphics_Files#TM_Texture_Format
  14. It seems the Illuminati have hijacked this thread...
  15. Yes, I think I saw that one.