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  1. All sorts of awesomeness with that video. Luckily, atmospheric conditions were conducive to contrail formation at a wide range of altitudes during filming Are you flying the contrail making plane, or is it AI and Smartview?
  2. They're pretty small....
  3. Not sure. I won't be able to try it for a couple of days, but I'd replace the learjets in the Takeoff mission (sim6a.mdl) with KC135 to get a good in-game look.
  4. Third episode a lot better. It's more DS9 than TNG though. Now I REALLY want to see 'The Orville'.
  5. Wonderful!...and in hi-rez too. Is that the same version I have, or have you implemented an auto-throttle?
  6. The first episode was on 'normal CBS' whetever that means. For us, it's on Netflix. I need to check out 'The Orville'..if it's on one of the things I subscribe to.
  7. Well, I hope it improves. It's a bit dark and angst-ridden right now, where ST should be upbeat and optimistic about the future of humanity as TOS and TNG were. There's also that SJW nonsense that's supposed to feature a lot in this series. ..and they've reimagined the Klingons again, and in a totally crap way.
  8. Meh! On the plus side: A new ST series. On the negative side: Why the timeline just Before TOS? ...this restricts dramatically the subject matter.. .....so we end up with standard Klingon relations which has already been done to death.
  9. "He's gone to a better place" might not be so accurate in this case...
  10. There is only one ssinfo.fn file in the TFX2 archive, and that's obviously the one for Norway. The korea.dat file references some terrain ssds that are not present in the TFX2 archive, but do seem to be present in TFX1's, so it may be possible to fix these TFX1.5 theatres and produce consistent sets of data. That will take some effort though, and I'd rather wait until we have a common format to arrange and package each set of files.
  11. That code snippet gives the required effect. Thank you. Adding some extra buildings is not a trivial job though. So, may have to park that idea for a while.
  12. Oh dear, seems I need to reverse engineer my reverse engineering.
  13. Thanks! I'll try that later. I had a look at the code, but my search for 'disable_visible_damage_in_ssd_mode=1' came up empty. The reason this came up was that I wondering how easy it would be to add some extra buildings to a tile and this would be a way to see if the engine recognised them before integrating the ssd into a map. I had assumed that you were deriving the bounding boxes for collision detection from the .3 shape rather than using the COLLISION_BOX information in the ssd...but now I'm not so sure.
  14. Just looking at luxor.ssd in 3View and I seem to remember being able to change the Parameter=7 value to blow everything up. It doesn't work now though. Did it ever for ssds? I may be imagining things. The version I'm running is built from last December's code.
  15. Supplies for Texas? I see they've packed the ammo boxes neatly, but did they really need to drill holes in a vintage aircraft to fit the guns in? Not that I'm stereotyping or anything...