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  1. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Ah, while you can tag nodes with height data in OSM2World, it can't handle terrain. So, using yet another tool called Maperitive to combine OSM data with SRTM elevation data. The output is in COLLADA format, but AC3D coverts it to VRML quite well. It's not too difficult (conceptually at least) to combine the output of the two programs into a single VRML file, but that would require a consistent coordinate system. ie a tiling structure that we can use WGS-84 to define a tile, but end up with a 2D grid, so I have to incorporate a projection system somehow.
  2. mikew


    For your delectation: I quite liked California when I was there, but you guys are the experts on the USA.
  3. mikew

    Weekend Music Thread - Senior Year

    Too complicated to calculate, as I'd have to map your definition of college/High School to our system. I guess it's the same sort of crap though, except we didn't have Cheerleaders. Anyway, here's a song from the olden days...
  4. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Not my work, but the result of tools produced by German students who appear to have embraced OSM in a big way. I'll look into this a bit more since my enthusiasm for producing a 3->VRML conversion tool has diminished somewhat.
  5. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    I've been having another look at Openstreetmap, and there's some nice tools for it. In a homage to TAW, I downloaded the dataset for Eritrea and trimmed it down (using a tool called Osmosis) to an area of Eastern Asmara, roughly corresponding to this: There's a tool called QGIS which is useful to visualize the bounding box for the osmosis command line parameters. Once we have the area of interest, another tool OSM2World was used to create a 3D representation based on the osm data, which can be exported as an .OBJ file. From there, we can convert to VRML, although we've lost whatever material we had along the way. I just used the default settings, but there is some flexibility in what osm data is used, and what models are used to produce the .OBJ file. Some alternatives here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D_development I don't know if this is a practical way to create a flight sim world as even that vrml file is 6MB, but it's fun to play with this stuff.
  6. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    I should have used 'extract' rather than 'preserve'. It doesn't need to be used, but it's there if required. Without assuming any level of commitment, how do you see the transition to a more flexible engine will take place? From my point of view, TFXplorer looks wonderful as it is, but I understand things aren't ideal under the hood. Is it worth using the current assets to create the same look and feel with a new engine, or to make a big leap straight away? Lighting is a good example, as things like streetlight effects would need to change from a simple palette/texture system to a bunch of point sources that need to be placed. A seemingly exponential increase in level of complexity.
  7. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    I was always going to try to resolve the 0015 BSP-style blocks and sub-meshes into one set of polygons, but the routing was to handle the other decisions, ie distance/LOD/damage/parameter/TOD. I can ignore that completely for now by creating separate files for each route. There are possibly better ways of representing TOD these days than changing the palette every 2 hours, but I'd like to try to preserve as much of the data as I can. The whole process has to be done programmatically as I don't want to be making manual decisions at run-time. This may turn out to be a step too far, but it would be nice to have the data from a known world in a generic format.
  8. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Ah, I misunderstood. I thought the slowdown was due to not having the vertices, polygons, texture coordinates etc in IndexedFaceSet-like lists. For example, how would we deal with things like the windsock? One way might be along the lines of this spinning cylinder example here
  9. mikew

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Your strategy for handling the issue in my last post is already described here: http://community.combatsim.com/topic/41326-back-to-tfx1/?do=findComment&comment=5194353 For my own personal enjoyment, I've been reading up a bit on VRML and it may be possible to do almost a direct conversion from .3 to .wrl by using ROUTEs to handle the different combinations. What might work is something like this: 1. Parse the .3 file and identify the decision structure to a allow a ROUTE table to be constructed. 2. For each route, sort out the vertices and polygon descriptors to produce one SHAPE per route 3. Save in VRML format. Some form of test framework is needed though, and it should roughly match any upcoming API. In the Python world, there's a couple of utilities that may help, an OpenGL sandbox: http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/context/tutorials/ and a VRML library for it http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/context/vrml97.html Although quite old, all the examples I've tried work OK. This is kind of fun, although it won't take much for me to give up.
  10. mikew

    Monday, Memorial Day 2018

    Yep, sounds like how F1 has developed. In the last decade or so, the emphasis has been to get money to the owners from countries like Russia and Azerbaijan who pay a lot to host races, while cutting costs for development of the cars. While the current generation of 1.6L V6 turbo hybrids are capable of 1000Hp and are technological marvels, we don't get to see teams pushing the limits as only a few engines can be used per season. Back to NASCAR, do the laps between stages count as part of the race total? These periods are painful for us as we don't get to see the ads and have to listen to european commentators to try to fill in...
  11. mikew

    Monday, Memorial Day 2018

    I don't get to see much NASCAR these days, so don't know who the 'good' and 'bad' guys are. It was easier when Jeff Gordon was involved. The last race I watched was divided up into three halves for some contrived reason which annoyed me somewhat. We all know these sports franchises are carefully managed, but I think they go too far in trying to even things out. There's a good article here: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/05/nascars-high-tech-world-leave-any-preconceptions-behind-for-this-deep-dive/ ...from a technical angle showing just how homogeneous the cars are now. Formula 1 is just the same as demonstrated by the snoozefest of last Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix.
  12. Sad to say the only nautically themed track I could think of was this. It's a bit NSFW, but it's on YouTube so can't be that bad.
  13. ..and finally Windows 10. Absolutely orgasmic! Up to to now my impression of Win 10 was a steaming pile of excrement, but this makes it the best OS ever.
  14. Fascinating. This is Linux. Presumably the underlying codes are the same, so I like the way they've replaced the 'elitist' university hat with a baseball cap. So, if you send a message with these things, the recipient might interpret it as something completely different. What can possibly go wrong?