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  1. Sunday (Mother's Day)

    It isn't Mother's Day here. HallmarkTM has designated another Sunday for us to spread out their card distribution logistics.
  2. Suncom Talon

    You have to convert the Gameport interface to USB, which can be achieved in various ways. The methods requiring the least technical knowledge are the most expensive though, eg: http://realsimulator.com/html/fusba.html
  3. This Month in the Vietnam War: May 1961 -1972

    I'm sure they'll be there in August. This is the news for May. I see that misleading advertising isn't a modern invention by looking at that first advert. Everone knows that those big amaerican cars can't handle corners like that.
  4. This Month in the Korean War: May 1950-1953

    Great! I love this series. Did a bit of reading on the Hwachon Dam raid, and it seems the primary aim was to prevent it being used for flooding. Firing torpedoes at it is a bit counter intuitive. Extra points for use of the Chevrolet advert. Nearly all Chevrolets sold in Europe now are built by Daewoo in Korea.
  5. Just Retired

    All the best for your future Archie! ...and sage advice from Old Guy there, which is equally applicable before retirement.
  6. I never had the Graphsim F/A-18, just the Janes one. I wonder what the iphone version of it is like though. Seems that with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse/jostick and a HDMI connection to a TV, the experience may be better than a top of the range mid 1990s PC.
  7. That seemed to be the case for F14 Fleet Defender as well....
  8. This Month in the Korean War: April 1950-1953

    Just noticed this! Thanks for doing this (and the 'Nam one)
  9. Hmmn, they seem to be scraping the barrel a bit with C&W songs these days. I'm on a symphonic metal binge today...and a song about a voyage of someone as difficult to pronounce as Krycztij...
  10. source code?

    Great summary! Having the source code with 'no strings attached' would be good for reference purposes though.
  11. Back from China

    Welcome back indeed! I doubt it's an 'exotic virus' though. Probably just E.Coli or amoebic dysentry caused by eating food contaminated by fecal matter.
  12. Weekend music thread

    Really! Well, I'm sure Donald will sort that out.
  13. Weekend music thread

    I think I smell burning...
  14. Weekend music thread

    Great video, Stans. The images blocked out the sound of Duran Duran nicely. ..and also some good music there from the 70s Donster. It was the age before video, so any depravity had to be hidden in the lyrics.
  15. Weekend music thread

    Indeed they do....