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  1. I though the banjo playing cartoon dog was very good. Not sure about the German Donny Osmond impersonator though. The real one was bad enough. 1973 was definitely a better year than 2016 for ELP. I guess Carl Palmer can't wait for it to end.
  2. OK, I most humbly apologize. I'll try to make amends:
  3. Ah yes, may be a bit too gritty. I'll rectify that immediately.
  4. 1973 was also the years of Joel's 'Piano Man' album. I slightly prefer this over the title track...
  5. Great stuff Stans! Actually from 1973 as well as a fine celebration of Native American culture. Unfortunately, the natives were displaced to make way for farmers like this guy:
  6. Yes, we had 'Tie a yellow ribbon' over here as well. I refuse to listen to that Carly Simon track, as good as it is, since it came out in 1972. I'd forgotten that they made music in North America in those days though, some of which isn't that bad. This was on their 1973 albulm, although wasn't a hit until a bit later...
  7. I think you'll find it's called 'climate change' these days...and that seems to be what you're experiencing.
  8. A bit more frivolous...
  9. IMHO, this track is even more epic than the already epic 'Firth of Fifth' from this album.
  10. ...and from Holland
  11. A good year..
  12. $20000000? That's probably about right I'm not sure whether to sue after buying one of these: https://www.amazon.com/AutoExec-Wheelmate-Steering-Attachable-Surface/dp/B00E1D1GY6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1480860837&sr=8-6&keywords=steering+wheel+laptop+tray I thought this would be ideal to catch up with with my paperwork on the otherwise boring commute, but apparently you're not supposed to use it while driving. Nowhere in the description does it mention that...and I'm not alone according to the comments.
  13. Yes, sometimes we forget that there was a time when advertising could be a bit misleading.
  14. "Julie turned up in People Magazine wearing her new invention "Nudemar" pantyhose (due to an elastic back seam it provided fanny support)." That means something different over here. ...and the ST episode: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0708431/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_45