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  1. Jens "McGonigle" Lindblad reviews the latest version of the highly popular WWI flight sim. Read All About It!<-- CLICK
  2. No, you're not missing anything. I'm just sayin' if you wanted to, without changeing modes (hardware), List Mode in Control Manager is an option for me. That's all. Perhaps you could in mode one do a, in mode 2, b and mode 3 c?
  3. Not to compare HOTAS, but, I've been able to do what you describe with Control Manager for a couple years now.
  4. Time for something new ....

    Well, but erm...
  5. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    I'll have to find the game, probably on eBay. Before I can take full advantage of the mods.
  6. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

  7. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    Not goin' there Jolly and you know why. Let's just leave it at that okay?
  8. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    Yes, there is *hidden* meaning behind those italics, it's called emphasis on a word. That's all, nothing more. After all it is your (and others) project? Right? I don't care about SimHQs TAW Forum? That's where you are wrong Jolly. I care about SimHQ <-- there I said something meaningful and to the point. If you hadn't noticed I'm in a few more forums there at SimHQ than the TAW Forum. Not to mention a few other sites.
  9. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    Hey, it's your project. Have fun with it!
  10. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    Oh, I thought this: may have been the point. My bad, I suppose. That said, if in fact you or anybody else has contacted Atari or Mr. Kenwright and they have given their blessing, that may be another story. As I said, I'm not trying to start anything here. I applaud the efforts of anybody that can and do what you guys have done.
  11. Just a small word of appreciation - Thankyou

    Wow, 68 years young and still havin' fun! Good on ya Wombat1940! Jolly07, what is the point? Not trying to start anything here just wondering what it is SimHQ is missing.
  12. Your wish, was my command. :D

  13. who knows..

    you're playing White. first move is yours.

    Actually' date=' you've already made the first move. That makes you white. Check.[/quote']

  14. As for the edit, and subsequent edits, you don't comprehend to well do you? As for the bannings, you don't remember this exchange?