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  1. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Here you go (from the readme)!  Created a Windows Vista/7/8 natively compatible Launcher so that XP Compatibility mode is no longer required Integrated SweetFX 1.5 Functionality for nGlide users Updated Launcher to force Glide Wrapper overwrite on initial EXE selection.  Allows automatic update of Glide Wrapper upon patching Added GUI interface to edit certain items in Game.cfg (such as START_ON_RUNWAY).  This GUI can be found on the File pulldown menu on the Config Screen Changed "Additional ADF/TAW References" to "Additional References" in References pulldown menu Added JSGME User Guide to References and the Mods Help menu Changed "Checklists and Briefings" to Systems and Mission Information" in References pulldown menu, added a "System Tutorials" submenu, and added ability to add global files in "Checklist" folder Added Theater Map PDF to "Systems and Mission Information" menu. Added Wombat's Multiplayer Mission Summary to "Checklist" folder. Added Wombat's Maverick Static Target tutorial to "Tutorials" folder. Updated multiplayer briefing for "Air Cover" mission Added "Scandinavian Overcast" to Weather menu (based on EF2000 overcast weather) Added "Reset Pilot Score" Campaign set to prevent pilot score from reverting to "1" after exceeding 1,000,000.  See the TAW 2.0 Manual Addendum for details. Skins and Tails Added 2012 Christmas tails for VFA-31 and VFA-103. Added "Combat V" to appropriate medals Extended Windows Vista/7/8 compatibility to associated VB6 EXEs. Updated nGlide to version 1.04 There are also some core changes to the Launcher that were made when I converted it to be natively compatible with post XP operating systems.
  2. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    The new version is up, and it should hopefully solve your issues, Takao.  Make sure that XP Compatibility is disabled (see the bottom of the original post for details) with later operating systems.
  3. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Real life can throw a wrench into plans, but I am putting final touches on the manual now. I also noticed that the first post was wiped out with the forum upgrade, so a pending new link is fortuitous.
  4. Campaign only working in War Room?

    Earnest Reprisal and Stranglehold are campaigns that I made but didn't completely test.  They've been out there in open beta for years, and as far as I know you're probably the third person to try them. That said, they're probably not the best baselines for testing the campaign engine.  Try one of the "top ten" campaigns for that. Interestingly enough,  run Win7 x64 and I run TAW 2.30 beta 5 from the launcher without using Admin mode, and it works fine.
  5. Once everybody is in Gladden, we need to throw a party!  We can throw the party at the Kinship house, but the after-party will be at my personal house in Thorin's Gate. Details to follow..and open to suggestion..   The after-party will be restricted to "Seekers of Deep Places", i.e. those who have entered Moria.  We will all join a fellowship and drink from my Moria keg.  This will make us drunk and hung-over and put us randomly somewhere in Moria.  Then we need to find each other and fight our way out of Moria together.  Style points if you take the "Unwise" route and eat a piece of Barrow-Brie before washing it down with Moria Brandy (as I intend to do, as well as fight my way through Moria with Barrow-Brie in my system). So do we have any takers?
  6. Home Fries Keeping Station

    An oldie but goodie of Skeeter maintaining formation:  
  7. Mudspike DCS Fly-in Nov 13-15 (2015)

    All, The blog Mudspike has announced a DCS Fly-in for next weekend. They will also be running both 1.2 and 1.5 sessions, so you're not pigeonholed into one build or another. If you want to get into DCS but are concerned about the learning curve (or for that matter exposing your position on that curve online), then this is a great opportunity to get ahead of that curve!  Please see the link in the first line for more details.
  8. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Hi Wombat.  Hope all goes well with you too.  We miss you on our Wednesday/Saturday fly-ins.
  9. Campaign only working in War Room?

    Thanks, Nightblade. Please give me system specs (esp. RAM) and also let me know the following: Which operating system are you using?Which EXE do you run as administrator?  Launcher, _f22.exe, or both?Do you run _f22.exe from the launcher, or do you run _f22.exe straight from desktop?Thanks.  As soon as you reply I can get this into the known issues section of the new manual.
  10. BMS 4.33 Released

    Just like the title says! Here's the teaser: and the longer trailer...   Finally, the website: http://www.bmsforum.org/forum/showthread.php?23313-Falcon-BMS-4-33   Note: it's currently downloadable as a torrent, but should be a "regular" download next week.
  11. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Guys, I'm putting together a full installer.  I noticed the other day that some of the links are down, so I'll just restore the link when the full installer is complete. Patience, fellas...
  12. TAW 2.30 Beta Public Release (obsolete)

    Not right now, but I'm in the process of putting together a full final install package.  Just be patient...
  13. Council Transfer to Gladden is Complete!

    Ok, Gunny.  You're all set. I got the house in Henbury, given decorative privileges to all officers, and I've moved a number of items into the chest.  Unfortunately, rather than using the Escrow guys (like you would expect), the transfer put every single item from the Kinship house and storage into my personal storage at my house in Thorin's Hall.  I've moved about 60 items over, and there are still over a hundred to go (and we have 90 storage slots in the kinship house).  I'm waiting until my timers cool down so I can move another 28 items, then you should have enough to start decorating.  Hopefully, you got anything that was bound to you, but once I empty my inventory please let me know if anything is missing. Geez, this feels a lot like a military move, where 3 moves = a fire!
  14. Council Transfer to Gladden is Complete!

    So what's your neighborhood?  I'll check it out and make it happen.