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  1. Effective immediately, or weekday fly-in has been moved back to Wednesdays at 8pm EST. See the OP for details.
  2. Nice. I didn't know that about Holsteins either. I just wish Gateway computers was still around. They used to ship their PCs in boxes with a Holstein pattern, and they could sponsor us if they were still around.
  3. Some action shots: Here you can see the wraparound pattern on the classic Holstein skin. The center pylon and fuel tank matches the black wraparound. And the Bazadaize pattern...
  4. The AJS-37 Viggen is now available in the classic Holstein colors, this time with a wraparound pattern. H/T Joey45 for the camo pattern. By request, I broke from the bold and colorful "tactics be damned" theme and created two tactical schemes. Both schemes are 3-tone non-wraparound. Here's Krusty's ride in the longhorn scheme: And the Bazadaize scheme
  5. Oh man, linear algebra. That brings back memories... Actually, not really. I didn't retain a whole lot from that class.
  6. If you're referring to one of the campaigns listed after Port of Call, these are bonus campaigns and aren't tracked. Campaign tracking (for the first ten) is hard-coded into the EXE.
  7. Let me drop MarkG a line and see if he has it available for distribution, or if he would grant me the right to do so.
  8. I have no problem believing that the Col. is an alien
  9. And the Vatican, the Rothchilds, and Col Sanders before he went t1ts up.
  10. At long last, 1.70 is released. This build incorporates the 1.69 changes and refines the AJS-37 Viggen controls (especially useful with FunkyFranky's switch mod, which is included in the package with permission).Now I can get back to my Master's thesis and then focus on the Mi-8 and VAC. EDIT: If you downloaded 1.70 before July 15 and get an error on execution, download the following file and replace your existing version. DCS_UserSettings.zip
  11. The Viggen is now a joint service aircraft! On request, I created some skins for USAF Wild Weasel squadrons (in this case, the 52d Tactical Fighter Wing out of Spangdahlem AB, Germany. The package includes a boss bird and six line birds (three for the 81st TFS, and three for the 23d TFS). The pattern is based on the 3-tone Hill Grey pattern (the 2-tone doesn't work with the Viggen). Boss Bird: 23d Tactical Fighter Squadron 81st TFS Additionally, I skinned some Tactical Reconnaissance squadrons that flew the RF-4C in the first Gulf War: the 106th TRS "Recce Rebels" of the Alabama ANG and the 192d TRS "High Rollers" of the Nevada ANG. This is a skin pack of four birds, including a CO bird for the 106th TRS. Like the VMFP-3 skins, these are ideally used with the Viggen's electronic surveillance mission. 106th TRS 192d TRS
  12. Marine Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 3 (VMFP-3) is up. VMFP-3 flew the RF-4B Phantom, so this was a natural fit for the Viggen when used in the electronic surveillance mission. This is a collection of six skins and their weathered counterparts.
  13. Dang! I just discovered that the amazon links are temporary. I guess I'll use my OneDrive account for hosting. At least Onedrive also allows tagging, which makes up for not having nestable albums.
  14. Well, judging by the success in the test forum, I'm going with Amazon Prime Photos. I'm already Amazon Prime, so this is no extra burden, and they do allow unlimited storage. Thanks for all the input.
  15. Awesome! That's my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, who happens to be a huge 'Hawks fan. I was sure to send that pic to my sister, who bleeds 49er red and gold.