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  1. ATKFITRON, Vietnam and the SAM crisis of 1965

    A great read. Only thing is that reading stuff about the Vietnam war makes me think "BIH LBJ!" His own cowardice ruined 50k American lives.
  2. DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar Beta Release

    1.50 is Released! This is a major update that adds Thrustmaster Warthog compatibility to the profile, and also adds the Mirage 2000C.
  3. Friday

    Piggybacking onto what Stans said, also make sure that SFP1 is not nested in your Program Files folder. This will really goon things up. Have you tried the SF2 series? It was designed for Vista and later, and any mods are put into your Saved Games folder (leaving the original folders untouched). Only downside is no multiplayer.
  4. TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    correct. It works with the original, but we werent' able to get all of the files when we dearchived the dat file.
  5. TAW 2.0 Known Issues and Bug Reports

    Do you have the flight profile (e.g.elevation/altitude)displayed when the crash takes place? If so, turn it off (known issue).
  6. Narsilion Council

    3 more in the Council have entered Moria! Congrats are in order for Flaegrynt, Gillbrant, and MadGonzo, the latest Seekers of Deep PlacesTM. Edit: I dare the players of these characters (myself included) to use these alts in lieu of their lvl 100 primaries for the After Party.
  7. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    We need more information to determine the cause of the problem. Are you running the Glide version, the D3D 800x600 version, or the D3D 1024x768 version? Are you using the 32 bit EXE (i.e. the TrackIR capable EXE)? If Glide, which glide wrapper. Is the crash in the menu or in the 3D portion of the game? What do you do when the crash happens? Also, post the contents of c:\f22.$$$ so we can help figure it out.
  8. DCS World weekly fly-in

    Some more formation pics of myself and Ghost from this past Wednesday Fly in with the 75th VFS. And this one is an external shot courtesy of Krusty.
  9. DCS World weekly fly-in

    A formation pic from tonight's flight: Skeeter maintaining tight formation with Home Fries.
  10. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    No need for PMs, snake. The download is all-inclusive.
  11. Verdict on Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations?

    It's on sale for $40 on Steam right now through the 26th.
  12. Gladden Welcome Party (and After-Party)!

    A few of us with alts around 42 are getting ready to go into Moria together. Otherwise, Hammer is hanging in Central Gondor and Skalderbrand (my Beorning) just finished the Epics in Dol Amroth. Gilyntshaardis (Krusty's 100 LM) just got the "Flighty" title by jumping off the prow in Minas Tirith.
  13. DCS World weekly fly-in

    Another Saturday screenie from Krusty: You can see Neph at altitude drawing fire from the tanks and BMPs on the hillside. I'm in the forefront in the Ka-50, firing Vikhrs at the tanks while they look elsewhere. Lots of targets marked with black smoke!
  14. Gladden Welcome Party (and After-Party)!

    Save your TPs and get yourself a Beorning class (I'd go with the package deal of the class + another character slot). That's a fun melee DPS class where you can turn into a bear at the drop of a hat.
  15. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    You actually didn't need to download either sweetfx or nGlide; both are included in the package and integrated into the launcher. The only thing you would need to download is the Zeckensack Glide wrapper if you choose to use that instead of nGlide. Definitely persevere with the joystick. There are people who can fly it well with a keyboard, but the joystick is much better. There is actually no option to fly with the mouse, though you can use it when zoomed into MFDs.