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  1. Not JDAM. They're all preset to the same target. Maverick you can target on the fly. Use the "free targeting" mode of the LANTIRN to use the maverick against buildings.
  2. You are correct that you can assign one target, and JDAMs cannot be re-targeted inflight. Wingmen will only go after their target and tend to drop short with dumb bombs, so JDAM is fine for wingmen, but I prefer maverick to JDAM every time.
  3. TBH, I wouldn't even attempt a sim with a good flight model using a gamepad because a good FM means you need a light and precise touch on the stick and throttle. I have flown DCS with the Ace Combat 5 HOTAS for Xbox, but this is effectively the same as the X45 (nerfed for Xbox buttons) which you already have. The nice thing about DCS is that you have maximum flexibility in programming controllers, including assigning buttons as modifiers within the game. For a modern aircraft with a dynamic campaign, good graphics and a good flight model, you have exactly one choice: Falcon BMS. The only thing is that it involves a steep learning curve, but you'll be fine with the X45. The other "more recent" (Cold War, not modern) sim with a dynamic campaign is the Strike Fighters 2 series. These sims can be integrated, are extremely moddable, and the flight models are good without the steep learning curve. Graphics are dated compared to DCS, but some of the terrain mods still make this a gorgeous sim. Biggest downside is that it does not support multiplayer, which is a major shame considering the multitude of flyable aircraft. FC3 sounds like your speed, and you have the hardware to run DCS. However, there is no dynamic campaign. DCS relies heavily on scripting and good mission design to provide immersion for single player. The dynamic mission designer has potential (and is being worked on), but right now it's a hot mess that is best used to create a force on force, scenario, then make adjustments to build a mission. Here's the thing with FC3: you can try it with the Su-25T (which comes with DCS World) before you buy it. If you do alright with the Su-25T using the X-45 and the keyboard, then you'll have no problem with FC3 (which duplicates most of the key commands). The Su-25T is a challenge (easy to over-AoA, flies like a pig), but when flown properly is a very capable aircraft. Just keep it at stand-off range and don't be in a hurry to make gun runs. One more thing about DCS: right now, it (and Falcon BMS) is where multiplayer is at. We fly DCS twice a week, and between the number of people flying different aircraft and coordinating, it's an absolute blast (we always fly coop). We also have a couple guys who would be happy to show you the ropes with the Su-25T. Finally, there's always TAW 2.0 and EF2000 Reloaded, both of which are available on this forum.
  4. Head over to the References page in the TAW 2.0 Launcher. On the top row, you will see three key command summaries: original, printer friendly, and expanded.
  5. Version 1.63 is released. 1.63 adds the F-5E Tiger II and fixes some issues with the MIG-21 due to the module's recent change to toggle functions.
  6. Version 1.63 is released. 1.63 adds the F-5E Tiger II and fixes some issues with the MIG-21 due to the module's recent change to toggle functions.
  7. Thanks, emu. Have you tried this with TAW? How does it compare with nGlide?
  8. Rabid Bear is back! Joint operation with the 75th VFS Tigersharks this evening, where Striker performed a thorough update of the classic "Asset Extraction" for DCS v1.5.4. One of the best missions ever made for DCS World had broken triggers for quite some time, but the updates fixed that. No screenies tonight; I was flying the Huey and needed to be on the controls the whole time. However, 8 of us had a blast and were able to extract Rabid Bear. We also had one of the most enjoyable flights over the past year.
  9. Version 1.62 is released for use with DCS World 1.5.4. 1.62 adds the L variant of the SA342 Gazelle, as well as new features with the M-2000C. Also expanded in 1.62 is the dynamic backlighting. This is strictly cosmetic, but adds immersion. For example, switching on electrical power in FC3 aircraft using the APU switch on the Warthog Throttle will cycle the MFD and Throttle backlighting from off/minimal to on, as will applying battery power in the M-2000C by using RBRT. Most of the backlighting options are disabled by default, but I encourage you to enable them and try them out. Also, just to reiterate, I'm still hoping to receive suggestions on how you would like the NADIR mapped on both the keyboard and MFD for the Gazelle. Please don't be shy.
  10. You're welcome. Glad to be of help. Once I get some free time, I'll update the profile for the new version of TARGET, including adding support for the TFRP rudder pedals for Warthog owners; this should be easy to do.
  11. You can put the file where you want it; you just need to open the script editor and find it. I keep my scripts in a folder completely separate from the TARGET software. Big takeaway is that you need to extract everything with recursive folders. Total Air War.tmc is but one file, and it calls other files in the TAW and Common folders. See the Installation Guide for details.
  12. Is fcf the extension if you create your own profile using the GUI? I thought you were using my TARGET profile. Check it out in the F-22 Total Air War 2.0\!ADP\utilities\Controller_Settings folder. It makes use of the MFDs as well. You will still want to make the change I recommended, though.
  13. I'll look into it. Since you reinstalled, I assume you're using version of the TARGET software. If this is the case, then change line 35 in the Total Air War.tmc from include "Common/target.tmh" //improved target.tmh by Nicu to include "target.tmh" i.e. just remove "Common/". This will point to the newer version of the TARGET header rather than the custom one for an earlier version.
  14. Folks, In polishing the Gazelle profile, I would like to make the number keys (both numeric keypad and top of the keyboard) as direct entry keys for the NADIR and the UHF radio. The idea is that simply pressing the number key (or holding S3 while pressing the number key) will directly press the button on either the NADIR or UHF, just like how the A-10C UFC and the Ka-50 PVI-800 works now. Here's the problem: 1 and 2 default to swtiching seats. I already have the seat swap mapped to the hat switch, but I don't like to change default mappings if I don't have to, especially for something like this. So here are the options I can think of: Use number keys for NADIR and S3+number keys for UHF and just use hat for seat swap Use number keys for NADIR and S3+number keys for UHF and remap seat swap to other keys leave default 1-2 for seat swap and make S3+number keys NADIR and S3+numeric keypad UHF radio I'm open to other suggestions as well. Finally, I'm having a tough time figuring out how best to map the non-numeric NADIR keys. I've tried something with the numeric keypad and the LMFD, but it just doesn't seem intuitive. I'm open to suggestions here as well. EDIT: Here's the NADIR layout right now; any advice is welcome.
  15. Sort of how it was with me. When EF2000 came out I was an undergrad, still sporting the bleeding edge 286-12, though I had finally upgraded from EGA to VGA so I could enjoy Falcon 3.0 and its ilk. When I started making money is when I got to flight school, and by that time I was spending more time with FS51 as a procedural trainer to even think about a new sim. I had heard about it, though. When I was in an operational squadron, I "supported the industry", which is to say I picked up the titles but didn't have time to learn them. I got ADF and EF2000 and was supposed to get a CompUSA rebate, but those clowns were blowing smoke (as I learned later was fairly common practice with them), but regardless of the rebate jacking and the lack of time, it turned out to become one of my best purchases. That said, I didn't get full-bore into them until after 2000 (when I finally had time), but by then i had moved beyond Windows 98 to XP and that put the kibosh on the EF2000 with 3DFX. So I completely get where you're coming from. My first real experience with EF2000 (beyond quick combat) was after mikew wrote the DOSBox engine that is part of EF2000 Reloaded.