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  1. Version 1.62 is released for use with DCS World 1.5.4. 1.62 adds the L variant of the SA342 Gazelle, as well as new features with the M-2000C. Also expanded in 1.62 is the dynamic backlighting. This is strictly cosmetic, but adds immersion. For example, switching on electrical power in FC3 aircraft using the APU switch on the Warthog Throttle will cycle the MFD and Throttle backlighting from off/minimal to on, as will applying battery power in the M-2000C by using RBRT. Most of the backlighting options are disabled by default, but I encourage you to enable them and try them out. Also, just to reiterate, I'm still hoping to receive suggestions on how you would like the NADIR mapped on both the keyboard and MFD for the Gazelle. Please don't be shy.
  2. You're welcome. Glad to be of help. Once I get some free time, I'll update the profile for the new version of TARGET, including adding support for the TFRP rudder pedals for Warthog owners; this should be easy to do.
  3. You can put the file where you want it; you just need to open the script editor and find it. I keep my scripts in a folder completely separate from the TARGET software. Big takeaway is that you need to extract everything with recursive folders. Total Air War.tmc is but one file, and it calls other files in the TAW and Common folders. See the Installation Guide for details.
  4. Is fcf the extension if you create your own profile using the GUI? I thought you were using my TARGET profile. Check it out in the F-22 Total Air War 2.0\!ADP\utilities\Controller_Settings folder. It makes use of the MFDs as well. You will still want to make the change I recommended, though.
  5. I'll look into it. Since you reinstalled, I assume you're using version of the TARGET software. If this is the case, then change line 35 in the Total Air War.tmc from include "Common/target.tmh" //improved target.tmh by Nicu to include "target.tmh" i.e. just remove "Common/". This will point to the newer version of the TARGET header rather than the custom one for an earlier version.
  6. Folks, In polishing the Gazelle profile, I would like to make the number keys (both numeric keypad and top of the keyboard) as direct entry keys for the NADIR and the UHF radio. The idea is that simply pressing the number key (or holding S3 while pressing the number key) will directly press the button on either the NADIR or UHF, just like how the A-10C UFC and the Ka-50 PVI-800 works now. Here's the problem: 1 and 2 default to swtiching seats. I already have the seat swap mapped to the hat switch, but I don't like to change default mappings if I don't have to, especially for something like this. So here are the options I can think of: Use number keys for NADIR and S3+number keys for UHF and just use hat for seat swap Use number keys for NADIR and S3+number keys for UHF and remap seat swap to other keys leave default 1-2 for seat swap and make S3+number keys NADIR and S3+numeric keypad UHF radio I'm open to other suggestions as well. Finally, I'm having a tough time figuring out how best to map the non-numeric NADIR keys. I've tried something with the numeric keypad and the LMFD, but it just doesn't seem intuitive. I'm open to suggestions here as well. EDIT: Here's the NADIR layout right now; any advice is welcome.
  7. Sort of how it was with me. When EF2000 came out I was an undergrad, still sporting the bleeding edge 286-12, though I had finally upgraded from EGA to VGA so I could enjoy Falcon 3.0 and its ilk. When I started making money is when I got to flight school, and by that time I was spending more time with FS51 as a procedural trainer to even think about a new sim. I had heard about it, though. When I was in an operational squadron, I "supported the industry", which is to say I picked up the titles but didn't have time to learn them. I got ADF and EF2000 and was supposed to get a CompUSA rebate, but those clowns were blowing smoke (as I learned later was fairly common practice with them), but regardless of the rebate jacking and the lack of time, it turned out to become one of my best purchases. That said, I didn't get full-bore into them until after 2000 (when I finally had time), but by then i had moved beyond Windows 98 to XP and that put the kibosh on the EF2000 with 3DFX. So I completely get where you're coming from. My first real experience with EF2000 (beyond quick combat) was after mikew wrote the DOSBox engine that is part of EF2000 Reloaded.
  8. Sorry I'm late to the party, fellas. I've been up to my eyeballs in a term paper. That said, I will vouch for Dr. Strangepool as well. He and I were exchanging posts on another forum regarding another subject, and I believe it was that exchange that brought him here to share his wisdom. Welcome to Combatsim, Dr. Strangepool!
  9. Dan, The pack is a series of generic skins with decals so you could replicate an entire squadron. You could use MODEX 606 with VAQ-136, though it would most certainly be a different BuNo because I didn't include BuNos that were involved in fatalities. Having lost a couple of friends in Prowlers, keeping those BuNos out of my skin pack recognizes that sensitivity.
  10. The Mirage 2000C is now in the stable of BVS aircraft.
  11. Version 1.60 is released! You need to have the latest version of TARGET (v3.0.16.520). With the new aircraft selection, be sure to read the User Reference (starting page 61) as well as the Setup Guide regarding DCS_UserSettings.tmm. I'm looking for feedback on this; I think you'll like it, but I'm open to suggestions. Finally, if anybody has the new TFRP Rudder Pedals, they are excluded from the profile by desig (you get more axes as a result). There is only one reason to add the TFRPs to the profile, and that is for people who use rudder trim with the TCPTM (at the expense of totally independent toe brakes). However, if there is enough interest I will add the option.
  12. There's a third option. Zeus, the author of nGlide, helped me to hex edit the 32 bit Glide EXE to fix SmartView with nGlide. As long as you select the 32 bit EXE, your chances of a CTD on SmartView is minimized (though I can't promise it's eliminated). I deliberately left the original 16 bit Glide EXE untouched in this regard just to be sure the edit wouldn't cause any problems with legacy systems. Also, just to clarify, you don't actually need an nVidia card to use nGlide; despite the name, nGlide works just fine with AMD cards as well. Additionally, while SweetFX is enabled in the menu when you select nGlide, this does not mean that SweetFX is incompatible with the DX9 dgVoodoo. I just forced nGlide for SweetFX integration because nGlide is still supported and I could count on feedback from Zeus if you guys reported any problems. But if you use dgVoodoo (DX9 only), you're welcome to install SweetFX via GME, then apply your own config files. There is no way to change any controller mappings in TAW itself. The best you can do is use a programmable stick and assign keyboard assignments to the extra buttons. Likewise, if you have separate USB stick/rudder/throttle items (like CH or Thrustmaster Warthog), you will need to program them a s a single virtual controller, as TAW sees only the first controller connected.
  13. The Black Veal Squadron now features the Gazelle. And wouldn't you know it; the bigger cousin of the Gazelle, the Antelope, is bovide. Things you learn about biology on a flight sim forum... But enough about that. Here are the screenshots. A close up of the pilot and WSO And a glimpse of the back of the helmets sporting the DFA on the wire box
  14. I just downloaded TAW 2.30 from the Google Drive link onto a new PC that has never had TAW or any of my development files on it, and I scanned the file with SEP 12. SEP didn't find anything. Since Armetis! has been around since early 2010, I'm confident that SEP (the program used by DoD end users) would have found it. One of the programs included with TAW 2.0 is NVGTool, which was built with a game cheat tool and performs virus like behavior (e.g. substitutes values in RAM registers), so you are likely getting a false positive. One thing you can do if you still have v2.22 is run that through your virus scanner and see if that triggers the same result. NVGTool hasn't changed since its original build. Also note that if your antivirus quarantines NVGTool upon install, you don't actually need it to play the game. Just go into the configuration menu and disable the NVGTool checkbox. Or you can create an exception with your antivirus as well. Here's info on Armetis! from the McAfee website. You can always click on the Virus Characteristics tab, then check your registry and see if any of the entries match your own. Hope this helps.
  15. Version 1.51 is released. This version adds the SA-342 Gazelle and fixes a bug with the Cougar ANT_ELEV knob not working when USB rudders are used.