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  1. AVG thinks NVG Tool is a virus

    It's not useless at all. It simply acts like a cheat program, except instead of cheating it allows you to see the MFDs using NVGs. It's this behavior, however legitimate, that trips the antivirus. The option to disable it is for people who would rather exercise extreme caution and not run anything the antivirus flags. However, having the antivirus bypass the file in its scans will allow you the functionality as intended.
  2. AVG thinks NVG Tool is a virus

    False positives for NVG Tool are a known issue because NVG Tool acts like a virus. It looks for a value in a register, intercepts it, and replaces it with another to allow you to see MFDs with NVGs enabled. NVG Tool was also built with a game cheat engine, so some antiviruses mark it as suspicious because of the libraries it uses. What the other guys said about bypassing NVG Tool is correct. However, if you don't want to deal with it at all you have another option: in the TAW Launcher, go to the Configuration menu, then at the bottom uncheck the box that says "Launch NVG Tool with Menu." This will prevent NVG Tool from automatically being launched, and therefore should prevent the CTDs you've experienced.
  3. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    RaptorLead74, As a software developer myself, I'll say that you're better off licensing existing technology like P3D or X-Plane than trying to tweak 20 year old code that was hex edited to do certain things. Most of the changes in TAW 2.x were graphics and datafiles, but the physics are hard-coded and the engine is still primarily based on Glide, and the former DID folks I was in touch with couldn't get the source code. You may also want to contact Eagle Dynamics; they have a commercial version of DCS for professional end-users. P3D and X-plane have architecture that allows you to insert the aircraft and terrain you desire, and even DCS has LUA hooks that allow for customization.
  4. EF2000 Reloaded

    That would be awesome! There are 2 ways to do this: 1) post some detailed instructions (preferably including links to the patches themselves, but without the abandonware links) to this article on the TAW Wiki (adding instructions for Windows 10 at the end of the article), or 2) post the detailed instructions here and I can put them on the TAW Wiki myself (giving you a byline, of course). Either way, that TAW Wiki article is linked on the help menu of the EF2000 Launcher, so your instructions would benefit all Reloaded users (and not just people who visit Combatsim).
  5. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    If you're interested in doing any modding, I have uploaded what I know to the TAW Wiki. You'll find plenty in the section on modding, and you can always ask for additional information in these forums. If you want to create some campaigns as well, I'll be happy to add them (giving you full credit, of course). Regarding the order of battle databases, I have attempted to change what certain countries have to make different sets of campaigns, but I could never get it to work. If you can figure that out, though, I have put the ability to link campaign sets with custom databases into the front end GUI. Oh, and @ACMDogfight1997, I did get permission from MarkG to upload his files. Now I just need to find them...
  6. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    On the launcher, click on the 3DFX icon on the lower left, and you'll be taken to the Graphics and Applications Configuration (i.e. Setup) screen. Then click on the Back up and Restore Pilots icon on the lower left, and it will open a program that will backup your pilots to a zipfile (and restore them later). Just make sure you save the zipfile outside of your TAW folder tree so any deletion of TAW folders doesn't inadvertently delete your backups.
  7. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    At this point, there's only so much we can do without source code. We can modify databases (most are ASCII text) and use hex-editing to update models, but the limitations mean that barring a major breakthrough, the gameplay has evolved about as far as it can go. With the exception of new campaigns (which really aren't that hard to do), there isn't much more to add at this point.
  8. DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar and Warthog with MFDs

    2.02 is up. It updates the Harrier to allow fast slewing when holding S3.
  9. DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar and Warthog with MFDs

    I've seen this with later versions of windows defender. Since the file was released today it doesn't have a history, and it's not signed either. The antivirus is likely doing a heuristic filter based on that criteria (or lack thereof). Along with myself, the guy who wrote the updater contained in the installer is an INFOSEC guy, so we're more diligent than most in terms of filtering malware on our systems (or even exposing ourselves in the first place). If Defender identifies a particular virus or virus-like activity, please let me know (can't be too careful), but I'm betting that it's entirely a "trust issue."
  10. EF2000 Reloaded

    Excellent question, K. The primary purpose of the GUI is to create a user.conf file for DosBox, so if you create your own conf you don't need the GUI, though it will mean that you need to update the conf file any time you change your multiplayer settings (i.e. client/host or changing IPs). From the TAW Wiki, here's what you need in the conf file: [sdl] fullscreen=false fulldouble=false output=opengl [dosbox] memsize=48 scaler=none [pci] voodoo=opengl [mixer] rate=22050 [sblaster] oplrate=22050 [speaker] pcrate=22050 tandyrate=22050 [joystick] joysticktype=ch timed=false swap34=true buttonwrap=false [ipx] ipx=true You can also set your resolution by putting the following entries into [sdl]: [sdl] windowresolution=1920x1080 fullresolution=1920x1080 Finally, put any launcher-specific stuff in [autoexec]. for example, I like to run the CD music in the background so I load a bin/cue of the EF2000 v2 CD. Then mount your desired EF2000 folder to C and DosBox should take you to the command prompt. [autoexec] imgmount d H:\DiD\EF2000\EF2000_V20.cue -t iso -fs iso mount c "h:\DiD\EF2000\EF2000_3DFX" I'm not sure if TrackIR_Enabler.exe is compatible with Linux (or if you can install the VS12 runtime files in the !ADP\Runtime folder), but if you can use that and have TrackIR it makes EF2000 a totally new experience!
  11. DCS World TARGET profile for Cougar and Warthog with MFDs

    2.0 is finally here! Changes are abundant and really can't be summarized. Oh, and there's a Harrier profile now! See the original post for details.
  12. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    You got me there. I was knee-deep in my Master's thesis at the time and totally forgot about it. I'm dropping him a line now.
  13. It's not so much a weed-out program as a "learn your place, follow orders, and suck it up and we'll give you more privileges when you complete your rite of passage" program. That's been part of the military tradition forever. It's not so much to treat the junior guys like garbage, but rather because 1) the job needs to be done, which means that 2) somebody has to do it, and 3) the more senior guys have already done it so it's the junior guys' turn. The net effect is when he's done with his mess cranking duties, he'll actually be grateful to be working in the ordinance shop! I was the first lieutenant in my squadron, so I had all the junior guys who fit that bill. I used to send them to their shops to learn their rate as a reward for a good job. It sounds kind of sick and twisted (you did so well, so go do more work), but the troops are grateful and it's a win-win.
  14. Unofficial DCS: World Week report

    should be this: