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  1. Some shots of the upcoming VMFA-251 Thunderbolts release. I did these Su-33 skins for a virtual squadron, and will be releasing a public version once I convert the design to the Su-27 as well. Skins are 200 series for the USS Theodore Roosevelt and 400 series for the USS Enterprise (both Carrier Air Wing One). Screen shots are for the CAG/CO birds, but the skin pack will include line birds as well.
  2. In a perverse way, that terrain looks like it would be fun to fly 50m supersonic in the Viggen. I'll eventually get the Normandy terrain, but I look forward to its release primarily because that will shift resources to getting DCS 2.5 out the door.
  3. Welcome to Combatsim, SD. We look forward to your updates.
  4. The Atlanta loss could also be summed up into the following comment (twice): "Audible out of a slow developing pass play if the defense shows a house blitz." First play resulted in the sack-fumble, and the second the sack that pushed them out of FG range.
  5. Version 1.67 is released. V1.67 adds the AJS-37 Viggen to the list of selectable profiles. DCS World 1.5.6 (currently OpenBeta) is required to fly the Viggen, but the profile is otherwise fully compatible with DCS World 1.5.5.
  6. Effective immediately, or weekday fly-in has been moved to Tuesdays at 8pm EST. This is to accommodate schedules of our regular flyers as well as increase joint ops with the 75th VFS.
  7. Volume III of the USN Skin Pack has been released. Volume III is a collection of 13 skins for the USN and USMC in adversary markings. Commands include, VFC-12, VFC-13, VMFT-401, and NSAWC (home of TOPGUN). Links can be found in the original post in this thread.. Here are some screenshots: USN NSAWC Air Superiority Blue Splinter pattern based on the F-14 USMC NSAWC Woodland wraparound pattern USMC VMFT-401 pattern based on the colors used when they flew the Kfir Another VMFT-401 bird, this time in a desert wraparound pattern USN VFC-13 Ghost colors VFC-13 Desert colors VFC-13 "Banana" colors in a splinter pattern USMC Air Superiority Blue wraparound pattern A couple of arctic patterns And the Fullback pattern based on the Su-34 (inspired by a paint job done by VFC-12 this year) As always, the detail extends to the pilots themselves
  8. Version 1.66 is released. In addition to the Spitfire, v1.66 fixes a number of bugs, improves the M-2000C based on the latest avionics updates, and improves the FC3 autopilot logic (Warthog only).
  9. Helmet wouldn't know what to do with the treasures if he found them.
  10. I think it's on hold until the multi-crew is fleshed out. The good news (from what I hear) is that BST is working on the W model now instead of the G.
  11. There's also a Bo-105 in the works if you like being a rotorhead. It was never my thing until the DCS Huey; now I can't get enough of flying helos. The SA342 Gazelle is also a great module. my favorite right now.
  12. Hammerwulf gets as close as he dares to Minas Morgul.
  13. Folks, I haven't found a solution for Windows 10 yet. If anybody does have it working in Win10 x64, please post your solution.
  14. The launcher code in 2.30 was updated for Windows 8 which may help with Windows 10. I haven't been able to get TAW to run in Win10, but I haven't put much effort into it either. However, I never even get to the "f22.dat has stopped working" dialog; it just seems that I double click _f22.exe without response. You shouldn't have to tweak tbcp.exe; that's just a bridge file for the updated mission editor; _f22.exe should be the program you look at.
  15. I have not yet tried this, but it might be the solution. I won't be able to test until next week, though. The article does pre-date Windows 10, but I did not realize it is obsolete. Does Windows 10 Professional not have a Virtual PC anymore? Also, what is confusing about the article. I wrote it, so if something needs to be corrected please let me know.