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  1. The 1.72a patch is available. The patch fixes some Warthog assignment bugs with the M-2000C and updates the audio routine to directly use the EXE instead of a batch file. The patch can be downloaded from here.
  2. UPDATE: Version 1.72a is available. Thank you everybody for funding my Warthog purchase so that I could create this profile. Since my funding goal has been achieved, please send any future donations to Fisher House, a charity that supports disabled veterans and their families. Exception: if you want me to program for a module I don't have, or add programming for the TFRP, please PM me and we can discuss it. DCS World TARGET Script for Thrustmaster Cougar or Warthog and MFDs is now available. Download it from: Box.com Patch (Box.com) This script for the HOTAS Cougar/Warthog and Cougar MFDs includes dedicated profiles for the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark, P-51D Mustang, UH-1H Huey, Mi-8 Hip, F-86 Sabre, Fw-190D9 Dora, Bf-109K-4 Kurfürst, MiG-21bis Fishbed, MiG-15bis, M-2000C, SA-342 Gazelle, L-39 Albatross, F-5E Tiger II, Spitfire LF Mk. IX, AJS-37 Viggen, Hawk T.1A, C-101, and Flaming Cliffs 3 profiles. The script is fully implemented with both code and custom keyboard and joystick LUA files. The included "Standard DirectX" profile can me used to create a versatile profile for anything else. This script uses TARGET, so you need to install it (though Cougar users can leave Foxy where it is). I also recommend the latest MFD Drivers, as I have found fewer profile crashes with these enabled. The script offers the following features: Both HOTAS Cougar and Warthog Compatibility CommState routine allows for the selection of F1 through F12 keys with Hats 2-4 while the MIC switch is pressed Hot-selectable “TriggerZoom” allows you to zoom into your target or HUD when depressing the first trigger stage LED indications for airbrake, landing gear, TriggerZoom, CommState, and Teamspeak3 PTT Compatible with TouchControl (formerly TouchIR), VAC, DCS Simpleradio Standalone, and all major Teamspeak radio solutions Optimized for TrackIR, but compatible with Hat1 as POV Individual HOTAS profiles are mapped as closely to their real world counterparts as practical Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) HOTAS mappings correlate to the A-10C (attack aircraft) or F-16C (fighters) as closely as practical FC3 Context Sensitive Autopilot routine that reverts to last used mode on toggle A-10C Profile includes direct entry for CDU, CMSP, and UFC Ka-50 Profile allows direct entry for ABRIS (RMFD) and Rubicon Datapad Ability to automatically pause TrackIR while at the Door Gunner Station (UH-1) Context sensitive communications menus based on crew station (framework in place for DCS implementation) TARGET based Central Position Trimmer Mode that greatly improves upon the default trimmers when not using force feedback. Analog and digital differential braking routines, including paddle braking and nosewheel steering. Kneeboard mapping for all aircraft. NVGs for all capable aircraft, including "bonus mapping for the A-10A, Su-25, Su-25T, and F-86 (H/T Zaelu). Simplified hot-selection of aircraft allows for potentially thousands of aircraft and variants in this script, along with audial feedback of aircraft selected. Note: As of version 1.50 of this script, the documentation has been split into the Setup Guide, User Reference, and Advanced Configuration Guide. As large and complex as this script is, the separation of manuals should help you quickly find what information you need. Here are the Warthog and MFD mappings for each aircraft (HOTAS Cougar mapping available in download): Flaming Cliffs 3 (includes the Su-25T included in DCS World): A-10C Warthog: Note: the following functionality is in addition to the standard MFD functionality. Direct Entry mode for the CDU: Ka-50 Black Shark: Direct Entry mode for the Rubicon Datapad P-51D Mustang: UH-1H Huey: Mi-8MTV2 Hip (work in progress): F-86 Sabre: Fw-190D9 Dora: Bf-109K-4 Kurfürst: MiG-21bis Fishbed N: MiG-15bis: L-39 Albatross: M-2000C: M-2000C INS Direct Entry SA-342 Gazelle SA342 NADIR Mappings: F-5E Tiger II Spitfire LF Mk. IX AJS-37 Viggen: Hawk T.1A (basic functionality only; uses Standard DX Profile): And here's the mapping for the DirectX profile. Note the /C indicators for CommState, which are also present on the other profiles but omitted on the other graphics for space. I look forward to your feedback; any information that will help me improve this profile is greatly appreciated.
  3. Version 1.72 is released. 1.72 adds a dedicated Su-33 profile in conjunction with the PFM/Standalone module release.
  4. Version 1.71 is released. This build brings the Mi-8 up to the latest command structure, applies the new Mi-8 throttle routines to the Ka-50 (Warthog only), and improves the M-2000C and AJS-37 Viggen.
  5. Current Version: 2.30 Total Air War 2.0 is a total conversion of F-22 Total Air War (TAW), and also includes the campaigns from F-22 Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) and the Red Sea Operations (RSO) expansion disc. The goal of TAW 2.0 is to provide a simulation experience that equals or surpasses your fond memories with the original ADF and TAW. TAW 2.30 provides compatibility with newer operating systems without requiring Windows XP Compatibility Mode. Barring bugs or major breakthroughs, this is expected to the the last release for a while. However, if anybody has something they would like to contribute (such as checklists, documents, campaigns, or additional mirrors) I can very easily create an installer for it and add it to the links below. Total Air War 2.0 Features Incorporated Head-Tracking (TrackIR and Freetrack) Full Red Sea Operations (RSO) campaigns, 36 missions (also available in multiplayer) 30 custom missions 3 custom campaigns, 28 missions Additional multiplayer missions, including three new head to head scenarios Improved terrain and new color palettes completely redefine the look of TAW Numerous improved selectable F-22 skins, to include the YF-22, the Nightstalker, and Woodland, Urban, and Desert camouflage patterns Added Desert Flightsuit textures and improved in-cockpit textures Improved, more realistic, and selectable default MFDs and HUD Additional USAF tail flashes and custom tail logos Formation lighting for low light F-22 skins Improved MIDI support for Windows XP and more recent operating systems Mod Management, Configuration, References, and the Mission Editor (TAWBC) are all accessible from a single integrated menu Configuration now allows you to choose your renderer, resolution, and Glide wrapper (if applicable) from the menu Fullscreen and Widescreen versions now selectable. Full integration with TAW Battle Commander (TAWBC) provides slots with dynamic mission titles for your generated missions within the TAW mission menus TAWBC Mission Enhancement Utility (TME) allows you to automatically enhance your TAWBC missions Cloud enhancement and Weather Editor, including Overcast weather for Glide users Ability to change between NVGs and natural light while zoomed into an MFD (Windows XP and later) Enhanced Avionics functionality Improved Level of Detail Improved realistic Moon and Sun sizes East/West palettes with Glide renderer allow for more natural light transitions during morning and twilight hours Custom playlists available for in-game playback (includes EF2000 Soundtrack) "Nostalgia Mod" brings the graphics, sounds, and HUD/Cockpit back to 1998 standards Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements Downloads TAW 2.30 Full Installer (Choose a mirror) GameFront Google Drive Optional Soundtracks (available for use with the Playlist Function) TFX Soundtrack (Roland MT32) GameFront Box.com MediaFire Google Drive TFX Soundtrack (Soundblaster 16) GameFront Box.com MediaFire Google Drive Known Issues Antivirus False Positives: The NVGTool by Eagle_Flight (that allows you to look at the MFDs while NVGs are enabled) was created by a game cheat tool, and because it performs "virus like behavior" (it intercepts and replaces values in RAM registers) it may get quarantined by your antivirus. This is a false positive, and you should create an exception for nvgtool.exe (located in your main TAW 2.0 folder). Likewise, if you choose not to use NVGTool, you can uncheck the appropriate checkbox on the Configuration menu in the TAW 2.0 Launcher. Additionally, antivirus programs that use heuristic analysis (e.g. reputation by volume, certification, et al) are likely to flag or quarantine this download, at least until we can get a healthy dose of downloads to settle the heuristic algorithms.. Just please be aware of this if you see the download flagged by your antivirus. Legacy Windows XP Compatibility Mode: If you had a previously installed version of TAW 2.0, you likely had registry entries that set the TAW 2.0 Launcher to run in Windows XP Compatibility mode. This requirement has been removed with TAW 2.30 in order to ensure compatibility with Windows 8 and (hopefully) Windows 10. While the installer has instructions to remove any legacy registry entries, please check to see that the registry entries were removed. To do this, right click on your TAW 2.0 icon, select Properties, then select the "Compatibility" tab. If the installer did its job properly you should see the following dialog with no boxes checked. If XP Compatiblity mode is still checked, be sure to uncheck it. If it is checked and greyed out, you will need to click the "Change Settings for all users" button and uncheck it from within administrator mode.
  6. With the cancellation of our weekly Total Air War fly-in, we are converting our DCS World fly-in to a semi-weekly basis. We meet on Teamspeak 3 at 20:00 Wednesday Eastern Time and 20:00 Saturday Eastern Time. We will be flying the Co-op missions, though we may go Head-to-Head if we get enough people to join. Teamspeak 3 Server real-time details: Server Login Details We meet in the temporary channel Black Veal Squadron. If the channel isn't there, somebody will be there shortly to create it. You can download Teamspeak 3 for free at http://www.teamspeak.com/. Please have the latest version of DCS World installed, and ensure that your microphone is working prior to joining the channel. We require people to use voice comms to participate in the fly-ins in order to promote coordination and to deter TKers and griefers. We're not A-10C/Ka-50 hardcore only types; we fly FC3 and the Su-25T as well as the hardcore modules (and often in the same mission!). All we ask is that you have basic competence in your chosen aircraft (i.e. able to cold start and get airborne, as well as basic weapons employment skills). If you have LotATC, you're also welcome to join (our hosts run LotATC Server). Please post if you are interested, so we know how many to expect, or just show up and surprise us. Likewise, please let us know what modules you have and what planes (and even what mission) you would like to fly. On the flip side, if a mission requires a specific skin or skin pack, then as long as we know you're coming we'll give you a heads-up of what you need to download and install prior to start time. See you in the not-so-friendly skies!
  7. Effective immediately, or weekday fly-in has been moved back to Wednesdays at 8pm EST. See the OP for details.
  8. In a tradition that dates back to IL-2 Forgotten Battles, those of us who enjoy eating baby cow pay tribute to the calf's requisite sacrifice by flying aircraft with skins inspired by the classic cow pattern. We are...the Black Veal Squadron, and in addition to IL-2 and TAW, we now have skins for the F-15C in FC3! Fortunately, the classic F-15 patten really lends itself to this, as you can see in the screenshots. Enjoy! Note the shoulder patch on the pilot. I opted for the high visibility markings and roundels because, lets face it: cows just aren't that tactical.
  9. Nice. I didn't know that about Holsteins either. I just wish Gateway computers was still around. They used to ship their PCs in boxes with a Holstein pattern, and they could sponsor us if they were still around.
  10. Some action shots: Here you can see the wraparound pattern on the classic Holstein skin. The center pylon and fuel tank matches the black wraparound. And the Bazadaize pattern...
  11. The AJS-37 Viggen is now available in the classic Holstein colors, this time with a wraparound pattern. H/T Joey45 for the camo pattern. By request, I broke from the bold and colorful "tactics be damned" theme and created two tactical schemes. Both schemes are 3-tone non-wraparound. Here's Krusty's ride in the longhorn scheme: And the Bazadaize scheme
  12. Oh man, linear algebra. That brings back memories... Actually, not really. I didn't retain a whole lot from that class.
  13. If you're referring to one of the campaigns listed after Port of Call, these are bonus campaigns and aren't tracked. Campaign tracking (for the first ten) is hard-coded into the EXE.
  14. Let me drop MarkG a line and see if he has it available for distribution, or if he would grant me the right to do so.
  15. I have no problem believing that the Col. is an alien
  16. And the Vatican, the Rothchilds, and Col Sanders before he went t1ts up.
  17. At long last, 1.70 is released. This build incorporates the 1.69 changes and refines the AJS-37 Viggen controls (especially useful with FunkyFranky's switch mod, which is included in the package with permission).Now I can get back to my Master's thesis and then focus on the Mi-8 and VAC. EDIT: If you downloaded 1.70 before July 15 and get an error on execution, download the following file and replace your existing version. DCS_UserSettings.zip
  18. With the release of the master templates for the Viggen, I have released skin packs for the Viggen with US Navy and Marine Corps markings. The skin packs represent A-6 squadrons from the 1980s-1990s, with A-6 BuNos (serial numbers) and MODEXes (side numbers) from historical record. The tactical paint scheme based on the MIL-STD-2161A(AS) pattern for the F-4 Phantom, which has a fuselage shape similar to the AJS-37 Viggen. The skin packs include six to eight skins, usually with one hi-color "CAG bird" as well as low color line birds. Each skin has a "normal" version and a weathered version. Weathered skins have a bleached effect as if the aircraft were heavily exposed to the sun for months on end. Normal skins include pilots with green flightsuits, while weathered skins include pilots with desert flightsuits. All links to the skins can be found here. Screenshots to follow
  19. The Viggen is now a joint service aircraft! On request, I created some skins for USAF Wild Weasel squadrons (in this case, the 52d Tactical Fighter Wing out of Spangdahlem AB, Germany. The package includes a boss bird and six line birds (three for the 81st TFS, and three for the 23d TFS). The pattern is based on the 3-tone Hill Grey pattern (the 2-tone doesn't work with the Viggen). Boss Bird: 23d Tactical Fighter Squadron 81st TFS Additionally, I skinned some Tactical Reconnaissance squadrons that flew the RF-4C in the first Gulf War: the 106th TRS "Recce Rebels" of the Alabama ANG and the 192d TRS "High Rollers" of the Nevada ANG. This is a skin pack of four birds, including a CO bird for the 106th TRS. Like the VMFP-3 skins, these are ideally used with the Viggen's electronic surveillance mission. 106th TRS 192d TRS
  20. Marine Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 3 (VMFP-3) is up. VMFP-3 flew the RF-4B Phantom, so this was a natural fit for the Viggen when used in the electronic surveillance mission. This is a collection of six skins and their weathered counterparts.
  21. Many of you know that I have been skinning aircraft for years, and I have always used Photobucket to store the images and then link them to the forums. I don't make any money off of the skins, and Photobucket even has a widget that automates copying link for embedding. So imagine my shock when I look at this site and see this in place of my signature: Apparently as of today (and without any warning), Photobucket now charges $40/month (or a discount rate of $400/yr) for the privilege of third-party hosting, i.e. embedding an image on another website or forum. That's $400/yr more than I make on my skins, so Photobucket can go to Hell via FedEx AFAIC. Does anybody have a provider they're happy with and would recommend? EDIT: Here's an article on the change of terms.
  22. Dang! I just discovered that the amazon links are temporary. I guess I'll use my OneDrive account for hosting. At least Onedrive also allows tagging, which makes up for not having nestable albums.
  23. Well, judging by the success in the test forum, I'm going with Amazon Prime Photos. I'm already Amazon Prime, so this is no extra burden, and they do allow unlimited storage. Thanks for all the input.
  24. Google Photo Amazon Prime Photos: OneDrive (this time it isn't the dog; it's the DCS AJS-37 Viggen flying over Normandy in a Final Countdown moment)
  25. Awesome! That's my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, who happens to be a huge 'Hawks fan. I was sure to send that pic to my sister, who bleeds 49er red and gold.