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  1. Windy and I just finished a beautiful Remington action, blue printed with a air gauged, stainless barrel. It's chambered .308 WIN, sitting on an aluminum chassis and holds a 1/4 min group with Sierra 168 gr match bullets. I'm opening a Sam Adams Boston Lager and calling it a day. If my old brain could remember how to do it, I'd send you guys a pic! Have a good one guys, I did!!!?
  2. Good one Donnie !!
  3. At the moment I am drinking a beer because I forgot what I had been doing before the power went off.?
  4. Storm came thru Monday, just got the power turned on since 9am Monday.?
  5. I really do like you Rotigglia, is it OK for us to be friends? You can call me TC a n maybe I can call you Rot! ?
  6. .I think Royunda is correct, now that I think about it! Rotigulia should be congratulated for his notifying the masses of our mistake, leaving our awful carbon footprint on this earth. Rotillis is the man Well, I swear, I fear, Rottis gonna buy the beer, so hooray for Rotunda, he's a grand ole man!! HOORAY!!
  7. Tomorrow at noon, I get my first beer in 40 days!!! Tomorrow night I will have slurred speech !! Happy Easter guys!
  8. Great story! ?
  9. ? Great story, beats the hell out of the weather forecast for Louisiana!!! ☺️
  10. That's great Cobra! We're going to have sun here too!! ? 62F low and 79F for the high under the S word! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!
  11. An elderly couple were in church when the wife leaned over to the husband and whispered in his ear, I just let out a silent fart what do you think I should do. The husband replies, put a new battery in your hearing aid! ?
  12. Damn, gave up alcohol for Lent. No green beer for me.?. But happy St. Paddy's Day to you Irish lads and lassy's and yous who ain't!! ?
  13. Sunshine!!!!!! Clear skies, 58 low, 70 high! ?
  14. Does it count when a black cat floats past your house? Then I saw a ladder float by with a mirror on top. It rained so hard last night that the Coast Guard is patrolling our streets. Well, I have to go here comes the mail boat. ?
  15. Hey guys, 71F rain and mo rain!