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  1. source code?

    What you wrote about tfxplorer is FANTASTIC! Hope that your project is going well the bad side is that i am not very good in programming or coding but if you want i will try to help you.
  2. testing other planes

    Definitely my same thought...if only was possible to select any plane from awacs and improve weapons (to get them "fireable") and some visual problems like swing wing planes would be a great enancement for taw
  3. source code?

    Thanks for your answers your explanations are very clear. But at this point do you think that development of taw 2.0 is over? Or we can proceed beyond 2.30?
  4. source code?

    Me too...but what are other sims that can grant same possibilities? Falcon bms is fantastic but has a very deep learning curve...falcon Af is more friendly with avionics scalable but is not supported anymore...maybe the perfect solution would be strike fighters 2 with awacs and campaign like total air war...but i dont think it is easy to make...so for this reason i asked...maybe if the source code is at our disposal we can try with our spare time to get a better game dont you think?
  5. source code?

    Someone knows how is the situation about the zource code of taw? Or knows who can help us to obtain the source code? If you have a contact tell me i will try to ask because i think that gem of taw can be THE light simulator for all
  6. testing other planes

    Oh yes you,homefries and other guys have done a great job in these years and you bought to us a still fantastic sim that is almost 20 years old! I also tried to mail to atari but again no info...for what you know the source code is "lost" or there is someone that own it?
  7. testing other planes

    To fly and test other planes simply open tawbc select a mission or create one and when you open the box of rhe flight you wanna try click on the pilot box in upper right side,if you have done right the program ask you if you want to change and simply click ok...i wish that is clear...my english is quite bad...so you think is very hard or impossible to obtain the code now? What a pity...taw and its campaign is the state of the art...and with modding it could be the perfect game...a question:now there is some projects regarding terrain or other stuff?
  8. testing other planes

    With pleasure mikew. I am testing capabilities of other planes,for now i discovered that planes like mig 21 su 25 mig 27 and probably other russian planes can not refuel at all...so if you order in campaign to refuel they not do the job. I also discovered that you can refuel with basket system,and not only with the boom system like f 22...this is a nice thing if you are bored with that system...:). Sadly i discovered that rudsian weps doesnt work...you can fire an aa 12 but it will be like firing a rocket...same for ag missiles...this is a bad thing and i wish one day we can modify this....for the source code i wrote directly to martin kenwright on facebook...but for now (and i think forever) no answer...why this long post? Because i think that if will be fantastic if from the awacs you can choose every plane and not only f22's...so i opened this thread to see if someone has done these tests before...
  9. help!!

    Thanks to all finally i installed taw...my bad mistake...forgotten to install some drivers for vista....sorry and thank you again!
  10. testing other planes

    I am back and luckily i managed to have taw 2.30 running in my old ing laptop...i said that because almost every time first or late i had f22.dat error...but i think is the mix between vista and the pc...i tried some tests 1)tried to fuel with russian planes they work only su 35 37 and 30 others seem not like the kc 135 2)i am trying also with il 78 but for now it seem "broken" in fact i cant connect 3)swing wing planes like tornado or f 14 had wing "blocked" 4) badly...russian weapons seem not working like asraams and other nato weapons If someone had tested stuff like this please let me know! I also want to thank homefries for hos disponibility when i asked similar questions and i want to know...if we can obtain source code taw will can be expanded in modding?
  11. help!!

    I did not found f22.$$$ but i am not sure if this depends to the fact that taw doesnt crash or i cannot find it...i used search function but nothing...i dont see f22.$$$...any options to suggest?
  12. help!!

    Yes game is installed in E:\did\... and i tried to set the exe with administrator...it is very strange...i have also ef 2000 reloaded and it works quite well (bit slow) but with no errors at all....i think for now your advice about f22.$$$ is the best solution...otherwise...will be difficult trying to solve a problem that in fact doesn exists!
  13. help!!

    In fact is no crashing because in task manager i see f22.dat in execution...but today i will search for the file you indicated me and i will se...thanks for your answers for now. I will report lately
  14. help!!

    I know mikew...i tried both solutions and checking unchecking compatibility mode...maybe i am doing something wrong between glide and d3d...the fact is that the screen blimps for a second and then...nothing...
  15. help!!

    I know...i also installed latest driver over this venerable pc...but nothing...and i see no errors....is this that deive me crazy...f22.dat is in execution but nothing....