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  1. Forum upgraded. New features.

    I shall have you thwone to the fwoor!
  2. Forum upgraded. New features.

    Yep. Preview is working now for me, too. Now, am I just not very observant, or is the "Emoticons I've used recently" a new feature in the smiley thingmie?
  3. Forum upgraded. New features.

    Hey all, I just upgraded the forum software to the latest version and there are a few new features. Notably, there is a preview icon on the far right of the new post editor. Click it and you can preview how your post will look in desktop, tablet, and phone displays. I just tried it, but all I got was a blank display ... so maybe not ready for prime time? I do know that the software is still re-indexing all the posts on the forum and that will take many, many hours, so maybe it'll start working. Or, maybe it'll work in different browsers. I'm using Firefox, and I'm too lazy to look at in Chrome, IE, Safari, and the like. Any feedback from y'all would be greatly appreciated. There is a slew of other minor improvements, so if you find things not working like before, sound off here and let me know. ~ The Dude Forum Fuhrer
  4. Hey Dude

    I had to pick up the Wife from the Nashville airport last night, after dinner and the drive home to Bowling Green it was late.

  5. Saturday

    Binky! All is well here. The fires are very far north of my location, but virtually every person here knows at least one or more people who either live or work in Fort McMurray where the fires are raging. What sims (if any) are you playing these days? We could use you in ArmA if you have the rig to run it
  6. Just Retired

    Heya, Arch ... Congrats on retirement. Pace yourself! You don't have to clean out the garage the first week
  7. How the hell are you

    Red! Gunny, Deacon, Madman, and I are still running and gunning in ArmA and doing the occasional sortie in IL-2. We could use your SAW in the line. I'll PM you the details. Other than that, Donnie, Stans are still locked in a post count race and Rommel returned with an epic story that pegged the mirth and surreal meters at 11. Anything else going on in here, I'm out of the loop, so I'll let the others fill you in.
  8. Rommel is off somewhere--- the world wonders...

    Finally! I'm all caught up Ready for more
  9. Rommel is off somewhere--- the world wonders...

    Need to duct tape Donnie's arse to a pipe the exits on the outside of the CSS Fishbait and start feeding him fried kielbasas and cabbage. We'll be off the sea floor in no time! That is, if Gunny doesn't foil my brilliant plan with his beano and whichamacallit mixture.
  10. Rommel is off somewhere--- the world wonders...

    Zhis ist von epich und cuckoo und funnybonen-schmackin' schtory! Apologies for my terrible Germlish.
  11. Hey, Donnie

    Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, that was a half-decent pun
  12. Hey, Donnie

    I went to take a look in the archives for you, Donnie ... but I didn't get very far. Anyone got a good anti-bacterial ointment for punji stick wounds?
  13. CSim hasn't changed much in ten years, eh?

    Well, one thing has changed, my wife hasn't followed Nascar for years. She got bored with it all when the cars became so similar as a result of all the chassis and suspension rules, and i think the final straw was the Chase format. She didn't even watch the Daytona 500, yesterday.