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  1. Exiled

    LOL! Gunny is gonna love this handle ... erm ... because he loves Fascists ... yeah, that's it
  2. Howdy!

    Joker! I just mentioned you in today's morning thread that I hadn't heard from you in a long time ... then I find this post about 4 down from that one. D'uh. Re your shreddin' gaming laptop, if you want to fly, you just need a copy of IL-2 Pacific Fighters and some mods. We haven't flown in a long time (been running and gunning in Arma3) but I've been itching to fly again, so perhaps over the Christmas break we can round up all the Death's Heads members and get our planes dusted off and flying again. I'll send you a PM with further details.
  3. Friday

    Dark outside. Real dark. That's all I got.
  4. Exiled

    LOL. Haven't heard from Baltaro or Jokertayus in a long time. And who was Delos? I don't recognize that as a variant of an old 'Simian. Question: do I pronounce Gunnyduce's name as Gunny-doose or Gunny-doo-chay? Other?
  5. Wednesday

    Still absurdly warm here. If this keeps up, I swear it won't be long before those giant Fox bats and Banana spiders extend their range to my town.
  6. Tuesday

    I screwed it up ... it's ... You'll shoot your eye out! And when I was confirming that it was indeed "shoot" and not "put", I found the quote for Madman's picture of Randy in his snowsuit: Randy (in a whiny voice): I can't put my arms down! Mother: Well ... put your arms down when you get to school. Now that's Now, Madman, I double-dog-dare ya to stick your tongue on this metal goal post.
  7. Tuesday

    You'll put your eye out!
  8. Tuesday

    It's 8:15am and 54F here. On December 12th. Truly we are seeing the End Times In all my fifty-<cough> years, I've never seen a December this warm. Walked into work this morning whistling a jaunty tune while wearing a light, unbuttoned coat and short sleeves. Normally, for this time of year, I should be walking like a stiff-legged penguin across sidewalks covered in black ice, muttering expletives through an icicle-encrusted scarf, and wearing not one, but two, over-stuffed goose-down coats. 'Tis truly messing with my hibernating bear brain.
  9. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    The hit-the-enter-key-twice-to-make-a-new-paragraph feature has been restored
  10. I am testing the return key (aka ENTER key) behavior. Ah, yes! If you want a new paragraph, you'll have to hit ENTER twice, like in the old times. Apologies to all I annoyed back then, and to all I am annoying now, with this change ... yet again.
  11. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    Is the new line / new paragraph behavior in the editor still bothering anyone? That is, do you guys prefer hitting the ENTER key twice or just once for a new paragraph? Seems this new version of the forum lets me set that behavior. Right now it's set to create a new paragraph with a single hit of the ENTER key. If you want to single space your lines ... like this, and this ... you have to hold the SHIFT key and hit ENTER so you get this tighter line spacing effect. If I change the site back to the old way it used to work, you'll have to hit the ENTER key twice to start a new paragraph. Let me know.
  12. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    Makes you look so much younger
  13. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    Oh, as per usual after a major upgrade, all the post, topic, and search indexes need to update. This can take a many, many hours. This can result in post formatting, emojis, and all sorts of stuff not looking right while the re-indexing completes.
  14. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    Y'all are such a bunch of drama queens. Forum upgraded. I have no idea yet what has changed, so sound off if you find anything new/different worthy of mentioning.