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  1. Our Schnauzer, Tehya

    OG, It sounds terrible to say, but I suffered more through the loss of a pet than I have with close relatives. Pets are part of the fabric of our lives. Their passing leaves a huge hole in our very existence. Everything in the home, from their favourite spots, to their toys, to their clumps of shed hair that you keep finding months after they are gone, just keep tearing open that wound in your heart. I hope Tehya rallies back from this, but if he does step on that rainbow bridge, know that he'll be waiting for you on the other side.
  2. SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight

    I laughed out loud when I saw that. Makes me wonder if there's a towel somewhere in that car, too
  3. SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight

    I watched the live stream and was pretty much gobsmacked by the entire event from the takeoff, to the booster landings, to deployment of the space-suited Starman in the Tesla roadster with those live images of Earth in the background. Truly a remarkable time to be alive and be able to witness this event. Here's the simultaneous booster landing with the sound of the double sonic booms: Here's the Starman in the car with Earth in the background: Too bad the core booster ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean, but they learned something for next time, so that's good.
  4. Saturday

    To paraphrase Kubrick's movie 2010: "My God. It's full of snow!" At least that's what I said when I looked at my driveway just now. Been snowing like crazy all day.
  5. What you been up to lately?

    Beauty contrails! I love contrails.
  6. Tuesday

    Warmish, but with high winds. The high winds will bring heavy snows later tonight. Shaping up to be a classic "Alberta Clipper" system that no doubt will wreak havoc along the highways and byways across the prairies. And to my friends in Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota ... you're welcome
  7. Monday

    Mornin'. Just coming out of a cold snap the last few days. Like CJ says, it's Monday. Blergh.
  8. Mort Walker has died

    Drew cartoons for 70 years ... that's what I call doing what you love and getting paid for it Thanks for the laughs, Mort
  9. Friday

    -11C/12F. Not horribly cold, but annoying all the same. On the other hand, it is Friday, so that's good

    IL-2 Sturmovik runs fine on my Win10 rig. I'm running of IL-2 I bought on Steam then added the SAS mod. Just fired it up a week or so a go and flew a coop mission with a buddy in Texas. And this is after I upgraded my PC from Win7 to Win10 just before I flew it. Absolutely no problems. Now, I cannot say if IL-2: Cliffs of Dover works on Win10 because I haven't tried that yet, and don't intend to because the AI in multiplayer online is pretty stupid and makes for boring dog fights.
  11. Wednesday

    Warmed up here. Should reach 40F today.
  12. Iconic voice. Will be missed.
  13. Friday

    Morning. Well, it ain't what I'd call picnic weather here. -11F but feels like -24F with the wind chill. And dark. Getting only 8-ish hours of sunlight this time of year. Welp, enjoy your day and pass the vitamin D.
  14. Welcome to the forums, thep0lish. Your post certainly was a walk down memory lane! First, no, you aren't breaking any rules here, and we'll all do what we can to help you. I'll have to dig around in my basement, because I did have an F22 Pro in a box ... but it may have gone to the HOTAS graveyard in one of my purges. I hope not, but I will look tomorrow as I was just about to hit the rack. As for Fox Pro, I don't think I ever used it ... or did I? Again, I'll have a look around. With regard to F22 .f22 and .m22 files ... I just did a quick search and found an old CD I burned way back in the day that has the complete contents our old FTP downloads server that I shut down in 2001. I've uploaded everything from that CD to an Amazon Cloud drive. Here's the link: COMBATSIM FTP DOWNLOADS from 2001. Check the "/joystick/tm/" , "/config/", and "/hotas/" folders when you get there (and everything else, too, since I haven't really looked at it all). And yes, I'm making it all public, so to anyone else who stumbles on this post, go for it ... and let me know if I inadvertently uploaded any pictures from my blunder years ;-) Now, as for getting real help on your quest, you can do no better than to contact Len Hjalmarson. Len was my co-founder of COMBATSIM.COM back in the day and he was bonkers for Thrustmaster gear----I think he even has the first ever HOTAS Cougar with serial number 00001 or some such. Len is, without a doubt, the guru of all things Thrustmaster. I just hope he still has his old files kicking around. You can reach Len at len.hjalmarson at gmail.com (<< put the @ back in that). Tell him I said "Hi!" Let us know how it goes Oh, one last thing ... that last screenshot in your post of the page with the fighter pilot helmet, the square grid, and the green gradient, I created that image back in 1997 or 1998 as part of the COMBATSIM.COM homepage. When I first saw it, I thought, where the hell on our site is that page?! I spent 30 minutes Googling this site looking for it, then finally did a generic Google search and found this reocities.com website. Nice to know my artwork is still kicking around out there! Finally, and this isn't related to this discussion, but just because I'm now all nostalgic after uploading that old FTP directory, here's the May 2001 calendar I found:
  15. Thursday

    -18F/-28C with a -31F/-35C windchill. The major travel routes are pretty much parking lots, intersections in the side streets are like polished glass, and if you smile outside your teeth might crack. However, we are well stocked with supplies of hot chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream, so we should be okay. I won't miss this January.
  16. Well that sucks Nights in White Satin, Gemini Dream, The Story in Your Eyes, and Your Wildest Dreams made it onto a few of my mix tapes back in the '80s. RIP.
  17. Wednesday

  18. Tuesday

    Here's Stans talking with his mates about the ol' days:
  19. Wednesday

  20. Wednesday

    Warmed up plenty here. 34F at 5:30 pm. Gotta love Chinook winds.
  21. Monday - Happy New Year!

    Things here are a balmy -25C/-13F with a windchill making it -31C/-24F. The meteorological prognosticators are telling us conditions tomorrow will climb to a near tropical -11C/12F. I may have to break out the Bermuda shorts! But seriously, it's not as cold as yesterday, but it's still deadly cold out there.
  22. Sunday

    -30C at the moment with a windchill of -40C ... nice that it warmed up a bit For my "Imperialist" cousins, that's -22F with a windchill of -40F. It's so cold here that the local zoo would not let the penguins out of their enclosure.
  23. Friday

    Windchill is currently at -34C. Going to -38C tonight. My dog is NOT happy about not going for walks in the park the last few days.