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  1. Morning all. 40F under clear skies. A southwesterly wind at roughly 15 to 25 mph will do us a big favor for Black Friday. Get ready for potential record breaking high temperatures. Expect highs reaching in the low 60s.
  2. Lockheed Ad - November 1942 1939: Germany warns all neutral shipping to stay clear of British and French coasts, or risk being sunk. This had already happened to a number of neutral ships, particularly at night when it was difficult to identify them. U-boat skippers were now given the go ahead to sink any ship not showing lights at night. 1939: In Czechoslovakia, the Gestapo execute 120 students who are accused of anti-Nazi plotting. *Sylva Koscina 1940: The Luftwaffe bomb Bristol. 1940: The first trainees from the Empire Air Training Scheme arrive in the UK. Sylva Koscina 1940: Treasury cancels Boxing Day Bank Holiday. 1940: Slovakian Prime Minister joins Tripartite Pact in Berlin. Sylva Koscina 1941: Two Luftwaffe officers, make the war's most audacious attempt to escape from a British POW camp. Lt. Heinz Schnabel and Oblt. Harry Wappler were prisoners in Camp No.15 near Penrith, Northumbria. Forging papers that identified them as Dutch officers serving in the RAF, they made their way to the RAF airfield at Kingstown near Carlisle and started the engine of a Miles Magister. Taking off, they soon realized they did not have the fuel to make it to Nazi-occupied Holland reluctantly they turned back, landing in a field about five miles north of Great Yarmouth. Recaptured, they were sent back to Camp No.15 again and sentenced to 28 days solitary confinement. 1941: The United States, while remaining neutral, expands the Lend-Lease program to include Charles de Gaulle's Free French troops. North American Aviation Ad - November 1943 1941: Theresienstadt Ghetto is established near Prague, Czechoslovakia. The Nazis will use it as a model ghetto for propaganda purposes. 1941: Rommel gives orders for his tanks to cut off the British supply routes by thrusting towards the Egyptian frontier, or as it became known, the 'dash for the wire'. By the end of the day Rommel's tanks had reached the frontier and caused complete confusion in the rear of the Eighth Army. 1941: US Army commanders across the Pacific are warned of the possible imminence of war. Sylva Koscina 1942: Laval sets up Phalange Africaine, to fight allies in Africa. 1943: Berlin reported as a 'sea of flames' this morning with casualty estimates put at between 8-10,000 killed. Sylva Koscina 1944: The allies cross the Saar near the Franco-German border. Troops of the French First Army capture Mühlhausen in Alsace, while the French 2nd Armored Division takes Strasbourg. 1944: USAAF B29s from Saipan Island in Pacific, bomb Tokyo for first time, but to little effect. Sylva Koscina *Yugoslavian beauty Sylva Koscina was born in Zagreb on August 22, 1933. World War II proved to be catastrophic in her home country, first with the invasion by Germany and later with the Russian invasion, culminating in about a million deaths. Koscina and her family fled to Italy following the end of the war. After winning some beauty contests as a teenager, she attended the University of Naples and worked as a fashion model before becoming an actress. Her first film was the Italian comedy "Are We Men or Corporals?" (1955; with Toto). Koscina had acted in a string of comedies when she was cast in the peplum adventure "Hercules" (1958; with Steve Reeves). With the international success of "Hercules", Koscina became a star. After returning for the sequel "Hercules Unchained" (1959; with Steve Reeves), she acted in such films as "Jessica" (1962; with Angie Dickinson and Maurice Chevalier), "Hot Enough for June" (1964; with Dirk Bogarde), "Three Bites of the Apple" (1967; with David McCallum and Tammy Grimes), and "Hornets' Nest" (1970; with Rock Hudson). Often appearing unclad in her later films, Koscina appeared nude in "He and She" (1969; with Laurence Harvey)and "The House of Exorcism" (1973; with Telly Savalas and Elke Sommer), among others. Sylva Koscina's film career slowed in the mid 1970s, and thereafter she appeared in films only on a sporadic basis. Koscina posed nude for Italian Playboy in 1975 at the age of 42, but the pictorial did not help her flagging film career. Her last film role came in the 1994 release "Kim Novak Is on the Phone". Koscina passed away in Rome on December 26, 1994, from heart problems (some sources cite breast cancer as the cause of death) at the age of 61. TRIVIA: Measurements: 39-25-37 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine) Height: 5' 10 1/2" (1.79 m) Spouse: Raimondo Castelli (1967 - 1971) (divorced) Goodyear Aircraft Ad - November 1944
  3. Herr Boner Lick will be out shopping to replace his Justin Bieber blow up doll again. He keeps wearing them out so bad that there is no place left on it's hind end to apply another rubber tire patch.
  4. Interesting that it took Flick four days to come up with a lie to respond to the photo in this thread.
  5. Fink isn't invited. I'm sure he will be busy writing Twitter posts for the Prez.
  6. Morning all. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans here at CSIM! The babes in the Babe Bunker™ will be up in a few hours roasting turkey and getting the rest of our Thanksgiving feast prepared. Hope you all have a great day, drive careful if you are going to visit relatives and or friends. Clear skies and 29F. A mostly sunny day, with a high of 47F.
  7. American Locomotive Ad - November 1942 1939: RAF shoots down seven German aircraft over France. 1939: The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau intercept a convoy, which is escorted by the merchant cruiser Rawalpindi. The Scharnhorst sinks the Rawalpindi, which sacrificed itself in order that the convoy could escape. The British Home Fleet puts to sea in an attempt to engage the two German ships. However, both the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau have already headed for home. The Royal Navy recovers its first intact German Magnetic mine. These type of mines have been causing an increasing number of casualties to shipping, in and around the UK. 1939: The Nazis in control of Poland issue a decree requiring all Polish Jews over the age of twelve to wear white armbands emblazoned with a blue Star of David. *Karen Randle 1940: Southampton is hit badly by the Luftwaffe. 1940: Seven Italian Caproni BR20m bombers, flying from bases in Belgium, are shot down by Fighter Command during an air attack on the UK. 1940: Romanian leader Antonescu in Berlin and agrees to joins the Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy and Japan. Karen Randle 1941: German troops are now only 35 miles north-west of Moscow. 1941: Axis forces destroy the 5th South African Brigade after five days of tank battles round Tobruk. 1941: U.S. troops move into Dutch Guiana to guard the bauxite mines. Karen Randle 1942: The Russians claim 24,000 prisoners have been taken since the start of their counter offensive. 1942: Retreating before the British 8th Army (Montgomery), Panzer Army Afrika reaches El Agheila. 1942: Japanese air raid on Darwin, Australia. American Locomotive Ad - November 1942 1943: Berlin hit again by the RAF, making it the worst bombed city in Germany with 12,000 tons dropped on it this year alone. 1943: The allies cross the Sangro in strength. 1943: United States forces seized control of the Tarawa and Makin atolls from the Japanese. Karen Randle 1944: The allies declare Macedonia on Greek Yugoslav border, free of Germans. 1945: Wartime meat and butter rationing ends in the United States. Karen Randle *Karen Randle was born in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma (year unknown). She helps her cousin, Eugene Worley, of Texas, in his successful congressional campaign. Worley tips off producer Walter Wanger to her photogenic qualities. In January 1945, is among seven starlets selected as the "best bets" for screen stardom in 1945. The others are Kerry Vaughn, Daun Kennedy, Kathleen O'Malley, Barbara Bates, Poni Adams, and Joan Trent. Karen Randle Karen Randle appeared in 16 films during her career, beginning with "Storm Over Lisbon" (1944). She went on to work in "Salome, Where She Danced" (1945) with Yvonne De Carlo, "That's the Spirit" (1945), "Lady on a Train" (1945) with Deanna Durbin, Ralph Bellamy, Edward Everett Horton and Dan Duryea, "This Love of Ours" (1945), "Frontier Gal" (1945) with Yvonne De Carlo, Rod Cameron and Andy Devine, "Because of Him" (1946), "A Night in Paradise" (1946), "Song of Scheherazade" (1947), "Mexican Hayride" (1948) with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, "Adventures of Don Juan" (1949), "The Cowboy and the Prizefighter" (1949), "Blonde Dynamite" (1950) was the 17th of Monogram/Allied Artists' 48 Bowery Boys entries. "Kill the Umpire" (1950), the serial "Mysterious Island" (1951) and "Hurricane Island" (1951). She died on July 7, 2011 in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company Ad - November 1942
  8. RIP David.
  9. Morning all. 14F under clear skies. Increasing clouds. High reaching 35F. My vacation starts in an hour or so as Lottie is heading to Pennsylvania for a week to visit her sister. If you want to come party and visit the Babe Bunker™, please BYOB as Lottie has taken most of the money in our account to keep me from throwing an extravagant party.
  10. Yank Magazine Pin Up Girls Edition Cover Featuring Eve Whitney, Elaine Shepard, Helen O'Hara, Kay Booth and Noreen Roth - January 26, 1945 1939: German aircraft parachute mines in to the Thames Estuary. 1940: Greeks defeat the Italian 9th Army. *Shirley Jones 1941: All operational U-boats ordered to proceed to the Mediterranean or its approach. 1941: The 3rd Panzer Korps captures Rostov-on-Don. Shirley Jones 1941: A confused battle continues around Sidi Rezegh, with XXX Corps being forced to stop it advance towards Tobruk after the loss of many tanks and for the Tobruk break-out to be halted. Better news for XIII Corps though as it captures Sidi Omar and Capuzzo. Shirley Jones 1942: The Soviet 4th Mechanised Corps from the south and the 4th Tank Corps from the north, join hands at Kalach on the Don, thus establishing the complete encirclement of the 300,000 men of 6th and 4th Panzer Army's. The Russians report gains of up to 50 mites south of Stalingrad. Studebaker Ad - November 1943 1943: The RAF give Berlin the worst pounding so far, with more than 2,300 tons of bombs dropped in less than 30 minutes for the loss of just 26 planes. 1943: German troops complete the occupation of the islands of the Dodecanese in the eastern Mediterranean. 1943: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo to discuss measures for defeating Japan. Shirley Jones 1944: The RAF make a second breach in the Dortmund-Ems Canal. 1944: Fighting in Metz is over but seven forts still hold out. Shirley Jones *Shirley Mae Jones was born on March 31, 1934 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, to Methodist parents Marjorie (née Williams), a strict, strong-minded homemaker, and Paul Jones, owners of the Jones Brewing Company. An only child, she was named after Shirley Temple. The family later moved to nearby Smithton, Pennsylvania. Jones could sing almost as soon as she could speak. Encouraged by her summer camp counselors, her family arranged for teen-aged Shirley to study twice a week, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the world-renowned singer and teacher, Ralph Lawando. Afterwards, she frequently joined her father for a show at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, where she fell in love with the musical theatre. In New York City, she was convinced to sing for a Broadway agent, Gus Sherman. Sherman was pleased to put Jones under contract, and with her parents' approval, she resettled in New York City and gave herself one year to become a Broadway performer. She only had $100 in her pocket. If she did not succeed, she would move back to Smithton and work as a veterinarian. Her first audition was for a replacement chorus girl in the long-running musical, "South Pacific". Rodgers and Hammerstein, writers of South Pacific, saw great potential in Jones. She became the first and only singer to be put under personal contract with the songwriters. The duo cast her in her second Broadway show, "Me and Juliet". On tour, she understudied the lead and earned rave reviews. Jones impressed Rodgers and Hammerstein with her musically trained voice and she was cast as the female lead in the film adaptation of their hit musical "Oklahoma!" in 1955. Other film musicals quickly followed, including "Carousel", "April Love" (1957) and "The Music Man", in which she was often typecast as a wholesome, kind character. However, she won a 1960 Academy Award for her performance in Elmer Gantry portraying a woman corrupted by the title character played by Burt Lancaster. Her character becomes a prostitute who encounters her seducer years later and takes her revenge. She was reunited with Ron Howard (who had played a role in The Music Man) in "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" (1963). Jones landed the role of a lady who fell in love with the professor in "Fluffy" (1965). In addition, she also has an impressive stage résumé, including playing the title character in the Broadway musical "Maggie Flynn" in 1968. Shirley Jones In 1970, after her film roles dwindled, and after turning down the role of Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch", which role ultimately went to Florence Henderson, Jones was more than happy to be the producers' first choice to audition for the lead role of Shirley Partridge in "The Partridge Family", an ABC sitcom based on the real-life musical family The Cowsills. The series focused on a young widowed mother whose five children form a pop rock group after the entire family painted its signature bus to travel. She was convinced that the combination of music and comedy would be a surefire hit. Jones realized, however, that: During its first season, it became a hit and was screened in over 70 countries. Within months, Jones and her co-stars were pop culture television icons. Her real-life twenty-year-old stepson David Cassidy, who was an unknown actor at the time, played Shirley Partridge's eldest son, Keith, and became the hottest teen idol in the country. The show itself also spawned a number of records and songs performed by David and Shirley. That same year, "I Think I Love You" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart. While enjoying playing Shirley Partridge, Jones was in a real-life crisis with her emotionally troubled husband. By 1974, the ratings had sunk low, David Cassidy finally had had enough of playing Keith Partridge, and one of his teenage fans had died of heart failure from injuries sustained while attending one of his concerts. The Partridge Family was dropped from the prime-time lineup after four seasons and 96 episodes. Though Jones was outraged about the series' cancellation, she held the show together. In fact, it was one of six series to be canceled that year (along with Room 222, The F.B.I., The Brady Bunch, Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, and Here's Lucy) to make room for new shows. Shirley Jones' friendship with David Cassidy's family began in the mid to late 1950s, when David was just six, after he learned about his father's divorce from his mother Evelyn Ward. Upon David's first meeting with Shirley before co-starring with her on The Partridge Family, he said, "The day he tells me that they're divorced, he tells me, 'We're remarried, and let me introduce you to my new wife.' On August 5, 1956, Jones married the actor Jack Cassidy, with whom she had three sons, Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan. David Cassidy, Jack's only child from his first marriage to actress Evelyn Ward, became her stepson. Divorcing Cassidy in 1974, she later married comic/actor Marty Ingels on November 13, 1977. Despite drastically different personalities and several separations (she filed, then withdrew, a divorce petition in 2002), they remained married. She was best friends with her late co-star Gordon MacRae and his ex-wife Sheila, and he was the godfather of her first son, Shaun Cassidy. She also admitted that she had a crush on Gordon when she was young and was starstruck when she worked opposite him on "Oklahoma!". She is also the one who convinced MacRae to take the part as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel" when Frank Sinatra, who had originally been cast, suddenly dropped out during the first days of filming. According to Jones, Sinatra left because he'd been outraged that the director asked for an additional take on a scene, shouting "Am I being paid twice for this??" Her father, Paul, underwent surgery for lung cancer in 1958 but died within days. Jones is a registered Republican who appeared at the 1988 Republican Convention and sang the national anthem. She also sang at the 2003 lighting of the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C., at President George W. Bush's request. Jones and Shaun Cassidy are the only mother and son to each have a song reach number one on the Billboard Charts. Jones hit #1 with The Partridges' "I Think I Love You" in 1970 (sung with stepson David Cassidy). Shaun followed that in 1977 with "Da Do Ron Ron." On the evening of December 11, 1976, after Jones had refused an offer of reconciliation from Jack Cassidy, she received news that her ex-husband's penthouse apartment was in flames. Apparently, the fire started from his lit cigarette while he was falling asleep on the couch. The next morning, the firefighters found Cassidy's dead body inside. In 1979, The National Enquirer ran a story about Jones's consumption of alcoholic beverages and her second husband's erratic behavior. Together they filed a $20 million lawsuit that dragged on until 1984 when the tabloid agreed to a retraction and an out-of-court settlement. Jones and Ingels wrote an autobiography based on their quirky relationship/marriage, Shirley & Marty: An Unlikely Love Story. Jones is the grandmother of eight: Caitlin, Jake, Juliet, Caleb, Roan, and Lila Cassidy, from son Shaun Cassidy, and Cole and Jack, from son Patrick Cassidy. She's also the stepgrandmother of two: Katie and Beau Cassidy, from stepson and former Partridge Family co-star, David Cassidy. TRIVIA: Measurements: 34-21-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine) Height: 5' 5 1/2" (1.66 m) Winner of the 1952 Miss Pittsburgh Pageant Miss Pennsylvania 1952 first runner-up; her prize was a two year scholarship to the drama school at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Studebaker Ad - November 1944
  11. Morning all. 38F under clear skies. Partly cloudy and windy. Slowly falling temperatures. Winds out of the NW at 20-30 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH possible. We've already achieved our high forecast for today of 38F.
  12. Oldsmobile Ad - November 1942 1939: Prime Minister Chamberlain imposes an embargo on all German trade, with goods currently in Britain, but destined for shipment to Germany to be confiscated. 1939: Prime Minister Chamberlain announces the seizure of German merchant shipping in retaliation for the sinking of neutral ships and indiscriminate mine warfare. **Stella Stevens 1939: The German Battlecruiser's Scharnhorst and Gneisenau set off from Germany on a mission to harry British sea routes in the North Atlantic. 1940: Greeks capture Koritza, defeating Italian IX Army. Stella Stevens 1942: The situation for the 6th Army is deteriorating fast, not least owing to the fact that Army HQ is being relocated which leads to serious disruptions in communications with the troops in and outside the city. 1943: Field Marshal Kesselring is appointed commander-in-chief of all German forces in Italy, while Rommel leaves his command to organize the Atlantic wall. Oldsmobile Ad - November 1943 1944: The US 8th Air Force launches heavy attacks against Hamburg and the synthetic fuel producing plants of Leuna at Merseburg. 1944: Albanian patriots free the capital, Tirana. Stella Stevens 1945: All the top ranking Nazis at Nuremberg plead innocent. Stella Stevens *1937: The first stretch of the German Autobahn is opened for use. The main purpose of the road is to deploy and supply its forces throughout the country. Eventually, 4,500 miles of four-lane highway will cover Germany. Stella Stevens **Stella Stevens was born Estelle Caro Eggleston on October 1, 1936 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the only child of Dovey Estelle (née Caro) and Thomas Ellett Eggleston. She married electrician Noble Herman Stephens on December 1, 1954, probably in Memphis, Tennessee, with whom she had her only child, actor/producer Andrew Stevens. She and Herman Stephens divorced three years later, although she and her son retained a variation of his surname as their own professional surnames. She has been romantically linked to Vince Edwards, Jerry Lewis, Peter Sellers, Skip Ward and Sidney Korshak. She has never verified any of these friendships. Stevens was first under contract to 20th Century Fox, then dropped after six months. After winning the role of "Appassionata Von Climax" for the musical "Li'l Abner" (1959), she signed a contract with Paramount Pictures (1959-1963) and later Columbia Pictures (1964-1968). She shared the 1960 Golden Globe Award for "Most Promising Newcomer - Female", with Tuesday Weld, Angie Dickinson and Janet Munro for "Say One For Me". In 1960, Stevens was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for January (and had featured pictorials in 1965 and 1968). Stevens was in the 100 sexiest stars of the 20th Century (#27). During the 1960s, she was one of the ten most photographed women in the world, carving herself a distinctive 'sexy kitten' niche which was quite distinct from the overwhelming sexpot image of Marilyn Monroe and the numerous Monroe clones of the period. Stella Stevens In 1962, Stevens starred opposite Elvis Presley in "Girls! Girls! Girls!". Later that year, she portrayed Jerry Lewis's love interest in "The Nutty Professor". This was followed by other comic turns as the former "Miss Montana" beauty queen in Vincente Minnelli's "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and opposite Dean Martin in the "Matt Helm" spy spoof "The Silencers" plus "How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life". Stevens was featured in Sam Peckinpah's western "The Ballad of Cable Hogue" in 1970 with Jason Robards. In 1972, she appeared in Irwin Allen's "The Poseidon Adventure" as "Linda Rogo" (the former-hooker wife of Ernest Borgnine's character). Stevens appeared in dozens of TV shows. An early appearance was in the Bonanza episode "Silent Thunder" playing a deaf mute (the episode aired in December 1960) a role she played with exceptional charm and success. She was a regular on the 1981-1982 primetime soap opera "Flamingo Road". She teamed with the late Sandy Dennis in a touring production of an all-female version of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple", playing the Oscar Madison character. She had a contract role on NBC's daytime drama "Santa Barbara" as Phyllis Blake from 1989 to 1990. Stevens produced and directed two films, "The Ranch" (1989) and "The American Heroine" (1979). TRIVIA: Voluptuous figure reported to be a perfect 36C-24-36 as a starlet. (Source: celebrity Sleuth magazine). Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m) She was discovered modeling in the tea room of Goldsmith's Department Store in Memphis Tennessee, where a press-agent from United Artists told her if she could get to New York while he was there, he could introduce her to the executives at Twentieth Century Fox. Oldsmobile Ad - November 1944
  13. Country music singer Mel Tillis, whose six-decade career included hits such as “I Ain’t Never” and “Coca Cola Cowboy” and who never let his stutter get in the way of him becoming a legend, died on Sunday. RIP Mel
  14. Burn baby burn. Worthless excuse for a human being. Should have been dead decades ago.
  15. Morning all. 31F under clear skies. Mostly sunny, windy, and warmer. Winds out of the SW at 15-25 MPH. High of 55F.