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  1. Krycztij

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Linux is actually a common request for my software, from something like 5 % of users. So I seek to enhance compatibility wherever I can, and I welcome and value your information FYI: You can set render states in D3D 11 to NULL to trigger default behavior. E.g. set depth-stencil to NULL and you get default Z buffering with "pass if closer" Z test. This saves me a dozen function calls where others pass explicit parameters. It’s easy to overlook in the documentation and I’ve never seen anyone else do it, so I suspect early Wine missed out on it and this resulted in a mis-configured render pipeline. Anyway, I hope to improve the lighting situation soon. There will be no hard-coded shadows in TFXplorer’s custom terrain. It will be computed from directional light, just the way it’s meant to be. Don’t waste your time on shadows. Still very slow progress and short on time, though.
  2. Krycztij

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Well I might add software rendering as a fallback path, just in case. But the software renderer needs to be provided by Wine and is a complex, rarely used component, so I suspect even more problems to arise … Okay. I got a suspicion, because I do clever things here and there (always 100 % compliant with the D3D API, though! ) but good to know it’s been fixed anyway.
  3. Krycztij

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    So it’s a first conversion? Very good! No duplicate triangles? Interesting. I can’t imagine what the problem was …
  4. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    The advantage with Clang is, many platforms (all but Windows and Windows Phone?) have no Microsoft compiler at all. So if you want to run TFXplorer on Android, Linux, MacOS – you better have it compile fine with Clang/GCC! Yes, somewhere downstream I have to deal with Linux file* instead of Win32 HANDLE sooner or later. But it’s just an isolated point. Of course I could develop it with standard C FILE*, which compiles everywhere – but then advantages like SIMD and file mapping would vanish. The next step towards multi-platform is a Vulkan renderer. But I digress – we agreed to do other things first
  5. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    I’m incredibly glad to hear that! 90 % of C++ projects don’t compile after a few years due to missing dependencies and compiler changes. Seems like my decision to rely on nothing but WinAPI and DirectX paid off, at least for this small DLL project (Talking about compiler changes: Lean Viewer now compiles with Clang. Still way to go with TFXplorer, but it’s a good start for platform independence.)
  6. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    No he didn’t 😞 I didn’t find any time, and I’m sooo sorry about that. My new job has given me so much inspiration (e.g. about connecting Python with a C++ product, something I’m very keen on doing in TFXplorer just for Mike’s joy!) but it’ll also keep me busy for some more weeks. Absolutely agreeing here! Such impressive work by both of you!
  7. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    TFXplorer once had code to display the collision boxes, but I suspect I’ve deactivated it for a long time … maybe I’ll resurrect it this weekend for you (don’t know how much spare time I get ) … TARGET_AREA_DATA … I don’t even know what it’s for. TARGETS … not sure.
  8. It actually is a running gag in Germany, and it re-surfaced during the Ukraine crisis
  9. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    Great analysis
  10. Krycztij


    The unit is always meters. (TFXplorer is SI-based since ~2015; TFX’s units have since been converted with a tiny rounding error.) Tiles can have an arbitrary size in meters, not necessarily integer
  11. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    Please take into account my uploaded screenshots! https://app.box.com/file/24479249637 https://app.box.com/file/24479287085 https://app.box.com/file/24516749789 https://app.box.com/file/24467849463 https://app.box.com/file/24467848487
  12. Krycztij


    Minor update: Last week, I finally isolated the code for tile sidelength. This was a major problem in the way of new terrain, because TFX’s tile sidelength (16384 ft) was hard-coded everywhere. I can now use arbitrary sidelength with arbitrary geometry: Forward, step by step
  13. Krycztij

    Interpretation of SSD files

    Thanks, I’ll try soon! If you want to see the crashes in person, fly to Aden. Fly to the tile with the large airport tower. Shoot at the buildings. You’ll see that the collision boxes don’t match the visuals and eventually, it’ll crash. I suspect it’s something about the order of collision boxes …
  14. Krycztij

    Spitfire replica crashed

    Yes; the first one was a glider crashing next to me last summer, but without injuries. What’s the chance …