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  1. [DONE] forum upgrade this Sunday

    Come on, the update might finally fix your profile photo
  2. World Editor-3P-4tfx

    Mike, have you ever checked if EF2000 writes debug messages to a second monitor? According to this thread, a lot of games from the era did that: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5130-dos-monochrome-display-memory-watcher-for-dosbox/
  3. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Yeah, seven bucks my ###! Also, a correction: They released the game on Steam three years ago. At least some reviews are dated to November 2014. I was more interested in the technical details; i.e. did they bundle it with a DOS emulator? The reviews on their Falcon 4.0 re-release are in part very negative; stating that it doesn’t even install properly.
  4. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    I just noticed billionsoft (the new brand owner from Hongkong) released F-117A on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/328920/F117A_Nighthawk_Stealth_Fighter_20/ Anybody tried it?
  5. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    @Toumal: Thanks! When will we get a playable demo of Stealth? @Mike: The quality of OpenStreetMap here in Europe is quite good. At leasts that’s what my neighbor says – he likes to improve the data sets in his spare time. There is one advantage to it that just can’t be dismissed: Once you integrate it, crowd intelligence will improve the roads over time. No other work for us than upgrading the dataset and DING, instant realism
  6. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Have you tried just using double precision? 10 km from the origin, singles give you precision of 1 cm (closest neighbor of 10'000.0 is 10'000.0009765625) doubles have that precision even at magnitudes of Sun-Neptune distance (closest neighbor of 5'000'000'000'000.0 is 5'000'000'000'000.0009765625, which is 33 Astronomical Units) The reason I never used it for TFXplorer was cache locality and SIMD throughput, but if you’re on Unity, that’s hardly a thing to care about
  7. World Editor-3P-4tfx

    I’m doing the best I can Xplane’s minutes of loading time can be avoided. However, I guess everyone on the project is short on time, and in a rush it’s better to get something going slow instead of trying to make it perfectly fast but not finishing it at all. My approach on graphics is: If you are on a real plane and take a HD photo and compress it to PNG, that’s a 5 MB file. 5 MB of entropy, that’s all your eye needs for photorealism. I don’t think TFXplorer will ever be forced to load GB of data just to generate 5 MB of entropy on the screen. But now there’s the problem I mentioned above: it’ll probably take another decade to finish it …
  8. Charles Manson is dead

    He was one sick guy.
  9. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Nonetheless, that’s rapid progress and it looks fantastic!
  10. I loved Friday on My Mind. Wasn’t he one side of Flash & the Pan as well? Hey St. Peter and And the Band Played On were great. (I’m confused over George, Malcolm, and Angus Young, so I hope I’m not talking trash here.)
  11. BTW: COMBATSIM.COM is 10 Years Old

    Wow, yeah. I just read about Combatsim’s history for the first time and it really is exciting. I’m looking forward to the next birthday as well!
  12. TFXplorer

    Mine doesn’t even have a second screen
  13. TFXplorer

    NT’s Raw Input API (in hid.dll). From what I can see here, this is still under construction in Wine … I’d be very glad if you could find me information on the current state and what Wine supports and where its current problems lie. (https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?t=16184#p78989) … then came TFXplorer, which used RawInput for mouse, keyboard, and joystick together …
  14. Hello

    Hi LANCIA! I’m always happy to meet other flight sim fanatics
  15. Time to tune in, turn on, and drop out...

    Love them all!