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  1. Me, too!
  2. I guess I used ImageShack in my very first posts here (ca. 2011?) and they deleted my pictures pretty fast … I’d rather not use it again, and if they want a fee now, well who cares!
  3. Can’t see anything. If I try to open the image source, I’m asked to sign it.
  4. I left photobucket a few years ago, when they started deleting my images. I usually rely on the attachment option of the forum I’m posting in. I can be 99 % sure it will never ever be deleted or replaced with ads. That doesn’t work with CombatSim, however, because it downscales attachments on upload. Should we ask TheDude about it? I tried Dropbox, but the hotlinking option has some catches – especially for folders with restricted access. There was some issue with you seeing your image fine, but it will be placeholder for other users. I don’t recall exactly, but I moved on. I tried tinypic. Never created an account, but at least my images are still online (e.g. here). There is no guarantee that they don’t, in a few years, become like photobucket, though. I remember MGonzales hosting his images on his own server. I guess that’s the only true way to go, but I don’t have one … Nevermind, with current DOS attacks you’d rather host your stuff via CloudFlare or something like that. I hope I could help.
  5. My list: 00 TFX2 entity 04 TFX2 sub-entity 20 TFX2/3 terrain without LOD 83 TFX3 entity 87 TFX3 sub-entity A3 TFX3 terrain with LOD With “sub-entity” meaning that it is typically attached to something else, e.g. many weapon shapes are sub-entities to planes. Wow, that’s an interesting find! If I just had some time, I’d look at JR myself …
  6. I’m re-constructing this from code comments, so it will probably not be 100 % right, but: My code handles hard-coded textures names in any class (00, 04, 20, 83, 87, A3). I can’t recall if it was out of necessity or just for simplifying code. TFXplorer uses rendering priority directly, not taking into account shape classes. However, this only applies to terrain shapes because planes/tanks/… are handled entirely different from TAW’s rendering. Summary: I don’t know anything for sure
  7. That has been heavily optimized, but if we resolve it to plain old if-elses, it’s basically this: resX = GetSystemMetrics(0); resY = GetSystemMetrics(1); if(resX != 800 || resY != 600) { return false; } sub_4EA8F0(); Sleep(500); // wait half a second resX = GetSystemMetrics(0); resY = GetSystemMetrics(1); if(resX != 800 || resY != 600) { return false; } return true; It checks if the resolution is 800×600 by default. If not, it calls sub_4EA8F8(), which I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s some DirectDraw or Win32 stuff to force resolution to 800×600. It lets half a second pass to realize that change, then it checks again. At this point I’m sure sub_4EA8F8() fails for whatever reason. Does the display driver/monitor support 800×600 at all?
  8. But where’s the volleyball!? Can we introduce it into the monk’s backstory? There’s plenty of volleyball-worthy sand in Iran’s desert, I suppose …
  9. RA is Huffman, and as such it has very high CPU demand (lots of ALU and cache pressure). I have not seen anything like that in early 1990ies systems (even sliding windows were rare), so I stand by my opinion – it is very likely RLE compression
  10. Oh, this is even more interesting when you consider that ILBMs are already compressed! In order to not make the resulting file smaller at all, the ILBM needs to be stored in an uncompressed format before JR’ing it. I’ve seen some RLE compressions on Atari and PlayStation, and I can only recommend: pick a human-readable file like TXT or INI to begin with find consecutive chunks (e.g. the 12 B of “FORM----ILBM”, then 2B of “HD”) list them with the leading codes (in this case “02 00 F2 BA 00 00 63 B8” and “01”) unless you are very gifted at cracking codes, translate the leading codes to binary (these algorithms are always bit-packed and it’s very hard to find patterns in the hex numbers) try finding patterns, of course sort the consecutive chunks by length or by frequency of occurancy, maybe this reveals identical bits consider that these algorithms may be using words instead of bytes I guess it’s something RLE-related, because “01” just before the two “HD” bytes seems too much of a coincidence. Maybe you get a clue from PackBits, the ILBM RLE compression: auto n = next_byte(); if(n <= 127) { // copy the following n + 1 bytes literally } else if(n > 128) { // replicate the following byte 257 - n times (the numbers make much more sense if you consider the byte signed, but I didn’t for performance, sorry!) } else { // reserved; ignore } … or the PCX RLE compression: auto n = next_byte(); if(0xC0 <= n) { auto const count = 0x3F & n; // replicate the following byte this many times } else { // copy the byte } … or something from PlayStation: auto n = next_byte_signed(); if(n < 0) { // repeat the following byte 2 + |n| times } else { // copy the following 1 + n bytes } The pattern is always the same, just the magic numbers differ a lot (they’re often hand-tuned for good results with the game).
  11. Sunny saturday, had a walk with my family. A glider crashed just a few meters away from us into the trees – I rushed to help, but the pilot had lots of luck and could just walk away with no injuries. I did something very stupid: I didn’t call the fire department, because it was really just a bent plane and the pilot reassured me it wouldn’t be necessary. However, I learned later that people farther away heard the crash, called 911, and they searched the area with a helicopter to find the crash site. I could have avoided that. Well, flight simulators didn’t prepare me for this
  12. Could this be the reason it’s unused? Considering what has been said about EF2000 (“project from hell”, “a million lines of pants-down code”), occurance of such opcodes doesn’t surprise me at all.
  13. Sounds like an optimized version of the triangle jump to me. Like „hey we can save two bytes and 20 CPU cycles if we use two points instead of three“; Art department saying „this is really hard to understand for our artists when they make the models“; everyone going back to the triangle version …
  14. Two points don’t define a plane … how does 0011 decide to jump, then? Maybe distance related (point 1 closer to the viewer than point 2)?
  15. Could this be a multi-GPU issue? E.g. the main GPU offloading to the integrated GPU for power saving or due to a driver error?