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  1. Can we please move on in the TAW Terrain Format thread? I intended this thread for general TFXplorer news/feedback/suggestions rather than terrain format analysis
  2. No! We need you! Regarding FFFF: In TFX2 as well as TFX3, FFFF marks a missing terrain tile. I.e. a hole in the terrain. No shape is found there. These are rare to find, but there must have been some of them in unused worlds, otherwise I wouldn’t have programmed it like that. (I remember specifically, that I didn’t want that special case in my TFX2 handling but then some worlds would just crash TFXplorer so I had to insert it.) If you find a better meaning for FFFF, I’ll be very happy to implement it. But from what I’ve seen, it’s just a placeholder for void. (Other games have them as well, e.g. the tile maps of Ace Combat 2 & 3).
  3. It’s me, sadly. As a bystander, my camera work would have been *much* better
  4. Footage of the new contrail rendering. Contrails challenging because lots of data (particles!) is generated in many places all the time contrails are visible before the actual planes enter range of sight, and that’s a conceptual problem in the LOD system Bonus: with D3D 9 and Windows XP, there is no geometry shader to exploit GPU particle magic I plan to use the system for dust trails, smoke trails, and explosions as well. It’ll be available through the plane API. It’s such a pretty sight! But there are other priorities right now, so it’ll take a while for the contrails to find their way into an official build …
  5. Thanks a lot, Mike! The wheels look much larger in any picture on the internet, so I’ll treat it as a flaw in TAW’s shape! Those engine pods look small as well.
  6. Noticed something strange with disks: According to Goodyear, KC-135 tires are 49×17.0R20 – and that looks almost exactly twice as large as the wheels on TAW’s models. Could it be that we misunderstood the according instruction and now 3View/TFXplorer display many wheels in half scale? Or are they that small in the original game?
  7. Yes, recording was PITA – requires the correct program, display resolution, recording format. Now, finally, 1080p, 60 Hz. It’s your version. There shouldn’t be a difference to the official build either I was just really careful on the throttle. Reading my text eight posts above, it only took me two years to figure it out Edit: Very annoying how YouTube mis-identifies the game as EF2000. It tells me I could change that in the options, and I already did this twice after upload, but it displays EF2000 nontheless (probably because TFXplorer is no registered game title). The culling video was identified as Minecraft, now it’s EF2000 as well
  8. I finally managed to take a video of TFXplorer: Now that I’ve learned it, more will follow
  9. I cannot recall that world. At first I thought I would, but I confused it with Iceland, which, in many European languages, is pronounced just like Island. Do we have a list of all possible worlds? I recall “Newworld” as well …
  10. Yes, that’s the new gear physics. With TAW, it was impossible to flip over and it was very hard to damage the plane on landing (sometimes I saw 30 g during touchdown and the plane went out unaffected). The new physics don’t forgive that much. I fear that it’s a showstopper for casual gamers, so if you think the suspension should tolerate more stress, just tell me. Yes; TAW thrust per engine: 93.6 kN dry 156 kN with afterburner TFXplorer: 116 kN dry 160 kN with afterburner Dry thrust source is Wikipedia ( ); afterburner thrust is listed as 156-kN-“class” with estimates as high as 173 kN. If you have better numbers, tell me and I’ll correct it. On the other hand, fuel consumption is much higher (5× specific thrust) in TFXplorer so it should come out more balanced. And while we’re at it: What do you think, how much does afterburner affect fuel consumption? 140 % thrust consumes 10× the fuel of 100 % thrust in TAW and in TFXplorer. I feel like it should be 2 or 3× instead … That’s easy: There is one SSD for each tile in the terrain. SSDs often use just one .3 shape (the terrain), but some of them use more (e.g. an airstrip SSD uses terrain, airstrip, hangar, tower, …). If the shape indices are wrong, the SSD may end up using terrain, terrain, terrain, and terrain again. That’s a good discovery with the did.dat. I guess it tells us that we have not yet extracted all files? I don’t know Mike’s strategy on finding file names for hashes, but he probably parsed some important known files (like ssinfo.fn) for that. If he didn’t parse Korea’s lists, that could be an explanation for the missing files in the extracted set.
  11. There is no collision information in .3 shapes, so I have to use the COLLISION_BOXes.
  12. Got it.: When I added building damage to TFXplorer, it required each shape having its own parameters. (Not all buildings being demolished at the same time because they use the same parameters.) I changed the rendering code, implemented building damage, and after some weeks the feature was fine. The new code didn’t work with 3View, though. I had run out of time so I just placed a dummy which disabled the feature altogether. Please open ThreeView SupershapeSession.cpp, find void SupershapeSession::draw() { at the bottom. Replace static UInt1B const zeroParameters[8 * TFX::Supershape::maximalNumberOfShapes] = { }; with // Parameters of all shapes need to be stored consecutive in memory. Reserve a region and duplicate the user’s parameters // into every possible slot. UInt1B allParameters[8 * TFX::Supershape::maximalNumberOfShapes]; for(auto i = 0; i < TFX::Supershape::maximalNumberOfShapes; ++i) { for(auto j = 0; j < 8; ++j) { allParameters[8 * i + j] = parameters[j]; } } Four lines below that, replace zeroParameters with allParameters. Re-compile and you should be fine!
  13. No, seems like I disabled it. I don’t remember the reason, it was probably an oversight with some rendering modification in 2016. I’ll have a look …
  14. I just broke my landing gear during aerodynamic breaking: