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  1. Thursday Greets

    BBBZZZZZT! GOOOOOD MOOOOORNING former NWO! Nice and bright today and it seems alot of the former leadres have bright futures as well. Let's start off with a request from a Fickbaby39, We've only just begun!
  2. Could this be the end?

    BBBBBZZZZZT.. GOOOOOD MOOOOOORNING NWO... A beautiful morning menaing the end of the evening! Speaking of the End..We have a request out of Iowa for the former leaders to hopefully make them feel better.. So I guess this is the end? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD74-1G9o_U
  3. New assignments for the leaders of the New World Order

    BZZZZZT! Hello all you groovy guys and gals of the NWO..Seems I hear trouble in paradise hmmmm.. Herr Weiss walking out on the Emperor! well I think Nancy Sinatra has something to say about that..
  4. Rebuke to the leaders of my New World Order

    BZZZZZT!, Hey everybody of the NWO! Rainy Monday Morning, and seems the honey moon is over! Well time to let off some "STEAM" Hey Hey Goodbye!
  5. Sunday Howdy

    oooops, my tubes got scrambled..I 've been in the junge too long!
  6. Sunday Howdy

    BBBZZZZT! seems everyone is a bit down this morning..Well it's a jungle out there! So here's Itchie's grand daughter! she's a bit shy as you can understand, being related to itchie, but she can rock! Welcome to the Jungle New world order Cast's and kitten's!
  7. Tuesday

    BZZZZT! that is a timeless classic.. Now for today's message.. "The Emperor is a REMF.. I repeat the Emperor is a REMF,," that is all
  8. Tuesday

    BZZZZZZZT we honor Our Vietnam vets..A shout out to Old Guy from the boys!
  9. SUNDAY..

    BZZZZt nuff said.. Now for todays message.... Itchie's finger smells like a dead tuna.. I repeat Itchie's finger smells like a dead tuna.. thast is all
  10. SUNDAY..

    BZZZZT let us not forget the real measning of Easter, and here is a shout out from "gunny" to all his Boys!
  11. Friday

    Ahhhh, ABBA...always had a "soft" spot for them... Now for today's message.. Old Guy is "beaucoup dien cai dau" I repeat, Old Guy is "beaucoup dien cai dau" that is all..
  12. Friday

    BZZZZZZT.. Heya all ya New World order guys and Gals! saturday night! it's date night! but it seems not for one poor girl from the outer rim! She sends out a long distantance dedication to her Emperor Boo. I miss you Boo..I'm sorry I laughed at you when you had your "little problem" when we were together, That's ok I don't mind just cuddling...Call me, I'm so much better than those Bantha's! So now for some "Soft" rock out to her long lost booo...
  13. Friday

    errr..ok! Hope it all works out for you rap-masta.. Now for todays message... "Stans drill is very long.. I repeat Stans drill is very long.." that is all
  14. Friday

    BZZZZZT! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING new world order!!!! It's a fine morning, but hey we know under this leadership it's never less than fine eh?! *cough friggin morons... Cough* . We start out with a long distance dedication to the Camel from rap-masta Achmed who states don't give up on me baby or I'll KEEL you! Now here's David Soul!!!
  15. Thursday

    BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.. oh wha? Stonebolt everybody!