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    No speech communication

    I have WIN7 and as far as I can see I'm actually missing those .inf files and some other stuff. But now when I know where to look and what I need to do I will try to solve it. Thank you for quick response and navigating me to that solution, I really appreciate that. EDIT: Problem solved, http://www.bytescribe.com/downloads/tsp_codec_install.exe this install thingy added several files into system32 folder and even without restart speech communication is working perfectly. Thank you again mikew for you assistance.
  2. Civic26

    No speech communication

    Damn I think you might be right. I have version from pinned topic, 2.21 I think. When I tried to play those samples in Winamp and WMP nothing happens, only KM players which has it's own codecs played it. Is there a way to obtain this so old codec back? (Is this goin to help? Respectivaly is it the right one? http://www.yazakpro.com/chatstuff/yahoo/howtoinstalltruespeechcodeconwindowsvista.html)
  3. Civic26

    No speech communication

    It is exactly on that value. It was first place I tried to look into when I hoped I'm goin to solve it by myself. But I gave up.
  4. Civic26

    No speech communication

    Greetings, I have problem with voice communication in-game. I see only "subtitles" of communication but there is no sound to that. I'm creating this new topic becouse no other sound issues mentioned in other topics are same as this one. It stopped working just randomly between quit and few days after launch of game. I tried to google it but there are always problems like "all sounds" or "no sounds". It is also possible that I'm just noob and this communication can be deactivated by some key combination (but I didn't find it in manuals ). Thanks for any advice becouse without this speech sounds game loses part of atmosphere. Civic