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  1. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thanks but I found I could not get excited avoiding missiles. The Yanks at least have people/pilots/squadrons deducted to rendering them harmless before F22 ADF sends us in. Also the plane performance didn't come near an F16. I've deleted the game because I'm not up to playing it these days. I intend to concentrate on landing a whale on instruments. Thanks for trying, David
  2. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Are you running Bitdefender? Daft question but are you opening F22.exe directly or via the launcher?
  3. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Hadn't played this this the 90's when a group of us used to multiplay or simply have individual dogfights. This new version brought back a load of memories for this old boy. My only problem with it is it often loses my joystick or vice versa. Stick is a heavily modified Hotas Cougar which worked fine once the dust was blown off. Tried it with Foxy and Target with same result. Usually happens after a trip to the in game menu. Good effort Home Fries, David
  4. Hello People

    Thanks. Don't worry about the error. I have long forgotten it and haven't had it again. Took a look at Falcon 4 BMS. OMG, quite beyond my ageing brain. How in the hell did George Bush get the thing started? Meanwhile, can someone remind me how to get snap views in TAW? Ok, maybe I should hitch up Trackir but I alwys preferred glancing in prop sims. Attempted to look in Multiplayer last night but couldn't find anything.
  5. Hello People

    Still looking for the Jonesoft weather gizmo. The link on the opening thingummy is jiggered.
  6. Hello People

    Could have been something to do with farting about with the fuel cheat. I had forgotten how incredibly boring some of the missions in the Campaign are eg escort duties so have abandoned it.
  7. Hello People

    Anyone know where the files are that used to be on http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products-jsgme.html Thanks
  8. Hello People

    It happens every time I try and continue a CAP mission in the campaign. Just after take off I turn R onto the waypoint heading and get zapped. I've started a new campaign.
  9. Hello People

    I had No 173 of the first Hotas Cougar issue back in the dark ages and so am familiar with with all the programming but, just like Jack Nicklaus I have small hands. I require a large lump of bluetack on the flat bit on the in order to use Hat1 which makes groping for S3 deadly. However, I have always found I have enough controls with a plain Jane stick set up and that is what I have now. It saw me through years of Warbirds till it (WB) went belly up. What is really bugging me right now is a game crash. The message is "Domain error in SQRT" or similar. It happens consistently all of a sudden and a) I don't know what it means so I don't know how to cure it. All ideas appreciated.
  10. Hello People

    Spot on - my rudders do work after all! Thanks
  11. Hello People

    Hi Wombat, Thanks for the offer but I've done one that I'm happy with and can remember! Trouble is my rudders don't work in game either with the pedals or the keys though they will steer in a fashion on the ground. Is this a bug? It has me baffled. They work fine in other sims.
  12. Hello People

    Yes and they work fine in AH etc.
  13. Hello People

    My first problem. My rudders don't work. On the ground L rudder moves the L rudder and nose wheel as does < but in the air there is no rudder movement either via pedals or keys. Any suggestions appreciated. Hotas Cougar and Simped pedals Windows 7 x64 Thanks
  14. Hello People

  15. Hello People

    Thanks for the replies. I am fairly certain it was the arcade effort unfortunately. Finally got a Cougar profile into shape. Canno find Battle for Lahij either though!