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  1. Interested in flying in multiplayer mode , no one is available to teamspeak , I posted to facebook------- Total Air War v2.0 Semi-Weekly Multiplayer Fly-in • We meet on Teamspeak 3 at 01:00:00 GMT Thursdays and 18:00:00 GMT Sundays. Click either link for a conversion to your local time. EDIT: Sunday fly-ins have been cancelled due to lack of consistent interest. Please post if you wish to resume them. We will mostly be flying the ADF/RSO Co-op missions, though we still do some TAW Coop and Head-to-Head missions. Teamspeak 3 Server real-time details:
  2. akash interface begning with canyon chaos 10 pm indian time--11pm--
  3. Ready for did f22 multiplayer
  4. DID F22 taw is one of the best. appears to be real combat simulator or close to it. addicted too much sporty.