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  1. BTW: COMBATSIM.COM is 10 Years Old

    Shh Geg, they may notice the sanitarium guards left and sneak out to "visit" your house...
  2. Old Guy is on the move . . . .

    Good luck OG, please keep us informed.
  3. Is it my imagination . . . .

    Is it October 31 again? Look at all the ghosts. Next thing you know, there'll be dopplegangers popping up all over!
  4. One in, all in

    Mmmm, Good Beer and Cracklings, I like the direction this story is headed
  5. Hello friends

    For a little different point of view Rotatiga, check out this study http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate1589.html Notice something odd about it? It's written by actual scientists doing actual science stuff, not an "environmental correspondent" with no actual science background. If I may make a suggestion, look at the source of the info you're reading along with what your being told.You learn a lot more when you ask questions than just accepting what's put in front of you.
  6. A Plague of Rascals

    Okay OG, just pored another Bushmills, where's the next chapter? Hmm?
  7. Hellbound - a forum tale

    You're books are incorrect, I sent a case of Bushmills, 1 Jack Daniels and 2 cases of Rolling Thingmies just last summer. According to UPS tracking, some bonehead named Achmed signed for it.
  8. Hellbound - a forum tale

    :-) See Archie, even you can got a female once!
  9. Question for Firefox Users

    Running 3.6.15 on XP with no problems, but I have read about some teething issues with 4. Don't forget to update AdBlock. NoScript and FlashBlock do a fine job of killing those dancing frogs etc in the banner ads. TQM
  10. Happy Birthday to The Quiet Man

    Thanks y'all, nice to be remembered TQM
  11. Combatsim.com forum domain about to change

    Still pop in on occasion, do some lurking, read an OG story, see what y'all are up to. Just haven't had much to add to the conversation. TQM
  12. Combatsim.com forum domain about to change

    Like the tag says, still lurking Seem to have lost my image though, need to dig that out of the bin. TQM
  13. Good Sunday morning

    Not morning any more, but just got home from work and I don't feel like setting up the air conditioner. At least not in a 30mph wind that seems to be carrying every piece of loose dirt in New Mexico. It's only 80f, we can last another week without air conditioning, right? TQM
  14. Little Music Challenge For Yall

    #8 is ZZ Top, Lagrange. #10 is a country band, dang if I can put a name on it though... TQM