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  1. Monday

    Ahhh snowdays. I do miss them. Here in Cowtown, Doug and I don't get much snow as we used to. Just the odd sprinkle. 2" here. 10" there. It's all relative to Canucks - as long as the road isn't closed to get to Timmies.
  2. Falcon Series now available on GOG

    Just picked it up for $8 CAD. Saaaweet.
  3. Is it my imagination . . . .

    Donster - now your avatar is no longer accurate....
  4. Tuesday

    It's a balmy 9°C / 44°F here in Cowtown. Could be warmer... And it could be snowing...the perks of living in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. But at least it's Tuesday, and not Monday. Just a couple of cloudy days with rain to make the grass greener and save on my watering bill. Suppose to be low 80's by next week.
  5. Is it my imagination . . . .

    I'm at a point in my life where my kids are having kids. Should be a grandfather sometime this month. I have just 3 - my two younger boys and my daughter. I've been 'lurking' for quite some time. Every week or other come in, read up whats going on in the news, visit a couple Donster's special posts for entertainment, and then head over to http://www.hitechcreations.com and see what my squadies are up to...
  6. Is it my imagination . . . .

    Wait until the VR headsets hit the market, we should see a nice spike and interest in combat simulations again. I'm looking at getting the Oculus Rift when it comes out (cept I may have to get 3 cause I now have two boys who are gaming on their PC's.) CSIM is not dead. Its underutilized.
  7. New Year's Day Greetings

    Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Short film on Vimeo

    Wow. Just Wow. Good find.
  9. Pilot error in fatal Air France crash

    I'll try the A330 tonight and have the speedo fail and try to recover based on the facts - at night - in a thunder storm. Should prove to be interesting but here is what I need to re-create: - a long week - flying in the middle of the night - flying in a thunderstorm - Airbus's wonky fly-by-wire FLC that has shown to cause issues itself (everyone remember the first flight - and the fact the plane itself flew into trees?) - faulty pitot tube heaters - a hot french stewardess giving the captain a back-rub in the galley (just sayin it might of happened) A lot of safety holes that if you line them up and something goes wrong, we have a perfect mix for trouble. I think I'll have the speedometer fail during the flight on autopilot and see how I react. I wish it could give faulty info rather than just fail (in FSX - turn off).
  10. Pilot error in fatal Air France crash

    After reading both articles - the one from May in Popular Mechanics and the other CBC from today, the pilots didn't follow proper protocols and then disobeyed SOP. All because they were focused on the speed. Why did they forget about all the other safety systems to provide data and other information? BTW - this is the second airline accident I can remember where pilots so focused on speed they essentially forgot their brains and flew the plane into the water. I think it was a Brazilian airline that aircrew forgot to remove the pidot tubes protective covers before takeoff - it was at night as well. It was a Discovery Show called Airline Disasters. Either way, as a pilot - are not SOP's written as a best practice from experiences - both good and bad? Why didn't they go through their checklists for this kind of emergency? When do you start to think - gee, the speedo is showing max speed - nothing has changed - that's weird isn't it co-pilot? Our stall horn has gone off - better get the Captain. But they did neither. We start the whole Swiss-Cheese effect . All the safety breaches line up to create a disaster. Very said irregardless who is responsible.
  11. World War II in Photos

    Great post. I saw this image and decided to look more into it. Turns out she actually had 7 kids. The three pictured children all survived (all girls) and they are still alive today (if you can imagine that!
  12. Call of Duty Black Ops promotion video

    RFOL. That's priceless!
  13. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Review(Articles)

    So, I take it you're keeping them Doug? Lucky bastige!
  14. IL2 - Cliffs of Dover

    Did u guys see the announcement? 128 multiplayer?
  15. Thursday

    Here where Doug and I live, it's snowing and a balmy 8°F or -13 °C. Today as a added feature to my morning drive to work, there was a 7 car pileup on the Deerfoot (the city's main freeway), and as a sideshow for us bored drivers crawling along at 1mph, two gentlemen were throwing fists at one another, while ambulances, firefighters, and police were scrambling around. Very exciting to see the emergency service workers pull these two retards apart. It made my commute day that much more exciting!