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  1. Morning y'all, it cooled down! 57F and only 85% humidity under clear skies. Expecting sunshine and a high of a well below average 84F.
  2. Morning y'all, 69F, partly cloudy skies and very humid. Expecting a partly cloudy and humid day with a high of 87F.
  3. Donnie, I'm glad you got to go! It's always great, in my opinion, to be able see and touch pieces of history. Fink... just shut up. How many Gigants survived the war? None, they were all either shot down or bombed to bits on the ground. You lost, we won, get over it.
  4. Morning y'all, 85F and 56% humidity and it's not even 0900. Expecting sunshine and the humidity to drop to 50%, perhaps a wee bit lower, and a high of 90F. It's tropical here.
  5. The addition of the Bendix powered turret the nose of the very last B-17F's produced and the production run of the B-17G did address the main weakness in the B-17's defensive armament, but it screwed up the otherwise clean lines of the B-17's fuselage.
  6. Well... did you go? If you did, I'll not ask if you had a good time, no sense in asking silly questions.
  7. The Sperry powered ball turret really was an innovation in defensive armament for bombers. I am not aware of any other nation developing such a device. Before the introduction of the Sperry powered ball turret, the bellies of bombers were either undefended or defended by a machine gun on a flexible mount firing through an opening in the fuselage or from a gondola attached to the fuselage. Bendix did develop a powered belly turret, but it was aimed via a periscope system, which tended to induce severe motion sickness in the operator and thus proved to be relatively ineffective.
  8. Morning y'all, 73F, cloudy and wet. Showers and thunderstorms this morning, cloudy this afternoon and a miserably humid high of 89F as the remnants of tropical storm Cindy push moisture into the east coast.
  9. Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies, 69F, and humid. Expecting a partly to mostly cloudy day and a high of 90F.
  10. Morning y'all, 68F, cloudy skies, and wet as more rain moves across the area. Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 87F.
  11. Morning y'all, mostly cloudy skies, 67F, very humid as the rain moved to the northeast just a few hours ago. Last night's storms were not as severe as had been forecast and one local forecaster actually sounded disappointed this morning. Expecting a mostly cloudy day with a high of 85F
  12. It's a tad bit on the damp side down here in Virginia too.
  13. Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies, 74F, 85% humidity. Expecting thickening clouds this afternoon as temperatures rise to 89F. Late afternoon and evening thunderstorms are likely, some could produce damaging winds.
  14. Only 90F here on Sunday. Mind you, it was a moist heat with humidity at 65%.