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  1. Just Retired

    Or a bowl of chili or corned beef and cabbage and a couple of beers.
  2. Sunday

    Morning y'all, overcast, wet and 53F with more rain inbound. Chance of showers and thunderstorms today with a high of 76F. More rain and thunderstorms tonight, tomorrow, and through next Saturday. To say that we have had a lot of rain is an understatement. I have lived in this house for 14 years and this is the first time that the crawl space has been damp. No, not really damp, plain old wet! There is water oozing out of the ground.
  3. Just Retired

    Old Guy is full of wisdom. According to some, Old Guy's wife included, he's just full of sh!t, but I think with age there is wisdom. Excellent advice has been given, Arch, and congratulations on your retirement!
  4. Saturday

    Morning y'all, 53F and overcast skies. Expecting total overcast from most, if not all, of today and a high of 65F. Slight chance of afternoon showers becomes almost guaranteed rain tonight through Sunday night.
  5. Yep. Wars are winnable and if fought, should be fought to win, not to either tie or lose.
  6. Friday

    This could be an issue with the UAC feature that is a part of Windows Vista, 7, and 10. Problems arise when files located in the C:/Program Files directory are modified. Windows UAC, a security system, does not like to see files in this or the Windows directories modified. Applying patches or other modifications often results in crashes, failure to run, or failure to patch. Best off installing games and sims to a different directory. Otherwise, you can turn off UAC, but that can leave your computer more vulnerable to malware.
  7. Friday

    Morning y'all, 52F, overcast skies, and very, very damp, even a touch of fog this morning. Expecting the fog to clear later this morning, then a cloudy afternoon with a high of 71F.
  8. How the hell are you

    RED!!! Welcome back to the nut house! It's been a long a time since our resident future dweller has been around. Like Doug said, Rommel has returned after a long hiatus and Donnie and I have not changed. It's really good to see the old guard of CSim return.
  9. Rommel is off somewhere--- the world wonders...

    Now, now! I must agree with Hair Prik. You, and in fact, we all should give him his due respect. After all, on his last deployment aboard the S.S. Morningwood he was promoted to Chief Master Baiter of the boat.
  10. Thursday

    I never really warmed up to the Strike Fighters series. European Air War and IL 2-Sturmovik: Pacific Aces/1946 were really good, spent a lot of hours shooting down Nazis and Japs.
  11. Thursday

    Morning y'all, 58F and raining, expecting fairly steady rain this morning, showers and possibly thunderstorms this afternoon. Looking for a high of 70F.
  12. Wednesday

    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies remain as last night's rain storms move slightly to the north, current temperature is 60F. A low pressure front has stalled over the area, so showers and thunderstorms are possible today, the high is expected to be 78F.
  13. Rommel is off somewhere--- the world wonders...

    End of season one? And with a real cliff-hanger! I hope we don't have to wait until September for the continuation of the story. I also hope that CSBC (Combat Sim Broadcasting Company) does not cancel this program during the off season.
  14. Tuesday

    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and 62F. Expecting a mostly sunny day with a high of 88F, chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight.