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  1. Saturday

    Prik, speaking of Krampus, you have been really pissy here lately.  Are you suffering from cramps?  Is it that time of the month for you?
  2. Saturday

    Morning y'all, 43F and partly cloudy skies, expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 72F.  Planning on starting the Christmas decorating today, my wife and I hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner and now we have been selected to host the family Christmas Eve party. 
  3. Friday

    Good Black Friday morning y'all.  Can't say that anyone in my family actually engages in the Black Friday panic/mania, but maybe come cyber shopping will occur.  Clear skies and 38F to start the day, expecting a high of 69F and mostly sunny skies.
  4. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day USA)

    Thanks, Doug. And Prik, were you born as an unhappy child or did you develop this chronic and terminal unhappiness during your life?  Geez, no wonder you don't get invited to the CSim Christmas party.  You and Rottentater should hang out together; birds of a feather and whatnot.
  5. Excitement in OId Guy's Life

    They do to him as I expect neither Fifi nor Brigitte nor any real woman would touch him with a 39 1/2 foot pole.  Maybe someone like Bruce Caitlin Jenner would, but not a real woman.
  6. Excitement in OId Guy's Life

    Oops, double post
  7. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day USA)

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate such on this day!  Starting the day with partly cloudy skies, which will persist all day, and 38F.  Expecting the high today to reach 66F, all in all, a great day to stuff myself with turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, salad greens, and maybe even some sort of dessert.
  8. Wednesday

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve morning y'all.  No rain or snow here, just clear skies and very cold.  27F this morning, where the hell is that global warming?  Expecting sunshine and a high of 59F, warmer weather tomorrow through Saturday, then back to below average temperatures.
  9. This Day in WWII 25 November 1939 - 1944

    There was no way that the Nazis could destroy all of the evidence of their atrocities.  They tried and they knew what awaited them when defeat came, but they could not cover up their crimes.
  10. Excitement in OId Guy's Life

    Yeah, I hear ya, and one day I might be just the same.   Who am I kidding?  I am the same!  
  11. Tuesday

    Morning y'all, it's frickin' freezin' here!  Clear skies and 24F, expecting a sunny day with a high of 57F.  Temperatures are expected to warm back to normal as the week progresses.
  12. Monday

    Morning y'all, 30F and clear skies.  Expecting a sunny day, but the high will be only 45F.  That would be normal... for the month of January, but this is only November.
  13. Excitement in OId Guy's Life

    Old Guy makes a great point, the last great French leader was not French.  Since then, France has been a pushover state.
  14. This Day in WWII 23 November 1939 - 1945

      Certainly cannot publish ads like that these days!
  15. What you been up to lately?

    Very helpful for a fuel leak, or for poor fuel planning and management.