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  1. Morning y'all, clear skies and 42F. Expecting another sunny day and a high of 73F.
  2. Morning y'all, clear skies and a chilly 37F. Expecting sunshine and 68F for a high today.
  3. Morning y'all, clear skies and a chilly 48F. Expecting sunshine and a high of only 62F. There is a chance that we will see our first frost tomorrow morning.
  4. Morning y'all, cloudy and 68F. Expecting showers this morning, then a mostly cloudy afternoon with falling temperatures. Temperatures overnight will drop well into the 40's. The western part of Ireland is getting hit by hurricane Ophelia's 90 mph winds.
  5. Morning y'all, 64F, cloudy skies and 98% humidity. The weather shaman's forecast for yesterday being partly cloudy and 76F turned out to be heavy overcast and 68F. Today, the wizards of weather smarts are doubling down! Today is to be partly cloudy and a high of 81F. Guess we'll see how that turns out.
  6. The slime ball's last act was to cheat the hangman and slither out of his punishment.
  7. Still a good bit of mystery surrounding the suicide of Rommel. Exactly what did he know and what was the extent of his involvement with any plot to kill Hitler? It is known that by the middle of 1944, Rommel was advising Hitler that it would be best to negotiate a peace with the Allies.
  8. Morning y'all, 62F, cloudy and 97% humidity. Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 76F. Looks like hurricane Ophelia will make a direct hit on the southwestern coast of Ireland.
  9. Morning y'all, 69F, cloudy, 95% humidity. Expecting a cloudy and cool day with a high of 74F, and a 50% chance of afternoon showers. We did get a few showers yesterday!
  10. Morning y'all, 74F, cloudy, 98% humidity. Expecting another cloudy and very humid day with a high of 84F and a chance of showers and thunderstorms. The local weather shaman has referred to the humidity we have been experiencing over the past few days as "atomic humidity". That's a pretty good description. Humidity in the extreme, yet remarkably little rain. We have had such dry conditions for the past 5 weeks that we are now in voluntary water restrictions. We are no more than two weeks away from mandatory water restrictions unless we get significant rain.
  11. Morning y'all, cloudy, 73F, 98% humidity. Expecting a cloudy and humid day with a high of 83F. Good chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. We did get some rain yesterday. 0.05" to be exact. Well, something is better than nothing, which is what we have had for the past 5 weeks.
  12. Morning y'all, cloudy, humid, 74F. Chance of a passing shower this morning, then cloudy and humid with a high of 85F.
  13. Morning y'all, cloudy, hot, humid. Currently 73F and 95% humidity. Expecting a cloudy and very humid day with a high of 83F, chance of thunderstorms all afternoon. We could certainly use some rain as it has been nearly 5 weeks since the last significant rainfall.
  14. Dogs will eat poop, so let's not elevate Fink to the level of a dog by suggesting he also eats poop.
  15. Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and 59F. Expecting a partly cloudy morning with increasing clouds in the afternoon and a high of 84F. Slight chance of an early evening shower.