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  1. North American PBJ-1J restored

    And one from the CAF.
  2. North American PBJ-1J restored

    Oh, and there are a couple of videos on YouTube.
  3. Another beauty has been restored! A USN/USMC version of the B-25, a PBJ-1, is nearing the end of a 20 year restoration.|+From+the+World%27s+Largest+History+Magazine+Publisher%29
  4. Friday

    Morning y'all, clear skies... did I just say that? Yes! Clear skies this morning! But it is also a waaaaay below normal 46F. Expecting mostly clear skies today with a high of 75F. I'll be away for a few days, so I'll miss the forecast 1 inch of rain tonight and tomorrow. Y'all try not to mess up the place while I'm gone. Don't make too much trouble for Donster, he's old and tires easily and when he gets tired he gets very ill-tempered, so best off not to anger him, lest he gets really angry and overdoses on GeritolTM. Then you'll be in real trouble.
  5. Thursday

    Morning y'all, 55F and cloudy. What was supposed to be a day without rain may now be a day with showers. Expecting a high of 66F.
  6. Wednesday

    Morning y'all, cloudy, wet, and 53F. Expecting a cloudy day with a slight chance of showers and a high of 68F.
  7. Tuesday

    Morning y'all, cloudy and 55F, expecting showers today and a high of 60F.
  8. Monday

    Morning y'all, mostly clear skies and an absurdly cold 38F. Expecting sunshine today and a high of only 69F.
  9. Sunday

    Morning y'all, Clear skies and 43F greeting the day. Expecting a mostly sunny day and a high of only 67F.
  10. Saturday

    Morning y'all, 54F and partly cloudy skies. Expecting scattered clouds and a high of 80F today. Chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms, some could feature high winds and hail.
  11. Friday

    Morning y'all, 64F, cloudy, damp, foggy... RDF. Expecting a good chance of showers and thunderstorms all day, high temperature of 80F.
  12. The current restoration of the B-29 known as "Doc" is progressing. Here is a video of a taxi test.
  13. Thursday

    Morning y'all, 60F and cloudy, expecting a cloudy day, high of 76F, chance of afternoon showers. Like Arch used to say, RDF.
  14. Wednesday

    Morning y'all, 59F, overcast and a little foggy this morning. Expecting a mostly cloudy day with a high of 77F, chance of late afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
  15. Monday

    That does look nice!