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  1. Morning y'all, fair skies, 90% humidity and 65F. Expecting sunshine and 92F today.
  2. Gee, this is starting to look like a lover's spat between Fink and Dink.
  3. Scared, I am not.
  4. Morning y'all, cloudy, 68F, 90% humidity, blech! Expecting another partly cloudy day with a high of 90F. It has been about a month since I last had to mow the lawn. My yard is brown and crunchy and the 7-day forecast gives precious little hope for any rain.
  5. Morning y'all, cloudy, 76F, 80% humidity as the cold front passes. We tied the high temperature record yesterday at 99F. Today we can expect clearing skies and, thanks to the cold front, the high is forecast to be only 94F. Not much of a cold front.
  6. in Philadelphia?
  7. Well, well, if it isn't Dork Hellmut itself. Finally ate dug yourself out of that cow patty that landed on you? Or did your Imperror have to piss on it to free you? You should probably run home and crawl under a rock before another "accident" happens to you.
  8. Morning y'all, clear skies, 71F and 85% humidity. Expecting a real scorcher today with mostly sunny skies and a high of 97F.
  9. It's ok, Whiz, I don't give a flyin' cr@p about being pc either.
  10. NASA scientists have found a planet that may support life. So what's there is the question. Perhaps this is the home world of Damk Hellmut? After all, this newly discovered planet does orbit a dwarf star.
  11. Morning y'all, 69F and 70% humidity, heat and humidity return today. Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 92F, 96F tomorrow.
  12. Morning y'all, a bit warmer this morning at 67F. Expecting a partly cloudy day and a high of 86F.
  13. Morning y'all, clear skies, only 84% humidity and 63F this morning! Expecting sunshine and 85F for a high, although the mercury did climb to 89F yesterday.