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  1. Morning y'all, another cold start to the day. Clear skies and 29F, expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 67F.
  2. Morning y'all, clear skies and 25F again, but winds are calm. Expecting sunshine and 51F for a high.
  3. Morning y'all, cloudy and 50F, which is our high for today. Expecting a partly cloudy day with winds out of the NNW gusting to 20-30 mph. Temperatures will fall throughout the day, bottoming out around 26F by tomorrow morning. March continues to be the bear.
  4. Morning y'all, 48F, overcast skies and a chance of morning showers. Cloudy this afternoon with a high of 68F.
  5. Morning y'all, clear skies, frost and 28F, winter continues to live in March. Expecting sunshine and 60F today. Looks like it will warm up a bit, then Wednesday and Thursday mornings will feature more freezing weather, then a warm up to normal temperatures.
  6. Morning y'all, light rain, 40F, and the wind has been blowing 40. Expecting the temperatures to fall into the mid-30's this morning, rain may mix with snow before ending late this morning. The afternoon is forecast to be cloudy early afternoon, partly cloudy late afternoon, temperatures to rise 48F. Clearing overnight with temperatures falling to freezing by sunrise Monday. This is Virginia. Yesterday morning it was chilly and wet (spring), the afternoon was sunny and warm (summer), last night it was still fairly warm, but rained a little (autumn), and now it will be cold, wet, and perhaps some snow (winter). All in a 24 hour period. Definitely Virginia.
  7. One of the great ones. Rest in peace.
  8. Morning y'all, first morning above freezing in about a week. 43F, cloudy skies, and evidence of a little rain having fallen in the early morning hours. Expecting a mostly cloudy day with a high of 66F and a good chance of late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms.
  9. I had not heard that one before!
  10. Morning y'all and happy Saint Patrick's Day! Clear skies and 21F, expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 55F. I hope Lottie is feeling better and that she does not require another foot surgery.
  11. Glad it is updated and working. So many times it seems that updates lead to failure and around here, a failure means no Babe Bunker Babes, and that is a crime against humanity itself.
  12. Frickin' freezin' morning y'all. Clear skies and 18F. Expecting sunshine and a high of 47F. How's Lottie this morning? Extremely sore would be my guess.
  13. Morning y'all, clear skies, 21F, and a 17 mph wind out of the west northwest. Expecting an absolutely frigid feeling day with partly cloudy skies, a high of only 38F, and winds picking up to 22-25 mph with gusts up to and possibly over 40 mph. Very sorry to hear of Lottie's fall. Sounds like she took a really hard hit. Prayers and thoughts to her on a speedy recovery.
  14. Morning y'all, moderate to heavy rain and now sleet and freezing rain as the temperature has dropped to 32F. Looks like the cold air moved further south than the weather shaman predicted. Wintery mess is expected to end around 0900, then partial clearing this afternoon with a high of 48F.
  15. The freshly restored B-29 "Doc" has completed phase 1 of its test operations and the FAA has issued it a special airworthy certificate. This means "Doc" can finally leave the nest.