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  1. Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies, 73F and very humid as it rained again last night. Expecting a partly cloudy day, a high of 94F, and a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
  2. I agree, Jay.
  3. Morning y'all, rain and thunderstorms last night. It is currently 71F, incredibly humid, and clear skies. Expecting a partly cloudy day, high of 94F and a good chance of more afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
  4. Restored warbirds often have additional seating for passengers.
  5. No fatalities, no serious injuries and the aircraft is repairable. The nose gear failed to extend and lock after numerous attempts to get all three gear down and locked. The pilot was instructed to circle in order to burn off fuel, then was directed to a runway for an emergency landing.
  6. Morning y'all, clear skies, 80% humidity and 76F to start the day. Expecting variable cloudiness, a high of 95F and a good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight.
  7. Morning y'all, clear skies, 72F, 82% humidity. Expecting sunshine and 100F for a high today.
  8. Morning y'all, clear skies, 75F, 80% humidity. It was 97F yesterday, expecting mostly clear skies and 98F today.
  9. What the hell was that? Straight outta Compton, New York, and Stockholm?
  10. Morning y'all, clear skies, 72F and 90% humidity. Expecting a mostly sunny, very hot, and very humid day. High temperature forecast to be 97F and the humidity will drop to only 50%. More of the same for the next week.
  11. Morning y'all, clear skies 69F, expecting partly cloudy skies and a high of 95F for day 1 of what is expected to be a prolonged heat wave.
  12. The world is on fire, that's what's going on.
  13. Geten lost.