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  1. Wednesday

    Morning y'all, 24F and cloudy skies, just a tiny bit of snow fell during the wee hours of the morning.  Expecting skies to clear and the mercury to climb to 42F this afternoon.
  2. Super Bowl Sunday

    Jim, I think you are correct with Carolina suffering from first timers shock.  All season long, Carolina was an almost unbeatable team.  They lost only one game.  Then comes the Super Bowl, with all it's hype, glamor, glitz, and the media frenzy hyping a Carolina win.  Cam Newton is a young, inexperienced and very immature QB and it showed both on and off of the field.  Peyton Manning is just the opposite, and not only did it show, but it won him another Super Bowl ring.
  3. Tuesday

    Morning y'all, 38F under cloudy skies, expecting... I don't know.  A high of 45F is forecast, but local weather guessers say cloudy with a chance of showers, perhaps a little wet snow this afternoon and tonight, but The Weather Channel says partly sunny today and clear tonight.
  4. News of the Stupid:  Dude, Where's My Drone? Sean Riddle, who looks to be old enough to know better, crashed his drone into the Empire State Building.  To top it off, he posted about it on Twitter.  He then called building security at the Empire State Building to ask if they would return his crashed drone.  He was promptly arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and navigation within the city.
  5. Monday

    Morning y'all, clear skies and 27F, but expecting clouds to slowly increase as temperatures climb to 50F.  Chance of rain tonight, expected low of 33F. Last night's Super Bowl was a bit disappointing.  Denver's offense was slightly better than Carolina's defense, but that's about all that can be said.  It was likely Manning's last game, he did not look good and at age 39, he's pretty old to be an NFL quarterback.
  6. Thanks for the heads up.  M$ is really pushing everyone into a single operating system.  Makes you wonder why.
  7. Both pilot and passenger perished when the P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll" crashed and burned in Maricopa, Arizona.  Witnesses report hearing the engine sputtering before the crash.
  8. Super Bowl Sunday

    Morning y'all, 30F under overcast skies, expecting a cloudy day with a high of 49F.  As of this morning's forecast, the probability of snow next week has been greatly decreased.  Also looking for the Carolina Panthers to win today.
  9. Tech warning - USB-C cords

    Beware that some USB-C cords have been found to be capable of destroying devices.  Read all about it and don't buy cheap USB-C cords.
  10. This Day in WWII 5 February 1940 - 1945

    @ The Dude and Donster.
  11. Saturday

    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and 24F.  Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 49F, warmer tomorrow, cold and possible snow next week.
  12. Another musician so tightly linked to my era is gone.  RIP, Maurice.
  13. TGIF

    Morning y'all, 34F and a little mix of snow, sleet and rain to start the day.  This mess will clear out later this morning and by afternoon we should see some sunshine and the high will be 44F.
  14. Uncrating and assemblying a P-47... much like a giant plastic model kit.
  15. CAF P-51C belly landed

    The Confederate Commemorative Air Force's P-51C made an emergency belly landing at Dallas Executive airport.  Thankfully no injuries, other than to the aircraft.