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  1. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies, humid, 65F. Expecting a cloudy day with a high of 86F and a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
  2. Stans


    Morning y'all, 69F, cloudy, and incredibly humid. Expecting a mostly cloudy day, a high of 88F, and a chance of afternoon showers.
  3. Stans

    Armed Forces Day

    I certainly appreciate those who sacrifice in order for the rest of us to enjoy liberty and freedom.
  4. Stans


    Morning y'all, cloudy, wet, 70F. Expecting showers this morning, thunderstorms this afternoon and a high of 76F.
  5. I'm sure, I thoroughly vetted the story and she is the real one. A survivor of WW II combat, a survivor of stateside war bond drives, a survivor of a post-war reclamation center, a survivor of open air public display and vandalism. She is now returned to her former glory. The B-17G that was modified to look like a B-17F and painted as the Memphis Belle for the 1990 movie by the same name is still around. Now referred to as "The Movie Memphis Belle", she is located at the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, NY. For enough money, you can go for a flight on The Movie Memphis Belle.
  6. There have been imitations, but the real B-17F "Memphis Belle" has been restored. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/17/politics/memphis-belle-bomber-unveiling-air-force-museum/index.html
  7. Stans


    Morning y'all, cloudy, wet, 70F. Expecting showers and thunderstorms all day and a high of 78F.
  8. Stans


    You have a strange and twisted view of relaxation. Enjoy the camp, have a great weekend!
  9. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies, wet and 67F. More rain today, perhaps much more. Expecting a cloudy day, a high of 78F, with showers and thunderstorms starting before noon and continuing through Saturday afternoon. Yep, 80-100% chance of rain and thunderstorms from today through Saturday afternoon. At least no one will need to water their lawns or gardens for a while.
  10. Thanks for posting the link to the article, Mike!
  11. Stans


    Morning y'all, mostly cloudy skies and 70F with tropical humidity. Expecting a high of only 82F, but thunderstorms are expected to spread across the area before noon.
  12. Stans


    Dang! And I missed it!
  13. Stans


    Morning y'all, fair skies and 64F. A line of very strong thunderstorms crossed most of Virginia last night. Fortunately, here at Casa de Stans, we only experienced rain, and a good soaker it was. Expecting increasing cloudiness today and a high of 91F. Expecting rain and thunderstorms Wednesday through Saturday.
  14. Stans

    'Superman' star Margot Kidder dead at 69

    She spent much of her life with untreated bi-polar disorder, so sad.
  15. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies and 63F to start the day. Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 90F, afternoon thunderstorms are possible and some may be severe. Today marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation of Israel. Today is also the day that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and opens an embassy in Jerusalem. We live in interesting times.