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  1. Sunday

    Mid-day update on today's forecast. New forecast calls for a cloudy day with a high of 49F. Guess this change is because the morning sun quickly turned into full overcast and the temperature is hovering at 48F. Nothing gets past our weather wizards.
  2. Exiled

    I like being on point. The point guy never gets it, it's always the second or third in line that gets whacked first. Plus, it puts me upwind from Donius.
  3. Sunday

    Morning y'all, clear skies and 27F. Expecting a sunny day with a high of 51F.
  4. Saturday

    Morning y'all, clear skies and an absurdly cold 21F. Expecting sunshine and 49F today. Looks like normal temperatures actually return tonight.
  5. This Day in WWII 16 December 1940 – 1944

    Skip bombing was highly effective against surface vessels.
  6. Exiled

    It's been quite a while, but I seem to recall reading that tale.
  7. Exiled

    How did we Simians fall into such condition? Lazy, fat, and wearing vomit and feces stained clothing? How appalling. There must have been some outside force that turned us into such blobs of disgust.
  8. Friday

    Morning y'all, overcast skies and 30F. Cold front must be here, today will be cloudy, 10% chance of flurries, and a high of a whopping 38F.
  9. Wednesday

    One would think, yet the devious mind of Donster created traps that use fake, poisonous, deadly boobies to ensnare those unwitting saps who try to breach the bunker.
  10. Wednesday

    It's true, Fink, Donster is the ultimate power in the universe. Not only is he the sole holder of the keys to the Babe Bunker, but he is the only soul on the planet that knows of all the booby traps that line the path to the bunker. Without him, the bunker would be forever closed and the forces of darkness would descend upon the world. All hail the Babengrupenfuhrermeister!
  11. Thursday

    Morning y'all, clear skies and 29F. Expecting a mostly sunny day with a high of 49F. Another shot of cold air tonight will drop tomorrow's temperatures by about 10 degrees.
  12. Tuesday

    My favorite Christmas movie. My wife cannot stand it, so I watch it alone while she watches The Hallmark Channel.
  13. Wednesday

    Yeah, Funk, I'm sure that's it.
  14. Wednesday

    Morning y'all, clear skies and an absurdly cold 19F. Expecting sunshine and an absurdly low high of 39F with winds from the WSW at 10-15 mph.
  15. Tuesday