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  1. Ugh! I think that ranks right up there with Tony Orlando and Dawn's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"... nope, this is worse! BARF!!!!!!!
  2. "Captain Jack", a song about a drug dealer and the young people in a HUD neighborhood that bought his drugs. The song never gained great popularity, but it was a good song, a bit disturbing, but a good look at the plight facing young people.
  3. Ehhhh... just in case someone did manage to do something to you, like slip something into your coffee... perhaps you should give me a spare set of keys to that bunker. Not saying that anything would happen, but you really should have a backup plan. Just saying.
  4. 1973, a combination of two great things. Paul McCartney and James Bond.
  5. Oh, here's a real 1973 classic, at least it was on the old AM radio. Lots of people flock to California seeking fame and
  6. Yep, my goal was to move to Montana and start a dental floss farm. Never did it, could never find a nice pair of zirconia encrusted tweezers.
  7. Remember Cher? Back way before she plastic surgery-ed herself into freakdom. And, yes, this was in 1973 and was shown as a segment on the Sonny & Cher tv show.
  8. Oh, "Hokus Pokus" by Focus! I had completely forgotten about that tune.
  9. Oh, yeah! Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". One of the songs I used to play with my guitar. Kind of miss that guitar, don't miss the blisters on my fingers.
  10. Well, dang! The climate here changes every day! Often hour to hour! It's warm during the day, cooler at night, sometimes it's wet, then it's dry. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
  11. Ok, after Tony Orlando, I feel I really need to redeem myself, lest something bad happen to me. I guess I'm superstitious. I certainly would not want to get stuck. 1973 was part of the music era that seemed to be a real laid back. Again, I heard this on AM radio, so headphones and stereo are a whole new experience for me.
  12. Those are great songs, Mikew! Here is one that I distinctly remember crackling through the old AM radio. And if that gave you an attitude, Carly Simon was there to take you down a notch or two. The song was actually written about three men in Carly's life, one whom she identified as Warren Beatty. Now here is a 1973 hit that really rocked, but it didn't even sound quite this good on AM radio. But, the number 1 song in the U.S. in 1973 was a soft pop classic by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Get your barf bag ready, here it is.
  13. Frickin' freezin' mornin' y'all. Clear skies and 17F (average is 36F, record low is 14F for today), expecting sunshine and 41F (average is 54F, record high is 80F for today). Care to discuss global warming?
  14. Hey, Imperror! I wouldn't trust Dank Hairmat to clean the dog poo off of the sidewalk. Not counting this time, how many times has he let you down?
  15. Out of the burn ward? And so soon! How do you feel about getting your ticket for a return trip punched?