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  1. Tuesday

    Wet, rainy morning y'all. 42F and rain. Expecting rain this morning, tapering off to drizzle this afternoon and slowly falling temperatures. A second storm arrives late tonight and may bring another accumulating snow to my area.
  2. Monday

    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and 37F. Expecting a cloudy day with afternoon showers and a high of 55F.
  3. Sunday

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jim, but as we get older, even the minor infections become more serious. It's all part of the life experience. You know, Whiz, that there are pills for that, right? Just ask Alice.
  4. Sunday

    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and 39F. Expecting a partly cloudy day, northerly winds at 10 mph, and a high of 58F. Almost normal weather! Colder for next week and still a possibility of snow, possibly accumulating snow.
  5. Saturday (St. Patrick's Day)

    Well... perhaps they had been out late the night before this recording session, you know, being the 3/4's who do drink.
  6. Saturday (St. Patrick's Day)

    Móra na maidine daoibh! Which is to say, good morning, in the plural sense. 27F and partly cloudy starts this Saint Patrick's Day in these parts. Expecting a mostly cloudy day and a high of 52F... if we are lucky. Below average temperatures expected to continue for the next 10 days, might even have snow next week. This is another never ending winter. Anyway, today is Saint Patrick's Day, or Saint Paddy's Day, or a really good excuse for Americans to use fake and poorly executed "Irish" accents, eat corned beef and cabbage, and drink until they pass out. Well, it is true that many Irish, particularly men, do consume a great deal of alcohol, it is also true that nearly 1/4 of Irish men drink none at all, so they do represent both extremes of alcohol consumption. But, those that do drink certainly do not pollute their beer with green food dye. I will not be drinking to excess today, likewise for any other day, but my wife is planning to make a shepherd's pie today, using lamb instead of beef, so that is somewhat traditional Irish cuisine.
  7. Spitfire replica crashed

    Terrible news. I certainly hope and pray that the pilot recovers.
  8. This Day in WWII 16 March 1939 - 1945 *1935

    Ok, so it wasn't an involuntary reflex or a twitchy trigger finger. Must have been the hamster that powers the CSim server. The Dude really should upgrade to a dual hamster power wheel.
  9. Friday

    Chilly morning y'all. Clear skies and 30F. Expecting sunshine and a high of only 50F with 15 mph winds from the NW.
  10. This Day in WWII 16 March 1939 - 1945 *1935

    Duplicated "This Day in WWII" posts. Was it the pics of Elaine Shepard or the view of the business end of a Garand bearing a bayonet that made Donnie post twice? Things to ponder.
  11. Thursday

    Frosty morning y'all, clear skies and 25F. Expecting a partly cloudy and windy day with a high of 59F. This is likely to be our hot day as the temperatures for the following 7 days are likely to be well below average.
  12. Wednesday

    The collective IQ of the world dropped by 50 points upon his death. Rest in peace, Dr. Hawking, you have earned it.
  13. Wednesday

    Frosty morning y'all. 25F under overcast skies, expecting a partly cloudy and cold day with a high of 47F.
  14. Tuesday

    Frosty, wintry morning y'all. Yesterday's surprise snow dumped 2 inches across most of my area. Overnight temperatures hovered between 32 and 33F, so a little melting occurred, but that also mean standing water on the roads. Clear skies and 26F this morning, vehicle crashes everywhere as that standing water and slush is now ice. Expecting sunshine and 50F today, so death to ice and snow! The much ballyhooed global warming warm temperatures that the weather shaman crowed about for this coming weekend... now it seems that temperatures for most of the next 10 days may not even make it up to our average temperatures. These wizards of meteorological brilliance leave much to be desired.
  15. Monday

    The weather shaman really screwed the pooch on today's forecast. 39F and steady turned out to be 33F by 3 PM. Rain, snow, sleet, or mixed precipitation did not start until noon and was all snow around 2:00 PM. By 4 PM roads were a complete mess, VDOT was unprepared and quickly rushed to get spreader trucks out with sand... or rock salt as one of those trucks pelted my SUV on my home through absolutely miserable road conditions.