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  1. Microsoft CFS

    I saw the price in a Game Shop and nearly had a Heart Attack.... so I downloaded CFS1 for FREE I have that IL:2 game but my RAM aint big enough for it.... it seems more popular and all.... but hey I like the weird and unusual.... esspecially CFS1 I downloaded a shite load of Skins for different Planes, even a Junker Ju88 A4.... but I cant seem to use it or even fly it.... Im limmited down to BF 109E, BF 109G and some other Luftwaffe Plane Is there anyway I can use these Skins, like the Ju88, on CFS1? Is there a Forum dedicated for MS CFS users
  2. Microsoft CFS

    Come on then all you fans Anyone.........
  3. Newbie Newbie Newbie

    No it dont work because of my RAM size l GRRRRR! No one using MS CFS..... I must be a bit outdated eh or what!!!! Im one for Humor.... thats why Im only half German Canuck..... is he a Net Warrior.... love them sort. Get plenty of them on my MSN, little Chav kids thinking they are Football Hooligans..... until I go looking for them and prove them wrong..... cant ###### around with Millwall Take care fella
  4. Newbie Newbie Newbie

    Alrite all, Im new on here I got the Battle of Britain II, and IL2 Sturmvik...... and I cant get the damn things to work on my PC or Laptop.... over £20 for nothing!!!! So I downloaded Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator WWII Series..... and it works fine and Im enjoying it. I want to open a Squadron.... for people who have MS CFS WWII and want to have a nice fly about... or take it to the cannons However, in my Squadron..... Luftwaffe Pilots only. Would be good if there was a load of MS CFS WWII users, a chunk with Luftwaffe and a chunk with the RAF...... now that would be excellent eh eh eh? Who can I PM to set up this Squadron then? I hope I enjoy it here, and get to speak to fellow Combat Sim Users Cheers, Sturmbanfuhrer
  5. Political Posts

    On most Forums I go on, I involve Politics of what a lot people do not commonly share. HOWEVER..... Ill keep my Politics hidden and out of site on this Forum, because their is a note stating not to do it, and also..... its a Simulator Forum for fun, not for Politics Roger Roger