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  1. Multiplayer 2015???

    Ok home fries we'll wait for nephilim until he can be present to fix my problem.
  2. Multiplayer 2015???

    Hi home fries if u want i'm present this evening on ts! About 2330 gmt+1
  3. Multiplayer 2015???

    ok home fries, i'm on ts, so i'll wait for u to resolve this question
  4. Multiplayer 2015???

    yay it's look good! see u this evening!
  5. Multiplayer 2015???

    all the day about 23.30 gmt+1 i'm on ts or skype, except Saturday
  6. Multiplayer 2015???

    hi guys, i need first to fix a ports forwarding problem, then i can go online, i don't know why only with TAW i have this problem of port forwarding. Anyway you can organize something to play together guys
  7. Multiplayer 2015???

    Hi, i'm happy to fly with u, do u have skype or facebook contact to organize something? Send a pm and we can organize to flight all togheter!!!
  8. Confused about EF2000 Installation

    Hi all, and sorry for my bad english, i try to install EF2000 Reloaded, but i don't know how to create dos file, exe file and 3dfx file with dosbox. So, what i should do after opening dosbox? For example i open dosbox and it show 2 dos windows that one says that has loaded an audio driver in a Z: drive, the second one show something about the loading of EF2000 and hardware (keyboard, joypad, etc) What can i do after the opening of this 2 windows? I have windows 7 32 bit. Thank you all
  9. Multiplayer 2015???

    fantastic..there are other people that want to partecipate and organize something?
  10. hi guys, anyone that want to play multiplayer?
  11. Multiplayer 2015???

    Hi guys, i'm a newbye and i'm italian, so sorry for my bad english. I have F-22 from long time,and i finished all campaigns, but i never played multiplayer! If u want we can organize something to do coop mission or dogfight.. I search by years people to play f-22 taw, but i never found one. If u are interested can conctact me on pm, or in this post, and we can exchange our facebook or skype contacts to organize some flight. Thank u a lot guys!!! Bye!!