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  1. Bombs-Away.net Staff and B-17 Downloads

    Thanks, Ikrananka! I got rather inspired by this topic, so I fired up an old laptop on which my old E-mail client Eudora still ran - and I found e-mails from Joe Worsley, Graham Davis and Iain Howe Would be great if you´re able to make the collection available. Time to fire up the good, old Mighty 8th again!
  2. Bombs-Away.net Staff and B-17 Downloads

    Hi I was googling for Darren when I came across this post - although it´s almost a year old now... Don´t have any backups that I know of, unfortunately; but maybe Darren still do. Only problem is to find him Still have the game though; with the user manual with the autographs of the entire team Cheers -Michael "Porta" Nielsen