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  1. Didn't have much time today and flying to Rome for the next two days, so the only things I've done today are MFD symbology for AAA as well as dotted circles for pulse radar. Next up will be vehicle death handling, terrain collision damage, and I think I'll do the menu and server browser real soon too.
  2. Yeah don't worry, I'll dial it down a bit. Modding would be nice but realistically I don't see this happening. The effort for making an extendable structure is considerable, since we're not just talking about new meshes but also cockpit integration, MFDs, etc... However there's always room for someone with unity experience to join in and make more planes, or even modding, happen. In fact, I did write things in a way that makes it possible to support human players on the opfor side as well. In particular I am working on a C3 network that shares information about spotted contacts, which would be trivial to display on a fighter MFD. Whether or not that is fun to play I don't know. It'll be a lot of work to balance this for human opfor players. For now my goals are more modest: One flyable plane, one theater, and for the first tests just a single mission with two high value targets and several air defenses. Depending on how many players join the game, there will be fewer or more enemy forces to contend with. One big thing on my list are enemy air forces. That's something that is potentially extremely complex to implement properly, plus it's not really a realistic scenario. But I do want to get to a point where being spotted causes forces to be deployed against you, even if no SAM or AAA manages to get tracking lock on you or launch any missiles. Being spotted should have consequences in this game.
  3. Update for today: I've started work on AAA guns. No MFD symbology yet, explosion and damage radius still missing, but you can see that the aiming works pretty well. I've also added some visual spice to make those tracer rounds really pop.
  4. Update for today: x) fixed multiplayer radar processing x) fixed multiplayer RWR sound handling x) fixed player aircraft bouncing around on spawn x) fixed missile launches activating weapon cam MFDs on all clients x) fixed SAM launcher rotation not being synchronized Known issues: Explosion VFX not synced to clients Explosion SFX not synced to clients Terrain collision does not result in damage/destruction yet Player aircraft is just deleted on destruction, should implement proper death handling (possibly observer mode?) Tactical map does not display fellow coop players SAM launchers still rotate their turret towards a target even though they no longer have tracking lock Still to implement: AAA (guns, ZSU, with tracer projectiles) AAA (heavy flak with airburst) SAM C3 information network (one SAM discovering you should inform nearby air defenses) AAA barrage (untargeted fire near your approx trajectory if you were detected or destroyed something nearby) Main menu NAT Traversal Server List Ground features generation Proper exterior model (with landing gear and movable control surfaces) Proper cockpit model
  5. Don't praise me yet! Turns out I was simply lucky that stuff like FLIR target designation, SAMs, etc worked - they were in fact not synced properly. Took me a few hours to figure out syncing of the currently designated FLIR target and making SAM launchers work consistently across clients. What's still not done is making RWR/launch warning sounds only play for the airplane that is affected by it, and... uh... I broke the weapon camera mfd in multiplayer. Tactical map works but doesn't display any player objects yet. Oh and the SAM radar logic currently runs on all clients and the server, which is not good because the radar pulses hit you at different times from what the server sees. So still quite some work to do before I can even think about sending this to a friend to do some online testing. EDIT: Weapon cam works again now.
  6. Another update: Multiplayer! I was getting to the point where there are so many moving parts that I need to start adding multiplayer, so I don't risk making this too complex in the future. I haven't done much testing yet but so far things seem to be working reasonably well. I'm sure there's plenty of things that are still broken but the basics are there. Why multiplayer? Well I'd like players to be able to cooperate and, for example, provide scenarios that require one or more players to soften up the air defences so that the others can get through and deliver their payload on the high value targets. A full mission would involve coordinating your takeoff and attack runs, and making sure that all your fellow pilots make it back to base. I already have a solid solution for NAT traversal and a multiplayer lobby system that I'll bring over from another project, so you don't have to deal with manual port forwarding and such terrible things. I'll have to do a main menu at some point too...
  7. Update for today:x) Pulse/Doppler radar gameplay implementedx) Improved FLIR renderingWatch me sneaking past that pulse radar SAM by flying straight towards it, while flying perpendicular lights me up like a christmas tree.
  8. Update time! Proper MFD symbology this time, currently supporting static ground targets, SAM, and ships. I've also implemented a targeting cursor that gives the pilot a way to correlate the FLIR target point on the ground with the data on the HSD. I'll have to add a "NOT SOI" text to the MFD to make clear you're not steering the cursor but the laser, but I don't know if the F117A had that text...
  9. I have a revolutionary solution for that: For a small fee you make a random lootbox heat up and appear on your FLIR.
  10. I've gotten the tactical map functional, though of course the symbology is not quite there yet:
  11. Heh it's okay, though at this point I think some experience is required, sorry! And a small update: The RCS meter displays how radar-visible your airplane is, and this comes with consequences! Experimenting with procedural building placement: Video of the RCS meter in action:
  12. More modelers would be nice. The goal is to shoot for a low-poly (but recognizable) look. As for release, haven't decided yet whether or not to make this a commercial one. If it ends up being sold on Steam or something like that, I'll have to compensate any contributors of course. But right now I don't worry about whether or not it's gonna be a paid program. I don't think I'm at a stage where I can charge money for it anyway, and until that changes I don't think about it. Anyway, here's a screenshot of a different lighting/sky scene: I still have some RCS related calculations to finish, then I'll look at procedural placement of houses, lights and enemies, as well as airplane damage. Right now missile hits just make your F117 explode, I want to make it so there's varying chances of damage to systems and control surfaces. I also need to implement crash/land conditions (right now the ground is rather harmless...) as well as the tactical map MFD page, so you know what you're facing. Down the road I want there to be general states of alertness modeled for the ground defences, meaning that the first dropped bomb would result in (blind) AAA fire as they try to deter the invisible foe, like they did in Iraq. And *further* down the road I want to add enemy air foes that converge on your position if you manage to get spotted by a radar.
  13. Don't really see a need for a mascot at this point yet, sorry! Today's status update: x) Implemented stealth meter bar x) added yellow compromised stealth indicator x) added FLIR lock indicator x) added optional minimum turret elevation angle (to prevent missile misfires) I now have the problem that terrain tiles other than my current one are rendered in a slightly darker tone for a reason I have not been able to find out yet. EDIT: Fixed my lighting issue! Phew!
  14. Small update: I've made progress with the RCS calculations, and in the meantime have started upgrading the terrain generation a bit. There's still some work to do for performance optimizations.But I can make this as low or high poly as needed. And before anyone asks: No, the F117A in this game will not fly during the day. It's night missions only.
  15. Well unlike in the real aircraft, in this game you know when a radar illuminates you. So there's plenty more to do in the game than in a real F117 en-route. There was an experimental upgrade that allowed the aircraft to receive updated threat information and the computer would display an alternate route that fit the parameters, and the pilot was then to either accept or disregard that revised plan. That system was never used in combat but it goes to show that it's not completely outlandishly unrealistic for an F117 game to have a tactical map with up to date SAM positions, or a RWR for that matter.