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  1. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Since we're on that topic I bought it on GOG and it's still just as good as I remembered it. Playing it with an X-Box 360 Joypad and the Quick Reference card on my secondary monitor.
  2. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    I was just wondering- are you able to leave some "overhead" so eventually you or another user could add/mod new flayble planes in? As in... a Strike Eagle? Or a MiG 29? You know to spice up MP?
  3. IL2- Bodenplatte announced!

    Ok, guys I'm new here and I know it but... this (I think) it's just awesome! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32254-announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-crew-and-mo/ Plus some other minor stuff like.... RISE OF FLIGHT 2 YAY!
  4. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    No worries, and again thank you so much for your patience with me and for your amazing efforts on your game!
  5. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Well, first I want to thank you so much for your patience with me! Thank you for the kind answers. I will ask you only one more thing: Do you envision menu like old Microprose games (graphics depicting hangars, pilots, lockers and such) or you have something else in mind? Apart from that I'm a noob and a half with Blender. If you need small stuff, low humble laborers can do, like all those annoying missiles, bullets, houses, trees, camels, and so on... well I'd love to help.
  6. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    Heh, no worries! Is there anything you could use help with? In any case... Amazing job- do you have a plan to release it?
  7. Newcomer

    Hello, everyone. Newcomer, been around for quite some times, got drawn in by that amazingly looking remake of F-117. Hope I don't bother too much. See ya 'round. Komemiute
  8. Newcomer

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  9. Newcomer

    Hehehe, *scribbles down- Bother Stans* Roger Wilco. I just have a question, does he resemble his Avatar? Especially the little gun? I might have a problem with that.
  10. No wonder no one wanders in here . . . .

    And here I am resurrecting threads for no good reason. Except I started playing WT after a long hiatus... How long, you ask? I was in the original War Thunder Beta test when I played last. Yes, that long. And no, that's not what she said.
  11. Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    OMG, this is AMAZING! I sunk an insane amount of time with old Microprose glories! I have a ton of question but don't want to scare you- just one to begin with... do you need help with a Mascot or something? I kind of know a thing or two about that...