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  1. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

  2. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

  3. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Interesting, in no mission in the first scenario I could succeed to eject. Two times dead because the key combination did not work. I think it may be scenario failure, let me try in teh training flight as well. Thank you mikew.
  4. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I have a question to whom it may concern, I cannot eject in TAW 2.3. I checked for SHIFT+ESC+ESC but it did not work. Is it changed? I checked keys list in the help but Windows 10 does not support the help file in my computer...Can someone help me? Thank you in advance...
  5. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thank you Krycztij, helps a lot. I will test DCS today and X-Plane scheduled for tomorrow. I will keep informing about the ongoing developments.
  6. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    True that, but those biases are not sourced from the guessing, but because it is basically a software with disinformation objective. And it is clearly stated in the user manual. Also some weapons are not realistically stated in the TAW 2.0 on purpose, such like the maximum range of SAM batteries, such like SA-6, SA-11 SA-17. Also it will need an update on every type of weapons, in the end 20 years have past and lots of weapons are updated in terms of effectivity and range already. In any software developed on OOP principles which I am sure TAW 2.0 is one of them, it i not that hard to update these type of variables. The most challenging points are, converting SATCOM data to terrain info for the simulating software and physical engine which calculates mathematical positon of every object in the air warfare theatre. Also warfare AI is a valuable part of any combat simulator.
  7. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Oh sorry you can reach to the introduction video from the link https://youtu.be/A-636LBp6R4
  8. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Dear mikew, Yes, that's the idea but not for only TAI TF-X, stealth as a concept will be the future of air combat. SO, we will modify the project for instance for Japan FX-1, or any other stealthy aircraft in the future...You can reach to the introduction video of the project from . And when it comes to avionics and other aero dynamic features of F-22, the simulator perfectly reflects what's on the Raptor. 6 cray computers control avionics of F-22 and they are very realistically reflected on TAW 2.0. Those who could find an opportunity to fly with a Raptor like me may easily measure the level of reality of TAW 2.0. So, in the end it is not a matter of question to me the health of code of TAW 2.0 in terms of real technical details. For many, it is just a game, not for me, including its warfare AI for different components.
  9. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thank you for all comments, criticism and contribution, these will guide our way. I see your point, and I'm downloading and will try to install DCS and X-plane at the moment. I will check their level in terms of realistic air warfare simulator and a few more critical aspects of what we desire. Honestly speaking I want to code (or modify preferably) a network based training simulator within an OOP based development process. Think of from 40 to 120 terminals on a sinle server running this software for every client. This will be modern and total training platform for any Air Force on Earth for mission planning and execution with all elements of modern warfare. Again, I will check suggestions and will be back in case those simulators do not satisfy our demands. Thank you in advance and best regards.
  10. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thank you for information Krycztij, as I guessed the copyright of the original TAW code is in hands of DID legal copyright owner. The point is that I am keen on TAW code is, it gives me everything I need inside the code. The subject aircraft to customization will also be a stealth fighter jet so it would be not that hard for us to modify the source code of TAW in terms of radar & EMCON states, rather than any other simulator software. These are the vital points of my project, and hey, no one would say no to half a million dollars for a 20 years old code today, aye?
  11. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Dear Home Fries, I already guessed this could be the case, I mean terrain info and some aircraft characteristics could be manually set over hexadecimal code. We are a bunch of developers here and we have the capability to develop over hexadecimal coding as well as assembler lines within C++ on which I guess TAW 2.0 was coded. I will check your valuable suggestions but still I would like to know with whom I need to talk to when it comes to F-22 TAW 2.30 code rights. To my life understanding everything in life starts with an entrepreneurship and maybe the copyright holders of the game code will issue a LUA for it if it is asked in exchange of an amount of money. All I want to know is, who holds the copyright of this code, thus to whom I need to talk to in case I could not deal with other suggestions of yours. Thank you in advance.
  12. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    In the end v2.30 was realized by Air Dominance Project team. All I need is to meet someone from this team on behalf of all the rest of the team so that they can guide me for more efficient ways to modify the code for different geography and fighter jet...but I trust the physics engine of the TAW 2.0....I think it is more clear now...
  13. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Hi Krycztij, I think another way, it is a good point that the code is valueless after the game is released but I need the source code in order to modify for another fighter jet. And another point is , I am myself a software engineer as well as a project manager. That's why I don't want to repeat writing the same code with lots of trouble of error traces. There is a good code I love on table and I think half a million dollar for anyone who has the code in his hands with its copyrights and willing to give me a document which claims I will have all the rights of this code limited with Turkey...Think it like a distributorship of the code...I want the all rights of it in Turkey market...either as a game or as a sophisticated tactical air warfare simulator code...
  14. F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    First of all thank you for great work on F-22 TAW 2.3. How can I reach to you Home Fries? I just got the responsibility of a professional military simulator project and I plan to modify TAW 2.3 code for this project. Is it possible we can cooperate? Or to whom I need to talk to for the access to source code of TAW 2.3? Or who has the copyright of the source code at the moment after D.I.D. disbanded? I am authorized and ready to talk over half a million dollar for this code. Please do not hesitate to reach me via muratguc@windowslive.com. Thank you in advance, best regards.