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  1. Hey Stick, I didn't know your momma was a Canadian stripper, Happy Birthday Canada.
  2. At least the camel likes you huh? Well Hoss, that aint sayin too awful much.
  3. Let's find out if you can water ski behind a sub. Hook up herr Stink and dive the boat.
  4. When are yall running? Haven't seen anyone around.
  5. Il-2, get it through Steam, about 10.00 bucks US.
  6. Yeah, I'm still trying to sort it all out. Been so long I don't know if I would remember if anything was missing or not. I'll hit it this afternoon and start moving stuff out of the storage and onto the wall and such so you'll have more room.
  7. Somebody grabbed it before I got to it. No worries, different neighborhood is all. How do we get the housing chests again?
  8. This is getting frustrating. Windfola is up for migration but Gladden is not on the table to move to.
  9. This is getting pretty frustrating. Windfola is now up for migration, but it won't let me migrate to Gladdon.
  10. Grassvale Henburg Herdale Maltmead
  11. So am I the only one playing now. Downloaded and got everything set up. No biggie just wondering.
  12. I've tried to transfer and it looks like they are doing it one server at a time starting with Firefoot. I wanted to get the house I had before I lost it. It's the one down by the lake. Found four or five neighborhoods with the house for sale and the same kinhouse.
  13. Looks like it's automatic. I wanted to get there first and check out the neighborhoods. There's a certain house I want.