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  1. Day to takie momma-san to Sushi house! Day to showie youl rove fol youl momma-san! If she no rongel riving, say playel for hel, visit glave if possibre! Helr Frickie no obselve Momma-san Day as he nevel have a momma-san! He testie tubie expeliment gone holibry long! ROR!!!
  2. Herro Lat Bastalds! Nolth Kolea file anothel missre today! Pissie offie Lussions nowie! Lussians go furl arelt as missre fry 96 kirometels crose to Vradivostok! Vely much time to rauch ail soltie against fattie boy and Pyongyang! CSIM Defense Folce Squaldlons make leady now arl pirots! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  3. Aaaaah soooooo! Conglats to Donnie-san and Rottie! Itchie bow to Whizkid and his rovery blide! Happry Annevelsaly to bothie youie coupres! Youie happiness lemind Itchie of Poppa-san and Momma-san! They vely happy! Especiarry aftel Itchie movie outie of housie! No undelstand why though. Itchie moder son!
  4. Herro ferro Combatsimianials! Youl abirities to fry and destloy the enemy is needed nowie mole than evel! Honolabre Japan, Southie Kolea and Amelica in glave dangel! You joinie Itchie to destloy lat bastald fattie boy Kim Jong Un of Nolth Kolea! He get Nookriel weapons...endangel alr of us! Many Japanese vely nelvous light nowie! We folm supeliol squadlon of Zelos and Colsails and we kirl him fat ass! Youie joinie Itchie okay? BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  5. Happy Newie Yeal Lat Bastalds! So solly to be rate to wish youie this. Itchie cerebrating with murtipre Geishas! Goodry thing Itchie hung rike holse! Grad not Helr Flick! Kempeitai infolmation fordel sayie Flick vely smarl winkie. Leason why noie get femares! Cheels to 2017 and futhel Nipponese supeliolity ovel you arl! BANZAI! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!!
  6. Nowie you risten to hot babe type singel flom grolious rand of Nippon! Locking out with Ludorph the Led Nosie Leindeel!
  7. Melly Chlistmas Lat Bastalds! Werl, exclept fol Flick and the gilryman Lotatiga!
  8. Youie alr ignolant sruts! Japanese No.31 crass patlor boat vastry supeliol to clap Lat Bastald Amelicans, Blits and Gelmans buird fol wal! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  9. Helr Frick! Evelyone know youie doubre agent fol Lussians! Evel since Lussians captule you on Easteln Flont, and usie you as Comfolt gilr! Youie becomie infolmant/spy fol NKVD. Youie arso wolkie fol Empelol Laisinface. Now you sarute and suckie up to Tlump! Youie changie sides rike Itarians! No mattel. Tlumpie no savie you. Laisinface wirl kirl you most soonry! Itchie no akcept seatie on Laisinface tabre of powel. Itchie fal to supeliol man flom Nippon to needie rousy position. BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  10. Noie wollies fol Empellol! At reast untir most Honolabre Japanese lise up and destloy him! Then Japan wirl be the urtimate powel on ealth!!! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  11. You Amelican lat bastalds have speciar day fol erections? Japanese men get erections evelyday! Noie wondel U.S. Malines clazy! Nevel get raid! Meanwhire, Itchie spend houls evely day at Geisha on Ginza, selvicing rovery young Geisha gilrs! What learry funny is you Ami lat bastalds spend birrions to get erection fol just one day! Tomollow you go backie to have no erections, have rimp weenies. Itchie heal that you arso roose youl countly to Empelor Pluneface and Dalk Hermet today! Hirraly Crinton new Plesident fol you! Hirraly is Balack Obamra in whiteface withie wideroad butt! You Amelicans roose face! No rongel powelful nation! Canada kickie youl alse now! Hockry prayels toughies! Youl men nowie need safie zonies! To scaled to fight! BWAAAAHAAAHAAAAAA!!!! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  12. Donstel-san getting raid? ROR!!! Helr Frick malrying Blidgette? LOTFRMAO!!!!! Ord Guy-san make Itchie raf! Jus rike Bob Hope-san! Ord Guy-san terl tlue stoly aboutie Stans-san and he beling hung rike hamstel! RMAO!!!!
  13. Rold Dalk Hermet go fol big raugh! No get! ROR!!! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  14. Brah brah brah! Donstel-san dlop flew kiros. Doctol Katzenyammel diet rousy. Donstel-san need Supeliol Japanese Miritary diet! Law fish, maggots and lice, bean kurd and sart watel! Ruse weight mole goodry! You askie sulviving Amelican Maline POWs! We tleat them nicery! Ahhh scaledly cat arries now onry fry ovel Criffs of Dovel! Fry against dlunk Gelman pirots! Youie can handre frying against Supeliol Japanese Warriols of sky! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!