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Found 2 results

  1. Why can't I fire AIM-120's at ranges beyond 20nm even if the the total vector between me and the bandit is above 800 knots ? Other sims allow me to do this.
  2. I have played this game for ages, but still don't know how to operate reconnaissance devices. The game asks me to take photos and/or to send them via direct link to the carrier. Nevertheless, there is no way I can think of to operate those devices. I am playing the 1999 version, using the keyboard and mouse . So perhaps this is a bug and those reconnaissance features are not implemented (only a shell without function) and to be introduced later [in 2001] in the Gold edition. Also it is possible that for operating them, some specific joysticks are needed. Please guide me. I am playing this for 12+ years, and there remains nothing I have not tried.