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Found 1 result

  1. This is a series of US Navy and Marine Corps skin packs for the FJ-3/FJ-3M Fury, the navalized variant of the F-86 Sabre (the M version being Sidewinder capable). The idea of this series is to have a single skin for each squadron, and separate decals for each side number (Modex). The last 4 digits of the serial number (BuNo) use the USAF serial number to allow for dynamic BuNos, though the side number must be selected by choosing the skin itself. This will allow a common Modex pool and a single texture for each squadron, thereby allowing you to employ an entire squadron in a mission while keeping the hard drive and in-mission RAM footprint to a minimum. This post serves as a master links post. You can download the skin packs at the following mirrors: ED User Files: VF-24 Corsairs v1.1 VF-73 Jesters v1.1 VF-121 Pacemakers v1.1 VF-142 Fighting Falcons v1.1 VF-191 Satan's Kittens v1.1 VF-211 Red Checkertails v1.11 CombatAce: VF-24 VF-73 VF-121 VF-142 VF-191 VF-211 LOF: VF-24 VF-73 VF-121 VF-142 VF-191 VF-211