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  1. DCS World weekly fly-in

    With the cancellation of our weekly Total Air War fly-in, we are converting our DCS World fly-in to a semi-weekly basis. We meet on Teamspeak 3 at 20:00 Wednesday Eastern Time and 20:00 Saturday Eastern Time. We will be flying the Co-op missions, though we may go Head-to-Head if we get enough people to join. Teamspeak 3 Server real-time details: Server Login Details We meet in the temporary channel Black Veal Squadron. If the channel isn't there, somebody will be there shortly to create it. You can download Teamspeak 3 for free at http://www.teamspeak.com/. Please have the latest version of DCS World installed, and ensure that your microphone is working prior to joining the channel. We require people to use voice comms to participate in the fly-ins in order to promote coordination and to deter TKers and griefers. We're not A-10C/Ka-50 hardcore only types; we fly FC3 and the Su-25T as well as the hardcore modules (and often in the same mission!). All we ask is that you have basic competence in your chosen aircraft (i.e. able to cold start and get airborne, as well as basic weapons employment skills). If you have LotATC, you're also welcome to join (our hosts run LotATC Server). Please post if you are interested, so we know how many to expect, or just show up and surprise us. Likewise, please let us know what modules you have and what planes (and even what mission) you would like to fly. On the flip side, if a mission requires a specific skin or skin pack, then as long as we know you're coming we'll give you a heads-up of what you need to download and install prior to start time. See you in the not-so-friendly skies!