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Found 3 results

  1. New stuff is coming for WWIIOL this year. The dev team (The Rats) are expanding their capabilities, learning the ins and outs of the old engine, so they can add and change things. Plus, they're beginning plans for WWIIOL 2.0! BIG things are happening!!!!! http://www.wwiionline.com/roadmap By the way, if you haven't been ingame in a while, come see the new stuff already ingame. The latest additions, SPAA (self-propelled anti-aircraft) units, are ingame and are a BIG hit. The tankbusters (ground attack aircraft) are going to be ingame soon! -Irish
  2. Lt. Col. (retired) Dick Cole, 97-years-old and going strong, answering your questions today on Reddit. Here's the link to the discussion: IamA Doolittle Raider, Lt. Col. Dick Cole. I was Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot in WWII when we bombed Japan for retribution for Pearl Harbor. Ask me anything! Amazing guy
  3. Hey all, Just posted my review of LtCol (Ret) Jay A. Stout's latest book, Fighter Group: The 352nd "Blue-Nosed Bastards" in World War II. You can read it over on the main COMBATSIM.COM website here.