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This Day in WWII 26 August 1939 - 1944

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1024.jpg?md=1345974118000 Boeing Ad - August 1943

1939: Hitler cancels the order for the invasion of Poland on this day. He sets a new date of the 1st September.

1940: Eire government protests to Berlin over bombs dropped in County Wexford, killing three girls. London raided by Luftwaffe for six hours.

1940: Hitler orders an initial redeployment of two Panzer and ten Infantry divisions from western Europe to Poland in preparation for the invasion of Russia.

1024.jpg?md=1345974136000 *Maureen O'Sullivan

1941: Anglo-Canadian and Norwegian commandos land on Spitzbergen, 370 miles north of Norway, to deny the coal mines to the Germans. They destroy installations and mining equipment and evacuate the Norwegian population.

1941: Pierre Laval is shot and wounded by Paul Colette who is arrested.

1024.jpg?md=1345974142000 Maureen O'Sullivan

1941: German losses on Russian Front reach 440,000, more than in the entire war before the 22nd June 1941. Army Group North surrounds and destroys the Soviet forces in the area of Velikije Luki.

1941: The Hungarian Army rounds up 18,000 Jews at Kamenets-Podolsk.

1941: British troops complete the occupation of the vital Abadan oilfields in Iran.

1024.jpg?md=1345974148000 Maureen O'Sullivan

1942: The Russians announce that their offensive along the Moscow front has pushed the Germans back 15-20 miles in a fortnight. German successes continue in Caucasus.

1942: 7,000 Jews arrested in unoccupied France.


Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller), Jane (Maureen O'Sullivan), and Boy (Johnny Sheffield), with Cheeta the chimp, in a scene from "Tarzan's New York Adventure" (1942).

1942: Two thousand Japanese land at Milne Bay, South East of Port Moresby and advance up Kokoda Trail.

1943: US bombers hit Hong Kong.

1024.jpg?md=1345974125000 Dot Fastner Ad - August 1944

1944: After a delirious day of celebrating their city's liberation from the Germans, Parisians are brought back to reality shortly before midnight when the Luftwaffe stages a vindictive raid that destroys a substantial part of the city's working class neighborhoods in the northeast.

1944: Allied troops pour across Seine and drive East. The French liberate Tarascon and Avignon in the South of France.

1944: Hitler orders a withdrawal from Greece. Bulgaria, Germany's ally, withdraws from the war against Russia and declares its neutrality.

1024.jpg?md=1345974159000 Maureen O'Sullivan

*Maureen Paula O'Sullivan was born in County Roscommon, Ireland, on May 17, 1911. The future mother of Mia Farrow was educated in parochial schools in London, Dublin, and Paris. As a matter of fact, Maureen was a classmate of Vivien Leigh, another woman destined for screen immortality. Even as a schoolgirl, Maureen desired an acting career; she studied hard and read widely. When the opportunity to be an actress came along, it almost dropped in her lap. The director Frank Borzage was in Dublin filming "Song o' My Heart" (1930) when Maureen, then 18, met him. Borzage suggested a screen test, which she took. The results were more than favorable, as she won the part of Eileen O'Brien. The part was a substantial one, so much so that Maureen went on to Hollywood to complete the filming. Once in sunny California, Maureen wasted no time landing roles in other films such as "Just Imagine" (1930), "Princess and the Plumber" (1930), and "So This Is London" (1930). Maureen was on a roll that her contemporaries could only have wished for when they were coming up through the ranks.

1024.jpg?md=1345974165000 Maureen O'Sullivan

In 1932, Maureen was teamed up with Olympic medal winner Johnny Weissmuller for the first time in "Tarzan the Ape Man" (1932). Five other Tarzan films followed, the last being "Tarzan's New York Adventure" (1942). The Tarzan epics rank as one of the most memorable series ever made. Most people agree that those movies would not have been successful had it not been for the fine acting talents, not to mention beauty, of Maureen O'Sullivan. But she was more than Jane Parker in the Tarzan films; she had great roles and played beautifully in films such as "The Flame Within" (1935), "The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger" (1935), and "Anna Karenina" (1935). She turned in yet another fine performance in "Pride and Prejudice" (1940). After the 1940s, Maureen made far fewer films, not because she lost popularity but by choice. It isn't always easy to walk away from a lucrative career, but she did because she wanted to devote more time to her husband, John Farrow, an Australian writer, and their seven children. The couple were married from 1936 until his death in 1963. She did not, however, retire completely; Maureen still found time to make an occasional appearance in films or TV or on the stage. Later movie patrons remember her as Elizabeth Alvorg in the hit film "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986). Her final silver screen appearance was in "Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood" (1988). Some TV movies followed, but only until 1996. She maintained homes in New Hampshire and Arizona, and it was in Scottsdale that Maureen died on June 23, 1998, of a heart attack. She was 87 years old.


Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)

Her oldest son, Michael, was killed in a plane crash while taking flying lessons, in 1958.

Ex-mother-in-law of Frank Sinatra and André Previn. Daughter Mia Farrow also had a long-term relationship with Woody Allen.

Mother of Michael Farrow, Patrick Farrow, John Charles Farrow, Mia Farrow, Tisa Farrow, Prudence Farrow and Stephanie Farrow, from her marriage to John Farrow

Despised working with the chimpanzee Cheetah during the filming of the Tarzan movies at MGM and, according to daughter Mia Farrow, privately referred to the primate as "that ape son of a bitch".

1024.jpg?md=1345974132000 Fisher Body Ad - August 1945

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