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Using an F22 and TQS on my retro PC - need old software help!

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Hey all!

I'm finally getting into flight sims again and reliving my glory days with the likes of Falcon, Jane's Combat Sims and some others. I never was lucky enough back then to have a setup like the TQS and F22, but now I do! I recently rebuilt an older machine (Windows 98 P4 2.8ghz with some modifications) and acquired an F-16 TQS from Syracuse NY and an F22 Pro stick from Scottsdale, AZ (God bless goodwill and craigslist!).


I have managed to track down SOME software:

    Fox 2.3
    F22 CCC software from Thrustmaster
    A Few Prebuilt Macros


Other software I can't find yet:

    Fox Pro
    More Macros!


For the most part I have been able to program the stick and for the most part use it.


I'm curious about a few things and hope the community may be able to help me. I reached out to James Hallows about the Fox Pro software (not digital foxy) and he let me know that all his old stuff isn't readily accessible, but he had released everything as freeware a ways back. He suggested I check here to see if anyone may have a copy of the Pro version since he isn't able to provide it.

Additionally, I know the upgraded SWF22 sticks are pretty much the best experience with this - and Bob Church said it himself - the best way to get a hold of the chips anymore are to find them in old sticks on ebay or elsewhere. Well, I wasn't lucky enough to get a stick with the chip in it - but since Bob has since retired and I haven't found any recent posts from him anywhere as I've been researching - does anyone know if he ever did the same as Mr. Hallows and gave free reign over his programs?


It would seem if he would be directing people to buy them second hand he has no intention of making any money off the product anymore (though I'd love to buy one if I could). It would be impolite to assume, but if anyone knows him could ask - or knows if he ever said - I would like to try and find someone who could "dump" the 40pin chip and avail the code to the public so we can make our own (burn our own chips). If that isn't an option or against forum rules - PLEASE let me know and I can edit this post - I do NOT want to step on any toes! It should easily be done with something like this Dumping Rom Chips

Finally, Does anyone know if a serial mouse is REQUIRED to get the eraser head to work. I don't have one but I do have a serial connection TO the computer. It is the only input I can't seem to get to register in Windows or in games.

Anyway - hope to be around more often and if anyone comes across this post and has questions on what I did to get everything working as far as I have feel free to message me!

TLDR: Looking for fox pro software to program stick, any macros someone may have built and saved for F22/TQS and if its possible to dump the memory OFF an SWF22 chip and burn your own.



Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.09.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.08.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.09.58 PM.png

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Welcome to the forums, thep0lish.


Your post certainly was a walk down memory lane!


First, no, you aren't breaking any rules here, and we'll all do what we can to help you.


I'll have to dig around in my basement, because I did have an F22 Pro in a box ... but it may have gone to the HOTAS graveyard in one of my purges. I hope not, but I will look tomorrow as I was just about to hit the rack.


As for Fox Pro, I don't think I ever used it ... or did I? Again, I'll have a look around.


With regard to F22 .f22 and .m22 files ... I just did a quick search and found an old CD I burned way back in the day that has the complete contents our old FTP downloads server that I shut down in 2001. I've uploaded everything from that CD to an Amazon Cloud drive. Here's the link: COMBATSIM FTP DOWNLOADS from 2001.


Check the "/joystick/tm/" , "/config/", and "/hotas/" folders when you get there (and everything else, too, since I haven't really looked at it all). And yes, I'm making it all public, so to anyone else who stumbles on this post, go for it ... and let me know if I inadvertently uploaded any pictures from my blunder years ;-)


Now, as for getting real help on your quest, you can do no better than to contact Len Hjalmarson. Len was my co-founder of COMBATSIM.COM back in the day and he was bonkers for Thrustmaster gear----I think he even has the first ever HOTAS Cougar with serial number 00001 or some such. Len is, without a doubt, the guru of all things Thrustmaster. I just hope he still has his old files kicking around. You can reach Len at len.hjalmarson at gmail.com (<< put the @ back in that). Tell him I said "Hi!"


Let us know how it goes :)


Oh, one last thing ... that last screenshot in your post of the page with the fighter pilot helmet, the square grid, and the green gradient, I created that image back in 1997 or 1998 as part of the COMBATSIM.COM homepage. When I first saw it, I thought, where the hell on our site is that page?! I spent 30 minutes Googling this site looking for it, then finally did a generic Google search and found this reocities.com website. Nice to know my artwork is still kicking around out there!


Finally, and this isn't related to this discussion, but just because I'm now all nostalgic after uploading that old FTP directory, here's the May 2001 calendar I found:




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Wow thank you for the upload and the info! I will definitely reach out to him too!


I just recently found that retro cities page and a lot of the links are still good for files! (I'm archiving them all for preservation) and small world eh? 


So far EVERONE in the flight sim community has been awesome and hopefully when I'm all done I can give back in one way shape or form!






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I was talking to a buddy of mine I think he said he had the digital chip. I gave him the link here I thought he was going to contact you I will see what he wants to do with and find out what he has..

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On 18/01/2018 at 1:25 PM, The_Nephilim said:

I was talking to a buddy of mine I think he said he had the digital chip. I gave him the link here I thought he was going to contact you I will see what he wants to do with and find out what he has..

I hope he does, that would be great! 

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