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    Been here for four years and still can't "like" anything Should we tell the admin(s)?
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    Ladies and Gents, the next big thing his here!* The Community Universal Patch (CUP) for IL-2 1946 is available, all-encompassing, and amazing! CUP integrates the Dark Blue World and Compressed Full Monty mods as well as makes many of the other popular mods compatible with each other and IL-2 4.12.2. Additionally, CUP itself comprises three eras (separately downloadable and easily selectable): Dawn of Flight (WWI), World at War (WWII), and The Jet Age (Post WWII - Present). It also includes a boatload of new maps (many of which incorporate shaders and lighting of the new graphics engine) and a Quick Mission Builder that takes advantage of them and is compatible with era swapping. Finally, one of the swappable options is the "stock" 4.12.2 install, so there is no need to create a separate install for stock compatibility. Additionally, no existing campaign files or datafiles (beyond binaries) are changed when swapping eras, so any JSGME compatible mods or existing stock campaigns should be compatible. Here are the instructions for download and installation. And a video while you wait for 30Gb of goodness to pass through the interwebs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0BWNSX_Bh8 *Disclaimer: I've just been brought onto the SAS mod team, so I might be a bit biased.
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    being computer field service I have to be out and about. Not happy about it, but short of total shutdown out I go. I was the the designated skeleton in the office this week till Friday, then it is someone else's turn. all bars restaurants are technically closed except those that can do food take out. Big stores open, the smaller ones if they can do online business are hanging in there. being over 60 I get to shop early in the grocery stores and avoid you young whipper snappers buying all the toilet paper!
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    Harpoon for Dummies In response to ongoing pleas for player assistance, a Harpoon for Dummies channel has opened on YouTube to help Harpoon players navigate the complexities of the game and to deliver the best possible playing experience. These series of video tutorials will continue to be written as needed and as requested. Many thanks to Ian Bowes (a.k.a. Spelk), amongst others, for speaking up and specifically requesting such videos be made and for the kind assistance he provided in reviewing them. Presently, videos are available to demonstrate: 1) Installation procedures for the PlayersDB and scenarios 2) Basic game functions through a comprehensive tutorial for H3 3) Thorough use of the scenario editor for H3 4) Thorough use of the scenario editor for ANW 5) A complete sample scenario session Folks who have never played a Harpoon scenario can watch the complete scenario run from beginning to end: http://www.youtube.com/user/HarPlonked?feature=mhee#p/c/92B10E53A32BC1B6/0/MqDFDZZ0r-k Harpoon3.6.3 users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon 3.6.3 Library Harpoon ANW users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon ANW Library Harpoon HUE users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon HUE Library
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    Zhat ist likely zhe vork of zhe Emperor! He probably zent Dark Helmet to schtop up zhe zewer line. Dark Helmet ist vell known fvor hiz ability to klog ein zewer.
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    Life has a tendency to do that to us. But God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Just seems like it sometimes.
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    No need to accept Windows 8/10/whatever; I’m developing on Windows 7 and I won’t upgrade in the foreseeable future. (… and TFXplorer still supports Windows XP, doesn’t it? )
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    I have a picture of my Dad kneeling beside a truck tire. He's holding a tire iron. He was also a master sergeant at the time (late 1944 in Belgium). When he showed me the pic he said, "You realize that is a posed picture." "What do you mean?" He laughed. "Master sergeants don't change tires. That's what PFCs are for." OG
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    In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. — Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae
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    Those Gigants were so big and slow a fat kid on a Aeronca L-3 Scout plane could have shot it down using a slingshot and a rock.
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    Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own children when they were young.
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    Hi Cobra, nice to see you again!! ?
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    Oggie! Good to hear from you! How are you and the family? Ya gotta stop by more often!
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    The freshly restored B-29 "Doc" has completed phase 1 of its test operations and the FAA has issued it a special airworthy certificate. This means "Doc" can finally leave the nest. http://ksn.com/2017/03/10/faa-approves-new-airworthiness-certificate-for-b-29-doc/
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    My Dad never made it over.. Truman dropped the bomb and the rest is History! He was one happy aircorp crewman!
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    Those are some wonderful photos Rob! I myself don't have any family members buried in any of the Normandy Cemeteries. My uncles all fought in the Pacific, and luckily survived the war. Sure would love to be able to go there someday. Would be a dream trip for me, to visit many of the sites from both World Wars.
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    Although I never had one of these, I did have one of these. I even found some videos of this toy working. Rather simple, but for a kid surrounded by western style cap pistols, this thing was the battle stopper.
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    So which was the nice on tap?
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    Binky! where have you Been you Git! missed my old long lost son..
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    Sprayed my lawn weeds with Weed-b-Gone and the borders with Round Up, then with the garden hose and copious amounts of water, I washed my deck and deck furniture. Lots and lots of water. Now I'm watching the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol, TN. 40 cars racing 160 miles and getting only 5-6 miles per gallon fuel economy! Mmmmm, I can almost smell the exhaust.
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    Meanwhile, here in Kelseyville it's bloody cold! About 58F with a wind chill factor putting it at 45F! Damn, don't know if I can stand this! Have to get some long pants on. Winter's hell!
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    And the same for you!
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    S! May Col Broughton rest with the members of his fighter wing, and in (ahem) a different location entirely from LBJ and McNamara.
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    Fair winds and following seas, Sir! Would that many more men had turned out like you. My condolences to you and the family, Joker. That smile will be waiting for you some day.
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    RIP Captain. Joker, my sincere condolences to you and your family.
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    A B-29 flew over Fort Collins twice this morning. There is an airshow at a local airport featuring Fifi and a C-45 called Bucket of Bolts. I heard the rumble of engines and walked to where I could see the sky better. And there she came, no more than 5,000 AGL, heading north. About 20 minutes later she flew over again, this time from east to west. About an hour later I saw a C-45 in military colors. Cool! OG
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    No, Joker, you're not naive to believe in the US of A! I do, too, but I'm not so sure of its Politicians and some of the inhabitants! Perhaps sheer common sense will win the day, but we may have to eat a lot of humble pie first.
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    Hey, Oggie! Long time no posting, glad to see you are still among the living. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
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    So sorry to hear that, Donnie. I had to put my sweetheart Border Collie, Mindy, down about 8 months ago, due to arthritis and age, and I think I'm only now getting over it, with the help of the craziest little Malti-Poo, Missie, you ever saw! I swear that God gave us dogs to smooth out the bumps in life! Never forget that "DOG" spelt backwards is "GOD!"
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    Aces of the Pacific. Now that there was a game. I agree with Joker. Somebody needs to update that puppy. The campaign mode was awesome. You could fly in all three branches of the US military and Imperial Japanese Navy and Army. I remember flying with 214 the day Boyington was shot down. Left flying 2nd element lead with him as flight leader. My wingman and I were the only ones what made it back. Lost Boyington in a cloud with him on one and one closing on him. I went down to help, nothing but one Zeke climbing up and away. I landed and pulled out a book on Greg and sure enough, compared the dates and there it was. Red Baron was a hoot to. Flying your ass off to get that invite to one of the premo squadrons, getting that note from an enemy ace wanting to duel. I went up once after an invite from Lothar, the Baron's brother. Meet him alone over the front he says. Duel between the two of us he says. Then brings two of his closest friends to apparently "witness" th duel. Bastard.
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    I think I'll be Japanese for a while. At least I can fly better junk. OG
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    And that is for the whole latest series, I believe everything on dvd together.
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    I sniped you after you killed the Jap...not before... I'm sorry, will get you before next time
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    We'll keep ol' 86 fueled up and on the flight line for ya
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    You might be on to something OG on plane performance using joystick, Some planes fly like a bus, But I jump into an early Bi-plane and it flies like a dream. need to do more testing. Biggest thing I have to get used to is to be more delicate
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    Well, I haven't played any game online for years. With you guys was was great. With strangers, not so much. Cheating abound. Got tired of that crap. Now, with my daughter living here, she is using a ton of bandwidth and internet time for her new job, doing tech support for AT&T Cellular Commercial Customers. So even I am limiting my time on the internet for here and Facebook. So unless I want to pay more money, doesn't look like I will be doing any flying online.
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    Donnie, I think all are multiplayer, training you are alone. Highly recommend trying it, but first watch the "mighty jingles" youtube videos he will get you hooked. My online name is "cobraj59". we should see if there is a way to get a few of us together to fly, It would be great to be back together in the virtual skies.! So far I like it and most of the time the other online gamers are pretty cool, haven't had any bad experiences, but I'm sure there are times there have been. But It is pretty good when you are learning in the early parts of the game you can at least have fun, without getting pawn'd all the time. Start off with the Russians, they have better planes that are better armed in the beginning, then go from there.
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    Hey Joker been putzing around with it myself. my dog fighting skills are way rusty, but not a bad game playing for free! Biggest thing I try to do now is avoid collisions and fly smart. If you get in trouble try to see what is after you and use what you know to your advantage. I was flying hurricane and got a p-shooter on my tail. I just out ran him, till he gave up, then performed an immelman and chased him down and lit him up with my 8 .303 brownings! You have to watch the you-tube video of guy called mister jungles I think, He gives tips and tricks to help you also he has fun as well. In one video he was flying a b-17 at tree top level with a couple of planes on his tail. he dropped some bombs and took them down in the blast! was so funny! search youtube for videos of warthunder with the mighty jingles!
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    Kind of like my ex-wives. Of course they insulted me. I'm to nice a guy to insult a woman. Even when she is a bitch. Well, maybe not.
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    LOL Joker! I kind of miss Itchie and the NWO morons. At least they were good fodder for insulting.
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    That's probably good for you there Lt. Merge.
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    I fly Cessna's and Beech's these days.
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    It is a shame that the IL-2 community splintered. It was all good for a while, but last I checked, which has been a while, the Ultra Mod group was still struggling with a beta of their version 3 mod pack. Oleg and company changed a number of things with the 4.10 version of the sim and I understand that the changes broke many of the mods. Oh, well, I have not messed with IL-2 in a few years and I have no intention of starting again.
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    The Marines at Henderson could almost always count on Coastwatchers to report Jap air raids while they were still about an hour away. Sometimes the warnings didn't get through, but when they did, the F4Fs could usually be at altitude and bounce the incoming raid from above. Coastwatchers and Ultra often gave warning of surface ships headed for the 'Canal, as well, but for a long time there wasn't much that could be done about those attacks. The Navy fought a bloody series of night battles with the Japs in the area now known as Iron Bottom Sound and all around Savo Island. The Nips had much more experience at night combat and they had the Long Lance torpedo. US commanders took an unholy amount of time learning how to use radar as an effective tool for night engagements. Eventually, they DID learn and the Japanese tactical and strategic situation began to worsen. The Japanese failure to develop adequate radar equipment hurt them severely, although it's unlikely that even a crash radar development program begun in 1942 would have helped much. Japanese industry was already operating at near maximum when the war started. They were never able to bring modern weapons into play in sufficient numbers to make a measurable difference in their situation. By 1944 the US Navy and Air Corps were essentially two or three generations ahead of the Japs. All the sons of Nippon had left was fighting spirit. Sadly, they inflicted severe casualties before the end. Even more sad, their cultural inability to face reality and end the war cost them millions of young men. OG
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    The P-39 wasn't bad so long as you didn't try to fly it at altitudes that would require the pilot to wear an oxygen mask. Kept low, it did ok. The British bought it based on the premise that it could fly at 400 mph true airspeed above 14,000 feet altitude. Bell actually managed to get one to do do just that, but it involved tons of work to smooth and blend skin, wing and empennage joints, then many coats of primer, all sanded smooth, followed by camo paint that was also sanded smooth. Not the sort of thing that was practical for mass produced aircraft. The British took delivery of many P-39's and when they found that the mass produced P-39 was not up to the specified standard requested, they shipped them off to the Soviets.
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