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    Been here for four years and still can't "like" anything Should we tell the admin(s)?
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    Ladies and Gents, the next big thing his here!* The Community Universal Patch (CUP) for IL-2 1946 is available, all-encompassing, and amazing! CUP integrates the Dark Blue World and Compressed Full Monty mods as well as makes many of the other popular mods compatible with each other and IL-2 4.12.2. Additionally, CUP itself comprises three eras (separately downloadable and easily selectable): Dawn of Flight (WWI), World at War (WWII), and The Jet Age (Post WWII - Present). It also includes a boatload of new maps (many of which incorporate shaders and lighting of the new graphics engine) and a Quick Mission Builder that takes advantage of them and is compatible with era swapping. Finally, one of the swappable options is the "stock" 4.12.2 install, so there is no need to create a separate install for stock compatibility. Additionally, no existing campaign files or datafiles (beyond binaries) are changed when swapping eras, so any JSGME compatible mods or existing stock campaigns should be compatible. Here are the instructions for download and installation. And a video while you wait for 30Gb of goodness to pass through the interwebs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0BWNSX_Bh8 *Disclaimer: I've just been brought onto the SAS mod team, so I might be a bit biased.
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    hard fought 4th place up from 11th place start. car and driver in one piece! youngest daughter's boyfriend in 8th
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    Throw in some guns and collision/damage physics ... rename it to MS Combat Flight Simulator ... then shut-up and take my money! Until then ... meh. I kid. Looks stunning. Will certainly buy it, but I'll wait until it's stable to do that.
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    Harpoon for Dummies In response to ongoing pleas for player assistance, a Harpoon for Dummies channel has opened on YouTube to help Harpoon players navigate the complexities of the game and to deliver the best possible playing experience. These series of video tutorials will continue to be written as needed and as requested. Many thanks to Ian Bowes (a.k.a. Spelk), amongst others, for speaking up and specifically requesting such videos be made and for the kind assistance he provided in reviewing them. Presently, videos are available to demonstrate: 1) Installation procedures for the PlayersDB and scenarios 2) Basic game functions through a comprehensive tutorial for H3 3) Thorough use of the scenario editor for H3 4) Thorough use of the scenario editor for ANW 5) A complete sample scenario session Folks who have never played a Harpoon scenario can watch the complete scenario run from beginning to end: http://www.youtube.com/user/HarPlonked?feature=mhee#p/c/92B10E53A32BC1B6/0/MqDFDZZ0r-k Harpoon3.6.3 users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon 3.6.3 Library Harpoon ANW users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon ANW Library Harpoon HUE users can get the Complete PlayersDB Harpoon HUE Library
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    Happy Resurrection Day, y'all! HE is risen!!!
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    No need to accept Windows 8/10/whatever; I’m developing on Windows 7 and I won’t upgrade in the foreseeable future. (… and TFXplorer still supports Windows XP, doesn’t it? )
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    Thanks, Whizzer! I, for one, will be honouring (note the Canadian spelling) this day by donning my favourite toque, saddling up my horse, and hunting the elusive, and yet savage, big horn beavers. Then, I will smuggle some whisky across the border to all my Loyalist American friends, who, sadly, are prohibited from enjoying such basic comforts due to the pervading Puritanical correctness down there. Then, on to Washington to burn down the White House. Finally, I will end this day with a bracing swim across the St. Lawrence river back to my homeland where I will satiate my manly Canadian appetite with a Rocky Mountain-sized pile of poutine slathered in gravy, all while getting a lap dance from a French Canadian stripper.
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    Those Gigants were so big and slow a fat kid on a Aeronca L-3 Scout plane could have shot it down using a slingshot and a rock.
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    I guess it has been over a decade since I met up with you at Oshkosh Oggie. The boys were just boys then. How fast the years pass by.
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    Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own children when they were young.
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    Hey, Oggie! Good to see you're still kicking. Yes, stop by the nut house... errrrr... the forum more often.
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    My Dad never made it over.. Truman dropped the bomb and the rest is History! He was one happy aircorp crewman!
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    I had a great uncle who fought in the ETO and he survived to tell the tail. Took a look at the photos, they are great!
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    Ok, after Tony Orlando, I feel I really need to redeem myself, lest something bad happen to me. I guess I'm superstitious. I certainly would not want to get stuck. 1973 was part of the music era that seemed to be a real laid back. Again, I heard this on AM radio, so headphones and stereo are a whole new experience for me.
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    Although I never had one of these, I did have one of these. I even found some videos of this toy working. Rather simple, but for a kid surrounded by western style cap pistols, this thing was the battle stopper.
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    So which was the nice on tap?
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    Yeah, must be.
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    Word to terrorists: Be careful of old farts, especially those with military experience. Most especially those who served in the Marines. These guys have kids and grandkids. They worked hard to give them a better world and what do they find? Scumbags who want to kill those kids and grandkids. That pisses them off. They lost good friends in the fight against evil. Now their culture is threatened by religious nuts embracing evil. That pisses them off. At their age sex is just a three letter word. That really pisses them off. So watch out for the old bastards. They don't have a hell of a lot of time left and they'll gladly spend it running a sword up your ass. S! Major Sinke OG
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    S! May Col Broughton rest with the members of his fighter wing, and in (ahem) a different location entirely from LBJ and McNamara.
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    Joker, A very touching tribute to your father, my friend. Your father symbolizes the courage and integrity of the Greatest Generation. My condolences to you and your family. RIP, Captain Sullivan
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    My condolences to you and your family, Joker. The Merchant Marines lost another good man.
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    May your father rest in peace Joker. My sincere condolences to you and all of your family.
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    Ok...had to look that one up... Full Definition of FETTLE: State or condition of health, fitness, wholeness, spirit, or form —often used in the phrase in fine fettle. Examples of FETTLE: A visit to the relatives on the other side of the state revealed them all to be in fine fettle. Happy Easter Oggie and hope you and the family are all well...I mean in fine fettle! Same to all my friends here at CSIM! Happy Easter!
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    Aces of the Pacific. Now that there was a game. I agree with Joker. Somebody needs to update that puppy. The campaign mode was awesome. You could fly in all three branches of the US military and Imperial Japanese Navy and Army. I remember flying with 214 the day Boyington was shot down. Left flying 2nd element lead with him as flight leader. My wingman and I were the only ones what made it back. Lost Boyington in a cloud with him on one and one closing on him. I went down to help, nothing but one Zeke climbing up and away. I landed and pulled out a book on Greg and sure enough, compared the dates and there it was. Red Baron was a hoot to. Flying your ass off to get that invite to one of the premo squadrons, getting that note from an enemy ace wanting to duel. I went up once after an invite from Lothar, the Baron's brother. Meet him alone over the front he says. Duel between the two of us he says. Then brings two of his closest friends to apparently "witness" th duel. Bastard.
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    I don't know for sure, Stans. You've died in gory fashion is SO many tales. OG
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    I'll be replacing the site with something much better later on. I have to brush up on my HTML and learn a bit more CSS before I go too far. Never too old to learn stuff, I guess. OG
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    My step-son, that is. After dating a truly wonderful young lady for well over a year, tonight, February 14, 2014, he asked her to be his wife. She accepted his offer! After months of seemingly endless bad news, we finally have something to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think I'll be Japanese for a while. At least I can fly better junk. OG
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    Got my stick problems mostly sorted out. Turned out all the fiddling I was doing was wasted. The default "joystick" is evidently a mouse and keyboard, even though I specified a joystick when I first got on board. Anyhow, I reset it to my real stick and things are a lot better. Still not happy with some of the views, but now that I have the right stick to work on, it should get better. Words of wisdom: Don't tangle with a flak cannon -- at least not in a Buffalo. Ouch! OG
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    Review it. I'll publish it
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    The 4.12.2m http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,38443.0.html We also have the Modact and HSFX mods. Can't run them together but makes the game ohh so nice.
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    And that is for the whole latest series, I believe everything on dvd together.
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    $17.33 including shipping on Amazon.. wait till after Valentines and pop for it..Gotta focus on flowers and candy in next few days..
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    really don't like LaGG I was having a hard time flying it, till I read it's history and found the Russian pilots called it the ceramic coffin! The plane was made of wood and other non strategic materials and coated in laquer. It was under powered and prone to stalls and spins. I think they modeled that into the plane because it is a bear to fly. At low level a widow maker!
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    just grabbed the last 3d pro from best buy, during lunch today $27 - my $10 best buy reward gift card so not bad for $17. Just need to have get together with one more client today and hopefully resolve his issue then I can have at it and try the joystick world.
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    enjoying it too, but I am still in the "honeymoon stage". investing in a joystick today. Wife goes out with her bus driving friends every Friday after work. At least that what she tells me ... Either way I may be able to get in a few hours of un-interrupted play!
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    yeah I will wait to pay as well, doing fine for free. i'll delve into some realistic battles. would love any BOB scenarios. been ready a few books on the BOB and now want to fly!
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    Well, I haven't played any game online for years. With you guys was was great. With strangers, not so much. Cheating abound. Got tired of that crap. Now, with my daughter living here, she is using a ton of bandwidth and internet time for her new job, doing tech support for AT&T Cellular Commercial Customers. So even I am limiting my time on the internet for here and Facebook. So unless I want to pay more money, doesn't look like I will be doing any flying online.
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    Hey Joker, how are the other gamers in the realistic scenarios? I was wondering if the gamers were more serious and not so forgiving of nubes like me. Biggest thing I learned is collisions are a big no no, though sometimes not avoidable!
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    Star Citizen also has a 124-Bessie's Bastards mix ready to go... Look for Bessie's Space Bastards on RSI's Star Citizen site
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    Joker, I never flew World of Warplanes, but I did fly that new War Thunder MMO. That game, well, sucked. Beautiful graphics, and very sophisticated plane settings, but the thing was really designed to be a console shooter. Joystick control of the planes was horrible. Couldn't draw a bead and hold it steady fer love nur money. Apparently the developers encouraged players with joysticks to use their mouse for better control. Ha!
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    That's probably good for you there Lt. Merge.
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    I'm probably the only one left on this board, next to Gunny, who gets this.
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    The P-39's major weakness was not the oxygen system, it was the lack of a supercharger. Bell's original design specified the use of a blower for increased performance above medium altitudes. I don't know off hand if the supercharger was intended to be a single- or dual-stage unit. The Merlin-powered P-51 had a two-stage blower. The oxygen problems encountered by P-39s at Guadalcanal were the fault of the Air Corps. No one thought to send in the necessary equipment to pressurize the AirCobra systems. The equipment used by Navy and Marine aircraft was of a different type. The P-39 certainly had other faults, but I can't help but wonder how a properly supercharged version would have worked in 1942. By the end of '42 or early '43 the airplane was obsolete anyway, from a design and function standpoint. It's one of those 'What if ...' scenarios. What if the P-39 had entered service with a supercharged engine? The supercharger, by the way, was deleted by the Air Corps during design workup -- probably as a cost saving measure. A blown P-39 would have had a reasonable climb rate and would have been faster than the Zero. It also had the armament necessary to vaporize a Zero. How much difference the supercharged P-39 could have made in the air fighting over New Guinea is anybody's guess. OG
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    The P-39 did well in the Pacific against ground targets. Via Wikipedia... Though outclassed by Japanese fighter aircraft, it performed well in strafing and bombing runs, often proving deadly in ground attacks on Japanese forces trying to retake Henderson Field. Guns salvaged from P-39s were sometimes fitted to Navy PT boats to increase firepower. Pacific pilots often complained about problems of performance and unreliable armament, but by the end of 1942, the P-39 units of the Fifth Air Force had claimed about 80 Japanese aircraft, with a similar number of P-39s lost. By any standard the Airacobra and its pilots held their ground against the Japanese. Fifth and Thirteenth Air Force P-39s did not score more aerial victories in the Solomons due to the aircraft's limited range and poor high altitude performance. Airacobras first fought Japanese Zeros on 30 April 1942 in a low level action near Lae, New Guinea. From May to August 1942 combat between Airacobras and Zeros took place on a regular basis over New Guinea. Compilation of combat reports indicates the Zero was either equal to or close to the P-39 in speed at the altitudes of the various low level encounters.
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