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    Don't all laugh, but I've recently become hooked on WoT (World of Tanks) which is quite good fun. It has a fairly easy learning curve and just the thing to relax you after a hard day trying to improve the profit picture of your Company! I initially scoffed at it, thinking it a haven for repressed teens and the like but was not only impressed with the graphics, (I have a medium range Win7 64bit) but that the starter level battles only last about twenty minutes and it's interesting how fast you pick up Tanker Tricks, like lurking in doorways, etc. My kill rate is abysmal right now, but hopefully it'll improve. Take a quick shufti at some of the YouTube videos and WoT Forum stuff. It might be good for you to relax after trying to save England and the Free World in CoD! (BTW, I downloaded mine from the WoT website and it was an easy load for my diminished faculties!)
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    Dream on, Joker! The day you retire you will, trust me, become the cheapest handyman and carpenter that your wife has ever found! It's a given that the word "RETIRE" becomes synonymous with "WORK HARDER FOR NO PAY" than you ever did in real life! However, with careful planning you CAN turn it to your advantage, and demand, in a very low key way, that, as you've been slaving all day on Project ? the evening is yours to do with as you wish. This is when CombatSim enters the picture, and you know what that means, I'm sure! So it has its positive side, but you just have to be a little more sneaky than in years past!
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