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    Ok...had to look that one up... Full Definition of FETTLE: State or condition of health, fitness, wholeness, spirit, or form —often used in the phrase in fine fettle. Examples of FETTLE: A visit to the relatives on the other side of the state revealed them all to be in fine fettle. Happy Easter Oggie and hope you and the family are all well...I mean in fine fettle! Same to all my friends here at CSIM! Happy Easter!
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    And how bout that word "Vicissitudes"! BOOM Rotatiga!
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    Aces of the Pacific. Now that there was a game. I agree with Joker. Somebody needs to update that puppy. The campaign mode was awesome. You could fly in all three branches of the US military and Imperial Japanese Navy and Army. I remember flying with 214 the day Boyington was shot down. Left flying 2nd element lead with him as flight leader. My wingman and I were the only ones what made it back. Lost Boyington in a cloud with him on one and one closing on him. I went down to help, nothing but one Zeke climbing up and away. I landed and pulled out a book on Greg and sure enough, compared the dates and there it was. Red Baron was a hoot to. Flying your ass off to get that invite to one of the premo squadrons, getting that note from an enemy ace wanting to duel. I went up once after an invite from Lothar, the Baron's brother. Meet him alone over the front he says. Duel between the two of us he says. Then brings two of his closest friends to apparently "witness" th duel. Bastard.
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    Downloaded IL-2 1946 today. Took me some time to get it working right. Had to switch the video to DirectX. Right now I'm running 1600x900 32 bit and the game looks and operates very well. Still have to work on some stick settings. Also, I've got to learn a whole bunch of commands, from the looks of it. OG
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    I think I'll be Japanese for a while. At least I can fly better junk. OG
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    Got my stick problems mostly sorted out. Turned out all the fiddling I was doing was wasted. The default "joystick" is evidently a mouse and keyboard, even though I specified a joystick when I first got on board. Anyhow, I reset it to my real stick and things are a lot better. Still not happy with some of the views, but now that I have the right stick to work on, it should get better. Words of wisdom: Don't tangle with a flak cannon -- at least not in a Buffalo. Ouch! OG
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    Review it. I'll publish it
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    $17.33 including shipping on Amazon.. wait till after Valentines and pop for it..Gotta focus on flowers and candy in next few days..
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    ha ha! my disks are all piled somewhere or wife has tossed them out.. probably end up repurchasing on from amazon used if they got it!
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    I signed up yesterday. Downloaded the game stuff. That took some time. Today I set up my joystick and fiddled around with some other settings. Flew one P-26 mission. Found out my stick settings aren't right. My fault, not the game, as far as I can tell. Gonna go back in after a bit and try to fix the settings and explore a little more. I'm not sure I like the weird mix of aircraft types in the Battle arena. I guess we'll see. OG
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    enjoying it too, but I am still in the "honeymoon stage". investing in a joystick today. Wife goes out with her bus driving friends every Friday after work. At least that what she tells me ... Either way I may be able to get in a few hours of un-interrupted play!
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    yeah I will wait to pay as well, doing fine for free. i'll delve into some realistic battles. would love any BOB scenarios. been ready a few books on the BOB and now want to fly!
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    Kind of like my ex-wives. Of course they insulted me. I'm to nice a guy to insult a woman. Even when she is a bitch. Well, maybe not.
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    LOL Joker! I kind of miss Itchie and the NWO morons. At least they were good fodder for insulting.
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    I fly Cessna's and Beech's these days.
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    It was all about the numbers Joker, they had 'em, we didn't.
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    The Marines at Henderson could almost always count on Coastwatchers to report Jap air raids while they were still about an hour away. Sometimes the warnings didn't get through, but when they did, the F4Fs could usually be at altitude and bounce the incoming raid from above. Coastwatchers and Ultra often gave warning of surface ships headed for the 'Canal, as well, but for a long time there wasn't much that could be done about those attacks. The Navy fought a bloody series of night battles with the Japs in the area now known as Iron Bottom Sound and all around Savo Island. The Nips had much more experience at night combat and they had the Long Lance torpedo. US commanders took an unholy amount of time learning how to use radar as an effective tool for night engagements. Eventually, they DID learn and the Japanese tactical and strategic situation began to worsen. The Japanese failure to develop adequate radar equipment hurt them severely, although it's unlikely that even a crash radar development program begun in 1942 would have helped much. Japanese industry was already operating at near maximum when the war started. They were never able to bring modern weapons into play in sufficient numbers to make a measurable difference in their situation. By 1944 the US Navy and Air Corps were essentially two or three generations ahead of the Japs. All the sons of Nippon had left was fighting spirit. Sadly, they inflicted severe casualties before the end. Even more sad, their cultural inability to face reality and end the war cost them millions of young men. OG
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    I don't think there were any Allied aircraft that could out turn the A6M, at least up through the A6M5. Beyond the A6M5, the Zeke got heavier as weapons and armor were added, but engine technology and fuel quality did not compensate for the added weight. Older U.S. aircraft such as the P-39, P-40, and F4F could not out climb nor climb with the early A6M's, but the P-38, P-51, F6F, and F4U could climb with or out climb the A6M. I used this climbing ability to my advantage numerous times in IL-2 Sturmovik : Pacific Fighters and again in 1946. I would just put my F4U into a climbing turn, preferably to starboard, and watch the pretty tracers arcing well below my crate. That either gave enough time for one of my squad mates to find me and dispatch the Zeke or the bandit would be lured into higher altitudes where I had the advantage. That was one thing that the IL2 series got right.
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    The P-400 had a 20mm cannon instead of the 37mm in the P-39. The Soviets loved the 37mm gun. It apparently was the perfect weapon to attack vehicles with, including Panzer through at least the Mk IV. Soviet pilots loved American planes for lots of reasons, but I've seen one mentioned several times. Heaters. Not only did the US planes have heaters -- they worked. OG
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    Mostly sunny all day here and the temperature topped out at 72F.
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    Hey there. I had a similar problem last week, but apparently it doesn't happen to everyone. Try accessing the downloads through a proxy like this one http://eu.smarthide.com/ Don't forget to change the file extension of the download.. it will be downloaded as a "browse.php" with 262Mb.. change it to something that ends in ".exe".
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    Congrats, sailor! Seeing that pic of their Graduation took me back a couple of years to my own Passing Out Parade in the RAF, back in 19**. Same looking hangar, same eager fresh faces all looking to make their mark! Young 'uns, don't ya' love 'em?
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    Hats off to Jimmy! Thanks for your service to your country son!
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    TCat!!!! Long time no see! I can always use a little back up when dealing with vermin. If nothing else, you can help with the body count.