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  1. Because Cfran's account is Cfranciso, not Cfran. I don't like dopplegangers on this board, so I'm closing the Cfran account. If you are Cfrancisco, just PM me and I'll give you your Cfrancisco password if you forgot it. Even if you aren't Cfran, for real, I'm sure you're not being malicious ... but I do draw the line at imitating real accounts.
  2. Admin

    Front Page News

    Great stuff, Donnie
  3. Admin


    Morning, Lovely day here. Have a safe trip, Stans.
  4. Creating this topic for a post I have to move.
  5. Amazing film as usual, Zeno. I just watched the catapult film
  6. Hey guys, I just posted Stans' excellent review of The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's "Briefing Time" B-25J Mitchell bomber add-on for MS FS2002 and FS2004. Here's the link: Briefing Time Review Do your part and give him some feedback
  7. Hi all. Mane sent me some new smilies (emoticons) for our little board here. I added about ten new ones, but only the popcorn eatin' dude is displayed on the default message pane. To see all the new smilies, you just need to click on the "Show All" link beneath the visible smilies in the message reply or new topic pane. Here's the new guys:
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    GT Legends

    Heh! I downloaded this quite some time ago, but forgot to install it. I'll let you know how it goes
  9. Revvin', We were talking about this in our private contributors' forum, but good on ya for getting a post about it here in the "open," so to speak I downloaded the demo and the dang thing hard-locked my computer...twice! If anyone can get the demo running, please let me know the secret to your success
  10. Admin

    Things That Suck

    13. Crashed drives and RAID array rebuild times
  11. Joker, Yeah, my avatar also isn't showing up. I believe that's because we had uploaded our avatars into the old system and other folks have theirs in an external location. You could go to the old board and grab your avatar and re-upload it into your profile.
  12. Jim, No jokes. It won't s'plode er nuthin'.
  13. No further ethnic jokes, please...eventually, they WILL get out of hand
  14. Shep, Waaaaaay back in the day we had a forum called "Loose Threads" setup for the very purpose of no-hold-barred discourse. It eventually got out of hand and so I shut it down. If you like letting it all hang out, I suggest you browse the forums.checksix.net Officer Club forums Those guys are can be very filthy but, I must say, are very funny.
  15. Mad_Dog, Not sure if you got a chance to finish that story or not, but I wanted you to know that I've turned off the new topic and reply moderation queue. If you post a new topic or reply, it'll be posted immediately, no waiting. Good story
  16. Hi all, I had setup the History forum with a new topic queue but it wasn't working. I've removed it and now it's like any of these other forums where you can freely start a new topic without Big Brother approval.
  17. Good, good times racing with you guys tonight. I am WORE out. That game takes so much concentration. I think we played for 2 hours and said about four words each while the races were on. Thanks, guys
  18. Cfranny, I just added your post count from the original forums (which you can now visit, btw). You had 4364 posts over there plus the 38 on here...which is 4402. You should get a babe or two for your 4,400th post. Hope you're doin' well, my friend
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    The Gang!

    Nothing that a bit o' Photoshop tweakin' can't fix. Reload the page, Geg.
  20. Admin

    The Gang!

    Here's another, with me
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    My new avatar

    I salute your insignia, the Chinook, and you, OG. S!
  22. rebel357, How old are you, mate? What I was hoping was that you were old enough to know better than to spam this message board a second time with your hype and obvious shilling for WWII Online. I let it go the first time because I figured you were so new you wouldn't bother doing it again, but I see I was wrong. If you are unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, I'll lay it out for you. This forum has a fairly simple purpose; you post here if... You are a veteran gamer trying to help a new gamer (or vice versa) You want to share your game tips and tricks You want to hang out and get to know everybody Your post accomplishes none of the above. When you try to promote something without actually giving anything in return, you are spamming...we hate spam. But we are nice folks and we are going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you just didn't know better. Feel free to tell us more about WWII Online, but we don't want to hear about any promotions or how you'll get free stuff if we go running over there and sign up. And last, but not least, don't ever use all caps in the subject line when you make a post...that's a big time NO NO!
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